Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hollywood Round Part 2

After one of the crazier, and kinda tasteless ends to last night's episode, part 2 of Hollywood Week begins. Symone Black falls off the stage, medics are called upon, people gather around, and then the show goes off the air, with Ryan Seacrest just telling us that her fate will be revealed tonight. Ending a show that way is kinda desperate, even for an 11 year old show.

During this recap we'll catch you up on Symone as well as bring you all the Group Night Drama. Tonight is mainly the assembly of the groups and all the drama that ensues. Not a ton of singing will actually happen, thus this being probably the shortest blog entry of the season. So have fun and let's get to it:

Last Night Continued:

--Ryan starts off the show trying to amp the drama of the night and they quickly show Symone on the ground as Ryan says "with one casualty already...", um we know she's not dead, but that's some bad taste right there. The girl legitimately fell hard on the ground and the last time we saw her she was lying there curled up, not really moving.

--We end up seeing that Symone's blood sugar dropped significantly, which caused her to faint. J.Lo and Randy do gather, along with other random Idol people, to see how Symone is, Steven stays in his chair. I'm not saying there would be anything for him to do, but he might have wished her well as she left with her father to the hospital. Symone walks off with her father under her own power.

--Last night we were also left wondering if Lauren Mink, Jeremy Rosado, Ethan Jones and Symone would advance to the Group Performance Round. I actually don't remember them including Ethan last night, but since Symone isn't there to learn her fate in person they decide to let us know about Ethan's.

Continuing On?: Lauren and Ethan go home. Jeremy and Symone continue on. Symone will be back later for group round. 3 or 4 other people also move on but Idol decides we don't need to know who they are. 

--Eventually 185 Total Contestants Make It Through to the Group Round

Group Assembly: Random Notes and Thoughts:

--As like last year the groups will consist of 4 or 5 and be a combination of Day 1 and Day 2 contestants. I remember last year when Scotty McCreery was famously singing his "Baby Lock Them Doors" over and over again trying to plead and beg into a group. Little did they know they could have been singing with the eventual winner. Who knew?

--Alicia Bernhart. She wants everyone to know she is a cop, and she wants to sing "Joy To The World", the Three Dog Night version, not the Christmas version as she adamantly states to many people. Her decision to only want to sing this one particular song, and wouldn't join a group that had people in it that didn't like cops made her finding a group difficult. But after many many minutes spent on this girl and her attempt to find a group she eventually does.

--The "Idol Bug", even sickness on this show gets a title from Ryan and producers. Amy Brumfield is identified as the girl that lives in a tent, but now she is also identified as patient zero. That's because she was sick and then gave her sickness to at least 5 or 6 other contestants who also get really sick during rehearsals with their groups. Idol then decides to show us a montage of people throwing up in bags and running to the bathroom. Classy.

--Symone is back! She returns from the hospital, seemingly better, with her father in tow. Ya know whenever a Dad says "I'm not a stage Dad", the chances are good that he probably is. Symone's Dad wants to make it clear that he is her "Mentor" not a "Stage Dad". Does anyone remember David Archuletta's Dad from Season 7? If Symone goes further then it's quite possible that David's Dad is in danger of being overtaken as "Worst Stage Parent in Idol History". Symone quickly does get into a group, and despite the fact that her father decides to give her new group mates a huge awkward hug, Symone does end up in a good place.

--Heejun is my favorite of the night, of his group mates and their tough start he said "Phillip had a kidney stone and Cowboy had a...brain stone". I don't even really get what that means, but it's hilarious. Heejun is not impressed with Cowboy's dance moves. Simplicity is not key for Cowboy, he wants to make it different, but making things too complicated is not always the best, especially when you're running out of time. 

--We got crazy people declining to be in groups because of their song choice, we got people sick, we got people falling down? What is happening on this show?

For Next Time:

--We are left with "The Bettys" up first. This group contained a girl who got violently sick, and several members that got in a huge disagreement because some actually wanted to sleep for a couple hours before the biggest day of their lives. How dare they?

Final Thoughts:

*Tonight was a whole bunch of unnecessary drama, but that's Group Round and that's Idol. The fact that we saw really no singing at all is pretty ridiculous. Although we did see lots of crazy parents, a bunch of crying contestants, a whole lot of sick people, and so much more I can't even begin to write down. Drama is drama and Idol loves to just eat that stuff up. 

*Honestly, I really do  wish we saw at least a couple group performances tonight. I hate that the majority of the episode was just group creation and drama, it all just seemed pretty wasteful. I should know better by now after watching this show for 11 years, but this show sure is frustrating. 

*Last note on the Symone fall is that I don't like that they used this 16 year old girl's medical emergency as a ratings stunt. That they didn't show us what happened last night was absurd. I get ratings, and I get that this is the show's 11th season, but using a girl for a slight boost in viewers is plain old wrong in my book.

Next week we will finally be able to see how these groups fared, and learn the fate of many more contestants. Come on right back here after Wednesday's show. Between now and then please take a listen to our Podcast, BSFACTOR, which is located on the top right hand side of this page. You'll hear our take on American Idol, X Factor and so much more. Or you can go directly to our webpage at or look us up in the Itunes store. Until next time, see ya!


  1. They spent too much time on the typical boring storyline of a couple people struggling to find a group. They spent too much time on only 2-3 choice groups (especially the girl at the end) but apparently as a lead in to learn next week either how well she does or if she bombs. One refreshing change is that the show didn't zero in on only the most attractive girls and studly guys. They seemed to avoid them more than usual which gives others more air time.

  2. I thought it was a horrible episode. Worthless. Let's hope next week is better.