Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Auditions Part 6: Portland

Tonight is going to be interesting, we are down 2 judges and a host....oh sorry wrong show. No, actually we are back for Week 3 of Auditions starting tonight in Portland, Oregon. There's been some really good moments thus far, and some ridiculous ones, but that is...American Idol. So let's get to it:

I've Got A Golden Ticket(Going To Hollywood):

-Brittany Zika(21): A huge Sarah Bareilles fan who actually got to sing with her idol after having a dream about singing with her. Too bad she didn't dream of winning the lottery or anything like that, but if you want to hang with Sarah Barellis then just dream about it and it might come true. Anyways, I really like this girl, she seems fun, and has a really pretty voice and she almost tripped going into the audition round, it just all seemed to work. Glad she's going to Hollywood for sure.

-Jermaine Jones(24): This guy knows his voice, he sang a Luther Vandross song which was perfect for his very deep tone. I like Jermaine but I like his mom more, she seems incredibly supportive, and her scream on the phone when he told her he was going to Hollywood was awesome.

-Britnee Kellogg(27). J.Lo has some power, she asked Britnee "Why are You Here?" and Britnee started to cry. J.Lo didn't even know her power.  Britt has two little boys, a no good ex husband and luckily a really nice voice. We'll be seeing her again.

-Romeo Diahn(22): He has come a long way, all the way from Liberia. That's quite a trek. I mean he got to chill in the U.S for awhile before coming to the audition, I mean he didn't just jump off the plane and come here. Um, yea. Anyways, Romeo sounded pretty cool. I haven't heard that kinda voice before. As J.Lo said his voice might be hard to fit into certain genres that Idol makes the contestants sing, but he at least gets another shot in Hollywood.

-Naomi Gillies(22): Singing one of the judges' own songs is ballsy, but Naomi sang Aerosmith's "Cryin", and she did it good. Really ideal audition. She had a lot of flavor, and made it different. Really great job. What I also liked is she didn't get a schmaltzy clip package, she just came in and sang and sang it real good.

-Jessica Phillips(25): At a very young age, Jessica's boyfriend had a stroke last year. She has a whole ton of stuff on her plate. She's trying to be a caregiver for her boyfriend, who's really relearning how to live. Jessica does her boyfriend right, and she did her audition right too. She doesn't have the most unbelievable voice in the competition thus far, but pretty decent.

And The Rest(Also Going To Hollywood): 39 Others that we didn't really see. Although if you watched Glee Project last season then you might have noticed one of the girls from that show. At least I think that was her, couldn't exactly tell from the 1 second clip. And Yes I watched the Glee Project. Please don't judge me.

Bye Bye Bye(Going Home):

-Ben Purdom(18): It's never a good sign, when before they get into the audition they say they are sick and not feeling well.  But that's what happened here and it proved that it was in fact a bad sign. I like the kid, but his voice was just not good at all.

-Sam Gershman(21): If energy and enthusiasm could get you to Hollywood then Sam would be on her way, unfortunately it also takes a bit of a voice and Sam just ain't ready for this show right now. Background performer on an Off-Broadway show? Maybe.

-David Weed(22): Randy and Steven loves them some David "Weed". No not because of his voice, but his last name. Maybe if they were getting some "Weed" over just meeting the kid they woulda let him in.

-Ben Harrison(28): Singing Queen is tough, I mean those high high notes are high. This was a bad bad audition. But he has a baby face, so maybe he'll be 50 and still look 21, so he's at least got that going for him.

Um, Really?(If We Could Take One Golden Ticket Back): 

*Jermaine Jones, reluctantly. If I had to take one away it'd be his. Although I think he has a nice voice, and his story is compelling,  he has the potential of just being a one trick pony. We'll see, but I also feel the other people sent to Hollywood tonight did a much better job.

Best Of The Night:

*Naomi Gillies. She was simple, understated and sang the crap out of the song. No glitz, no long clip packages about her personal life or career, just straight good ole fashioned singing. She might be one of my favorites thus far. 

Final Thoughts:

*Tonight was a decent, legitimate mix of talent and the not so talented. I think the people that were good were really good, and the ones that were bad were pretty bad. Idol did a nice job with the episode tonight.

That's it. Let us know in the comment section what you think of the show, think of us, any input is welcomed. Also on Friday a brand new BS Factor will be posted, you can come back here to check it out or go to There we will have extended American Idol chat, as well as other TV, Movie and Celebrity news. Either way come on back tomorrow after another brand new episode of Idol.

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  1. I missed it. My DVR screwed up and it didn't record, even though the light indicated it was recording. I'm bummed!!