Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top 42 Becomes Top 24 Part 2

Well this is it. The final 10 decisions will be made tonight and we will learn which contestants will make the Top 24. For those that didn't read last night's blog we know that the fate of 8 girls and 6 guys.

The girls include: Jen Hirsch, Haley Johnson, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt, Jessica Sanchez, Chelsea Sorrell, Baylie Brown, and Brielle von Hugel. 

The guys include: Creighton Fraker, Joshua Ledet, Reed Grimm, Heejun Han, Phil Philips and Colton Dixon

We were left on a cliffhanger, not knowing the fate of Adam Brock. So let's find out who makes it and who gets so close but is still so far away.Plus we get to see the weird dungeon looking place where they are holding these results, so that's always fun. So without any further time wasted, let's get to it:

Judgement/Final Performance Review:

*Adam Brock-Picking up from last night, we had said that Adam had a decent final performance and an overall solid run thus far on the show.

Did He Make Top 24?: He Did. He starts crying before the results are known and once he is told he is moving on he cries even more. Seems like a good guy.

*Jeremy Rosado-We saw him multiple times and I liked him more and more each time I saw him. His voice is very strong and he does a lot without doing too much, which is always a good thing. He impresses the judges tons during his final performance, the judges give him a standing ovation. If anyone can go into this pressure cooker results from the judges with confidence, it's this guy.

Did He Make Top 24?: He Did. No doubter after seeing his final performance and the judges' reactions.

Shannon Magrane-I liked Shannon right from the get-go, she doesn't have as much experience as others, but given her age that's not a shocker. She has done pretty consistently well throughout, and has gotten a lot of decent TV screen time. "Hot, humid and happening, just like your daughter", I mean Steven Tyler said that to Shannon's father at the audition, that's pretty classic and memorable. Her final performance seemed to impress the judges as well. J.Lo gets what she calls "gooseys", which in regular people's terms is "goosebumps".

Did She Make Top 24?:  She Did. We shall see if Shannon goes the way of fellow young female teens like Katie Stevens and Thia Megia who had some success but ended kinda badly, or Lauren Alaina who made it all the way to the Top 2 . We'll see.

*Scott Dangerfield-Who is this guy? I'm not even being sarcastic here, this guy has had zero screentime, we learn he was actually a contestant last season but had to leave abruptly but came back this time around. Odd that they gave him screentime now.

Did He Make Top 24?: He Did Not. Absolutely not a surprise. I mean C'mon!

*Skylar Laine-So we saw Skylar early and then we saw her having to go to the hospital when she was in Hollywood due to dehydration.  She was pretty decent then, and her final performance was relatively solid. Chelsea Sorrell and Baylie Brown are also countryish girls so it's a lot of country this year, thus far.

Did She Make Top 24?: She Did. She wants to jump in the pool that surrounds the dungeon, but she is a country girl and doesn't want to disappoint her "Mama".

Who Else Makes Top 24 /Didn't Get Screen-Time Montage: 

Hallie Day

Chase Likens

Aaron Marcellus

*Deandre Brakensick-After getting cut at this exact spot last year Deandre decided to give it another go, like many other contestants this season. He got very little screen time this season other than the group performance that he was a part of with Jessica Sanchez and the cut way too early Candace Glover. He relies heavily on the falsetto and his hairdo.

Did He Make It?: He Did. Like fellow returning contestants Colton Dixon, Baylie Brown and Aaron Marcellus, Deandre gets to the Top 24.

*Jermaine Jones-I don't know about this guy, he has a voice, but he was also my pick as wanting to take away his Golden Ticket after he received one after his audition. His voice is interesting, but I don't know what kind of range he can have other than what he has been doing, which has just be alright.

Did He Make It?: He Did Not. Based on the fact that I counted the number of guys who have made it thus far, 11, and the fact that they said the final spot would be decided at the end between David and Eben, I knew he was done for, despite an emotional display that he put on.I still like Jermaine's mom, she's real cool.

