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Top 3 Perform: Contestant/Judge's/Jimmy's Choice

Welcome back! Well we are almost there. So close. One week left until the finale. But before we get there we have tonight to get to. Jessica, Joshua and Phillip are 3 very deserving contestants so tonight should be fun. Each contestant will sing 3 songs. 1 song will be Judge's Choice, 1 song will be Jimmy Iovine's Choice and 1 song will be the Contestant's Choice. We'll also get a peek at their hometown visits. Lots to get to tonight so as we always do, let's get to it:

Performance 1: Judge's Choice:

Joshua Ledet(I'd Rather Go Blind)
This Etta James classic was Randy's choice for Joshua. It was actually an appropriate and good choice by Randy for Joshua. It allowed him to do a lot with it and push it further when he needed to. He really got into the performance and those last few notes were killer. The way he said "baby" was crazy. The judges give him the first standing ovation of the night.
Steven=Another Joshua moment. It's a dream come true. Sang like an American Idol tonight.
Jennifer=Is such a throwback. He killed it and brought down the house again.
Randy=A classic stylist. Another amazing performance tonight.

Jessica Sanchez(My All)
This Mariah Carey song was Jennifer's choice for Jessica. Singing Mariah Carey is difficult it's been tried and not done well countless times on Idol, so it was a challenge. Jennifer explained that the song would show a different kind of tenderness to Jessica's voice and that's exactly what happened. The song was difficult, but she went where she had to. It got soft at points, it had runs, it was simple but complex in the same way. You could almost see the relief in Jessica when she finished the song, glad to be done with it.
Randy=That was absolutely beautiful. The perfect choice for her. They always say should never sing Mariah because it's so difficult, but it's one of the best times a Mariah song has been song on TV ever.
Jennifer=A hard song. But did it so beautifully. Used her tenderness in the perfect spots. Proved she could get through such a difficult song.
Steven=When you sing you make people hang on every note. Get used to encores. So over the top.

Phillip Phillips(Beggin')
This  Madcon song was Steven's choice for Phillip. I was not familiar with this song, but it was definitely in Phillip's lane. Steven said that the song allows him to stay in the melody but it doesn't seem like he did. His voice sounded better than it did last week for sure. It was a fun performance, and he did a few things with the melody and tempo which were really nice. The song and his voice went soft and then at times he really got into it with the band.
Jennifer=Made the song all yours. It was great.
Steven=Beautiful to watch his whole self unfold. Hoping that he writes his own stuff because he could be the next Bruce Springsteen.
Randy=Just at the Phil Phillips concert. So in the zone. And have been since Day 1. Another incredible performance.

Performance 2:  Contestant's Choice:

Joshua (Imagine)
We see a glimpse of Joshua in Louisiana. He got to go back to his church. He got to visit his family. He sang in a sold out arena. All good stuff. Joshua decided on this John Lennon classic. I kinda liked the simplicity of Joshua's performance, at least in the beginning. It was just him and the piano and I enjoyed that, just focus on his voice. The song has been done on this show and every single singing competition show countless times by tons of people, but Joshua sang it just as well as the best singers that have attempted it. Plus, that last note was really good. He made a few changes to the tempo and phrasing but did just enough to keep it true to the original and make it his own.
Steven=Revel in the fact that he's able to make every performance better and better. So fine. So good.
Joshua=Pulled back in control. Preaching while he's singing. Has an incredible voice and the way he is able to dig deep into the performance makes him really special. Takes courage and vulnerability and he did it.
Randy=Loves that every word means something to him. He digs deep to the lyric and meaning. People feel everything that he does. Loved that he pulled back but still gave a big Joshua moment at the end.

Jessica (I Don't Want To Miss A Thing)
We see a glimpse of Jessica in San Diego. She got to take a helicopter to her hometown and actually landed in the San Diego Padres stadium. Very cool. She got a huge welcome by her fans. She got to see her family, and you remember that she's just 16. You can almost forget because her voice is so much older than her age. She got a parade and she got to perform in front of her fans. Really nice. Jessica chose this Aerosmith classic. Ballsy given who she's performing in front or, but it's a cool choice. She does her own take, and she kinda has to since she's not Steven Tyler. She does a very solid performance. She hits the high louder notes and then gets very soft, very controlled. The end was different and really cool. Steven stands up for Jessica.
Steven=Took a great song and made it greater. Beautiful.
Jennifer=That was a big deal. It was amazing. That last note at the end sent everyone to the heavens.
Randy=Has chosen some big songs. Started a little slow but towards the middle it really came together and the last note really delivered.

