Thursday, May 10, 2012

Top 4 Results

Welcome back! Tonight is a big night, whoever is part of the Top 3 gets to go home and gets a parade and a lot of big ceremonies, so it's a pretty special event getting to that point.We picked the ladies, Jessica and Hollie, into the Bottom 2 (despite our want of Phillip over Jessica), with Hollie going home. As we said last night Hollie has been in this position before and escaped being sent home so ya never know, especially this late in the game. We shall see. Tonight there will be a lot of performances and of course those lovely time wasters so as always let's get to it:

Top 4 Perform
Given that last night had to do with California, the Top 4 appropriately sing the Mamas and Papas famous song "California Dreamin". The Mamas and Papas were also 2 guys and 2 girls so it makes it work even more. They sound pretty decently. It's such a simple song, so they can't go too far wrong.

Ford Music Video
We get some Behind The Scenes footage from the video about them driving around in the new Ford electric car.  Doesn't help take away the fact that it's still a Ford Music Video. Meh. Phillip gets a pass from doing Ford videos due to his health issues, so it's just Jessica, Joshua and Hollie. Again, meh.

Results Review 1
Phillip Phillips
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
His first performance showed him coming into his own. It was just the beginning of him finding his real self and identity.On his second performance he finally delivered on his potential and promise. Everything just came all together. It was all magnificent.

Hollie Cavanagh
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
Her first performance was very dramatic and it kinda worked because it's a dramatic song. The second performance was a bad choice in song. She didn't understand enough about the song or the words or the meaning behind the song. She crashed and burned and lost out to the other 3 singers. 

David Cook Performs:
Over the course of the past 11 seasons David Cook is definitely one of my favorite Idols. I rooted for him from early on and was able to watch him win the whole season. Hasn't really happened since he won over 4 years ago. He comes back to the Idol stage pretty frequently and it's always nice to see him. He looks and sounds really great.

Results Review 2
Joshua Ledet
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
For his first performance he chose a pretty predictable song. It went a little too gospel and it didn't work. I love when he sings gospel but it didn't work with this song. The song let him down. The second performance was just magical. It was just an explosion that doesn't happen on this show. Never seen some things that he did with that performance done on the Idol stage before. Wants to see it again and again.

Jessica Sanchez
Jimmy Iovine's Comments:
For her first performance she did a great job but impersonating an older blues lady wasn't the best way to go. Going back to the growl every time is a trick that can get old and predictable, and should only be pulled out some times. Her second performance she brought all her artillery. Her power, her growl, everything was flawless. She murdered it. Tommy Motolla(the man who first managed Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez's careers) said he was going to her first concert. The whole performance was just shock and awe.

Jennifer Lopez Performs
They move Steven and Randy away from the Judge's Table to make it seem that this performance is Live, but when it was in fact taped a week or so ago. Not saying it was a bad performance, or that she didn't look and sound good, but it was pretty standard. At one point I'm pretty sure she danced with her dancer boyfriend, so that was interesting, given that last year she danced on stage with her former husband Marc Anthony. Curious who'll she be dancing with next year.

Final 4 Results
Safe or Not?
Jessica is SAFE
Joshua is SAFE

Who's Safe? 
Phillip is SAFE

Who's Going Home?
Hollie is Lowest Vote Getter
Final Thoughts?

*Hollie had a really great run. Considering that she was either Bottom 3 or 2 every week for the majority of the season she lasted a long way. I was a Hollie fan in the beginning, then I kinda didn't enjoy her performances, but then I started to like her again. She outlasted a lot of really great talent, so that's a big testament to her abilities.

*I remember last season Scotty McCreery was never in the Bottom 2, except one week late in the season Ryan said, like he did tonight, that he was building the Top 3, rather than saying the Bottom 2. It made people think that Scotty was Bottom 2, but he never really was ever in danger. I think that's what happened tonight with Phillip. Every single week Ryan says that the last 2 or 3 are the Bottom 2 or 3, he didn't do that tonight, so I don't think Phillip was Bottom 2. This was just another way from them to manipulate the audience into voting for him. He doesn't need the help, but he sure is getting the winner's treatment, that's for sure. There's nothing like potentially going home to spur an audience to vote more and more for you.

*It's down to Jessica, Joshua and Phillip. We are guaranteed that at least 1 male will be in the finale. So that makes it 8 years in a row that there hasn't been 2 females in the finale. In fact the 2 female finale has only happened once in the entire 11 year run of the show, in Season 3 with Fantasia and Diana DeGarmo. I honestly don't think it will ever happen again. It at least won't happen this season. Next week is going to be either the 4th time it will be 2 males in the finale, or 6th time it will be one male and one female. We'll know very shortly.Stay tuned.

Well that's it. We've never done it before, but below are our favorite 2 performances from last night. Both Jessica and Joshua had out of this world performances, so we posted both below. We're down to the Top 3. We'll see you right here after next week's episode, so until then see ya!

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