 *Shelby Tweten/Hollie Cavanagh/Ariel Sprague-We haven't seen much of these girls. The most memorable voice for me was Ariel Sprague, but Hollie was featured prominently in her final performance and did a really great job.

Who Made Top 24?: 

Hollie Cavanagh. Yet another returning contestant.

*Eben Franckewitzand David Leathers Jr-I've always enjoyed David and have not understood the Eben love, so obviously David has been my favorite of the two. I think out of the two David has more potential with his voice, I think Eben has a voice, but nothing that really blows my mind.Also not gonna lie, typing out Eben's last name is a pain. I always have to pause the screen to catch how it is spelled.

Who Made Top 24?:

Eben Franckewitz. Well the Eben era continues. He mystifies me, maybe soon he'll actually surprise me and make me figure out why he gets all the Eben love he gets.

*The "judges" aka The Producers, decided that they want to add a guy and make it a Male Top 13. This tells me 2 things, One, they think the boys are weaker than the girls, and Two, American Idol is desperate to keep their cliffhanger bit going. They've had one every week, with either the people going to the hospital, or falling off stages, or having their fate be left in the balance.

*The 4 boys that could potentially enter the Top 13 males are 1. Richie "The Cowboy" Law, 2. David Leathers Jr, 3. Jermaine Jones, 4. Johnny Keyser. It is interesting that Johnny didn't even make the Top 42, so he has had one performance less than the other 3 yet is in the same category. Very interesting. My pick for being in Top 13 is David. He was the down to the end with Eben. So that signals to me that they considered him high on their list but he fell a slot short. I don't see it being Richie, and Jermaine is a long shot, but he did get a lot of screen time tonight so ya never know.

My Top 3 Males and Top 3 Female Picks Going Into Top 24:
Males=1. Jeremy Rosado 2. Aaron Marcellus 3. Heejun Han

Females=1.Jessica Sanchez, 2. Elise Testone, 3. Erika Van Pelt

Final Thoughts:
* I think the females are incredibly much stronger than the boys. Where it was tough for me to narrow down 3 really outstanding males, it was equally as challenging to pick only 3 great females. I think there are a number of strong females this season. Could this year finally break the 4 year string of white, male American Idol winners ? We'll see in a couple months I guess. It's a good sign that there are this many quality females.

*I'm not saying it was their intention, or maybe I am, but, on X Factor the eventual winner Melanie Amaro was cut prior to being chosen for the live rounds, but then Simon aka the producers, decided to bring her back, stating that they made a mistake. It's quite interesting to see that American Idol has this similar kind of situation going on. Very coincidental.

*I always enjoy the random dancing that we see the Top 24 do at the end. They do it every single year and it's just fun for me.

Well, that's it. Please come back next here Tuesday, that's Tuesday, February 28th for the Male Top 13 recap. We will then have the Female Top 12 on Wednesday and the Resutlts on Thursday. Now it should be getting good, come back soon, until then, See ya!


  1. Please don't let "The Cowboy" back in. He is so obnoxious. I hope it's Jermain. That duet he did with Ritchie was so beautiful, one of the best performances of the show so far. I would advance him just on that alone. I like Reed, I can see him going far.

  2. Also wanted to say I hope Heejun does really well. I really like him, and think he's very talented.

  3. I hope they don't make the 4 guys go through agony only to see 3 of them have to repeat their despair in not getting selected. Almost very cruel to do this to them again. I'm pulling for Johnny because (1) I was very surprised he didn't make the top 42, (2) don't like the cowboy at all, (3) Jermaine's low voice can only go so far with the variety of music ahead, and (4) not really feeling it for the little guy. I think the upcoming seasons should start immediately with the top 24 performances and having a 1-2 minute recap for each singer prior to their 1st performance (some of their highlights/lowlights on the path to getting selected). This would save us lots of wasted time and start them all off on an even playing field.