We see Phillip in Georgia. He's greeted right away by a ton of female fans. He gets to eat at his favorite restaurant but he finally gets to see his father, the original, Phillip Phillips Sr. Phillip and his Dad get pretty emotional. Then Phillip gets to see the rest of his family then gets to do the parade and concert for his fans. Phillip chose this Matchbox 20 song. It was a cool song choice, but it didn't allow him a big moment. It was a very well done vocal though. I liked the saxophone and bongos, along with Phillip's acoustic guitar. After seeing Jessica and Joshua's second performances this one was a little understated, especially for a Final 3 performance, but still very solid.
Jennifer=An easy flowing performance. The song didn't give him a "Wow" performance that is needed. We'll see what ya got next. It was good.
Steven=Wasn't over the top. But it's who he is. Didn't knock the ball out of the park.
Randy=Didn't like it either. Such a subdued moment. He could do this in his sleep. More of a moment and risk was needed. Just OK.

Performance 3: Jimmy Iovine's Choice:

Joshua(No More Drama)
Jimmy chose this Mary J. Blige song. Jimmy thinks that this song allows him a big moment. He thinks this song will allow him to go to Church like Mary J. Blige can and has done with this song. I think this was a great song choice but I felt that Joshua was battling it a little. He sounded like he was trying to catch up to the tempo and melody throughout. He didn't seem comfortable with it. There were some moments that he was able to go to where he usually is but he wasn't there consistently. The last part of the song really was in Joshua's lane and style and I loved how he got into it. It was just a bit uneven at points.
Randy=At this point it doesn't matter what he does and can sing he laid it all out there. Is just a natural performer. An amazing singer, an amazing performer and has true star quality.
Jennifer=Has the magic of doing what he needs to and letting it all go. Out of this world.
Steven=Was just beautiful. Over the top, just over the top.

Jessica(I'll Be There)
Jimmy chose this Jackson 5 song. Jimmy wanted a song that would appeal to the older audience and the younger audience at the same time. The Jackson 5 appealed to the older audience but were fresh and young, the same can be true of Jessica. This was a really beautiful vocal. She hit some crazy high and beautiful notes and then got really tender. It wasn't over the top, it was subdued but incredibly solid.
Steven=Perfect song, nailed it. Gorgeous.
Jennifer=It was a perfect song choice. Killed it so hard, especially at the end.
Randy=I liked it OK. Didn't love it. There was never a moment moment. Wish she did more the Mariah Carey version which allows more moments. But it was OK, not OMG.

Phillip(We Got Tonight)
Jimmy chose this Bob Seger song for Phillip. Jimmy thinks this song will reach both the female and male audience. This song doesn't really allow an acoustic guitar so Phillip goes without one. This song really focuses on his vocal. The vocals were really on par with some of his better performances of the season. The judges give him a standing ovation.
Randy=The perfect song at the perfect time. His best performance on the show ever. Had a giant moment. Sang the melody. In It To Win It.
Jennifer=Really really sweet. Beautiful.
Steven=No other word but beautiful. Sang like he just didn't care. Showed he has so much passion all up in him. Nailed it.

Going Home?
Jessica.  She sang as well or better than she ever has but the judges were crazy in love with the 2 boys tonight giving both of them standing ovations and none for her. The guys did have a great night as did Jessica but it just seems that she is most likely going home.

Final Thoughts
*It's gonna be tough for Jessica to not be sent home. She got no big love from the judges tonight and her last performance got negative feedback from Randy. It appears just from the past few weeks and tonight that Jessica's time on the show might be over. So we might be seeing the first 2 male finale since Kris Allen versus Adam Lambert in Season 8.

*This was easily one of the best Final 3 nights ever. I'd definitely rank it in the Top 2 or 3 best penultimate episodes. All 3 contestants were very solid, they each had great moments. It should be interesting to see who comes so close but yet so far.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed. Tonight we will learn which 2 contestants will be making the finale next week. So come on back here right after tomorrow night's episode. Take our poll at the end of the blog and let us know who you think should go home. Until next time, see ya!

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