Thursday, May 17, 2012

Top 3 Results

Well tonight is the night we learn which of the remaining 3 contestants will make next week's finale. We predicted Jessica Sanchez going home tonight. That pick is based more on the judges' over-love for the 2 guys then because Jessica did anything really bad. Honestly all 3 have had big moments, they've had bad moments, and moments in between yet all still made it to this point, so it's a huge testament to each of them. A lot of performances and filler to get to tonight  and I'm not even getting into the Jennifer Lopez leaving the show rumors, so let's get to it:

Top 3 Perform
The 3 remaining contestants sing The Beatles' "Gotta Get You Into My Life". Their 3 voices don't blend particularly well on this one, but individually they sound pretty good.

Ford Music Video
Don't care. Moving on.

Results Review 1
Joshua Ledet
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Had a good night, not his best night. Thought the judges were generous with his voice on the first performance, didn't deserve a standing ovation. Is the most exciting showman left in the competition. During 'Imagine' he overcompensated with rifts and runs and it didn't work. The song rests in it's subtly and he over did it. On his third performance he was still missing something. The song didn't give him enough melody and he needs melody. Joshua deserves to be in the finale.

Lisa Marie Presley Performs
Ya know I forgot that she sings. But in all honestly I haven't seen her in awhile. She sounds good. I was a little bored but I am sure she has her fans that appreciate her voice and style and all that.

Results Review 2
Jessica Sanchez
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
Jessica's first song didn't come together enough, not enough to win the competition despite Steven's prediction. The judges feel that it all came together in the second performance but it didn't again. She needs to have the most magical moments she's had thus far to get to and win the finale. On the third performance the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" she didn't pull it off because she had to be two parts, she had to be Michael and Jermaine Jackson, and because it made it more difficult it came out awkwardly and it might hurt her. Jessica is worthy to sing on the Grammys, if she gets to the finale it's all about the song.

Adam Lambert Performs
 Adam sounds nice tonight, he was also wearing some neon-glow in the dark clothes and leather pants, so that was 'neat'. He's very cool and easily one of the most famous Idols to never won Idol and even more than some Idols who have won Idol.

Results Review 3
Phillip Phillips
Jimmy Iovine's Comments
The first performance was entertaining it was fun. At this point he is becoming more and more original, it didn't steal the show but it was great, no harm no foul. The second performance was risky and he deserves credit, but it was such a snoozefest. That song was not strong enough to sing at this point in the competition. Phillip won the night with that last performance. His best performance from the entire competition. He hit notes that no one knew he could hit. He was flawless. Genuinely knocked out. There was depth to his performance that hasn't been felt all season long.

Final Results
First Safe?
Jessica Sanchez

Last Safe?
Phillip Phillips

Going Home?
Joshua Ledet

Final Thoughts:

*Not gonna lie, I am pretty shocked. I thought it was 2 man finale this season. The fact that Jessica was saved by the judges only a few short weeks ago, and Joshua is the king of judges standing ovations was completely shocking. Phillip being safe was no shock at all. There was nothing overly bad about Joshua last night, he did nothing extremly wrong , he was the same kind of guy. His performances did lack a little something like we noted and then Jimmy noted as well. I just think the power of Jessica and Phillip's fans overtook Joshua's fans just enough. Joshua will have a nice solid career, I have no doubt in that.

 *I think Jessica got through because her fan base is huge and she sang solidly last night. I think when it came down to Phillip and Joshua, Phillip had the last song of the night and killed it. Joshua went first and his last song was his weakest. Sometimes it's not how you sing, but when you sing. All 3 of them have tons of fans and each sang beautifully, I think it was extremely close so little things like placement on the show might have pushed Phillip over the edge and thus sent Joshua packing. 

*So for the 3rd straight year in a row it will be a male and a female duking it out in the finale. Phillip has had an incredible run, having never been near the Bottom 3 or 2. He's had tons of standing ovations, and his fan support by the females especially seems incredible. Jessica was actually voted off the show, but despite that one week she never was Bottom 3 or 2 again. She's had huge moments and then some just decent ones. I know for a fact that her interaction with social media, especially Twitter is huge, so her fanbase has really helped her these past number of weeks.

*I think next week is all about song choice and having big moments. If Phillip picks songs like "Disease" he'll lose. If he picks songs like "We've Got Tonight", he'll win. Same goes with Jessica. If she picks unknown songs or songs that don't showcase her talent and give her a big moment then she'll lose. If she sings songs like "I Will Always Love You" or "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" she'll win. This all comes down to how and what they sing.Should be some fun and interesting performances next week.

Well that's it. Next week's episode is on Tuesday night so check back in with us right after the show. Below we have posted our favorite Phillip and Jessica's best performances to date.  So enjoy and we'll see you next week. Until next time, see ya!

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