Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 5 Results

Welcome back. Tonight we will learn who will be the Final 4 contestants. We have at least 3 performances tonight, 2 by Coldplay and 1 by Carrie Underwood, so should be jam packed. We picked Hollie, Jessica and Phillip as our Bottom 3, with Hollie going home. Hollie had a great night, but she's the only one(other than Jessica one time) that's been anywhere near elimination, so should be interesting to see what happens. I kinda hope we are wrong about this one. So without further delay let's get to it:

Results 1
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
His performance is gonna be tough to beat. The first performance was great but the second performance was one of the best this entire season. He will be safe tonight and he deserves greatness.

Safe or Not?
Joshua is SAFE

 Ford Music Video
No one cares. No comment needed!

Coldplay Performs
This is the first time that Coldplay has been on Idol. They sing their new single "Paradise". I wonder what took Coldplay so long to come and perform on Idol, seems like everyone has been on this show at least once. They sound great as always. They obviously are not Live, but they still sound great.

Results 2
Hollie and Phillip 
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
This is a critical week for her, she needed a game changer and  she pulled it off. She did an extremely beautiful job on the first performance. Didn't love the second performance, but it was competent. The judges loved both equally but it was kinda neutral on the second performance. She should be safe this week.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments
The way that Phillip is sick and continues on is commendable, but he did two very bland songs. He has been coasting for awhile, and probably should be in the Bottom 2 but because he has had such a strong background and a lot of assets he probably won't be. He probably should be gone based on those two performances.

Safe or Not?
Hollie is Bottom 2
Phillip is SAFE


Carrie Underwood Performs 1:
I kinda love when Carrie Underwood comes back to the show. It's not a secret that she and Kelly Clarkson are the two biggest selling Idol winners ever, so it's nice to see her. She looks great, sounds great, and does a beautiful job.

Results 3
Skylar & Jessica
Jimmy Iovine Comments

Wants to win, she's a fighter. Had great energy in her first performance. The second performance isn't gonna win her the whole thing. Doesn't deserve to go home because of it, but not great at all. Needs to win the night, and hasn't done that in awhile.

Jimmy Iovine Comments
That last sound was beautiful, she took everyone on a journey. it was magnificent. The first performance wasn't so good, it was a travesty. The dress was even too mature for her. Little Steven wanted to change the song but he didn't let him and it was a wrong decision. The whole thing lost the plot.

Safe or Not?
Jessica is SAFE
Skylar is Bottom 2

Coldplay Performs 2
The band plays another song. Good stuff. I'm a little more interested in what the results are gonna be , but it's still pretty cool. I think it's pretty crazy that Idol wants us to believe so much that the Coldplay performance is live that they throw confetti on the Live Ryan Seacrest, Hollie and Skylar just because Coldplay ended their performance with confetti. That's kinda absurd. Anyone paying half attention to this show must know that this performance was pre-taped. Crazy. But that's Idol manipulation for ya. It might be on a smaller level, but it's still there. 

Bottom 2/SAFE
Hollie is SAFE

Going Home?
Skylar is Lowest Vote Getter

Final Thoughts

*The elimination of Skylar is a sad one. I really didn't know much about her early on, but she has really grown on me and she became one of my favorites. I'll miss her dynamic personality. She always looked like she had fun, and I appreciated that. She'll definitely be missed.

*Hollie had arguably her best performances last night and still was Bottom 2. She must have just enough fans to get by, but can this really keep continuing. She was Bottom 2 at Top 9, Bottom 3 at Top 8, Bottom 2 at Top 7 and Bottom 2 at Top 6, and now Bottom 2 at Top 5. How she continues to be safe is crazy. She's definitely a fighter, but how much longer can she pull this Houdini trick off? 

*The Phillip Phillips avoidance of the Bottom continues. He is taking the obvious trajectory of an Idol winner having never been in the Bottom 3 or 2. He had easily his worst night last night but still didn't feel any heat. Something dramatic will have to happen for him not to at least make the finale.

*I'm pleased that Jessica and Joshua made the Top 3. They easily have the best voices in the show. I look forward to their performances each week, so I'm glad they will both be around next week. 

Well that's it. As always we have our favorite performance from last night below. We'll see ya right back here next Wednesday after an all new American Idol. See ya!

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