Thursday, February 2, 2012

Audition Round Part 7: St. Louis

It's true, we are finally done with audition rounds. That is, after tonight. We also get to see Madonna's brand new music video, so if Madonna floats your boat then your boat should be floating right about now. But getting back to American Idol, we have auditions tonight and Hollywood rounds begin next week. Tonight's episode is in St.Louis, which American Idol reminds us is the place where Carrie Underwood auditioned. It had luck 8 years ago, we'll see what happens this time. So for the last time let's get those audition rounds started:

I've Got A Golden Ticket(Going To Hollywood):

*Johnny Keyser(22): Really great vocals on this kid, all 3 judges are enamored with this guy. He's good looking, has a great voice, and has a lot of potential.

*Rachelle Lamb(26): Despite going through a divorce, coming into the audition round with her daughter, and having to deal with a lot, Rachelle didn't disappoint. She actually has a really good voice. Very pure tone, very natural.

*Reis Kloeckener(20): He has a voice, not gonna lie, but it's not very powerful at all. Outside of an acapella, soundless audition he might get eaten up a bit. Hopefully he brings it in Hollywood. Plus that last name is crazy.

*Ethan Jones(22): Despite cutting himself and actually a bleeding a little over his eye, Ethan does a really nice job with his audition. I'm not in love with his voice, but it could definitely grow on me. There might be some ways to go with Ethan, plus he is very good looking, so that's a good combination.

*Lauren Gray(22): This voice was amazing. I'd like to be critical, but this was a really great audition. J.Lo calls her "one of the best female voices", and I tend to agree. I've said potential before, but this girl has all sorts of it. She can go a long ways. The judges are really impressed with her and so am I. Hopefully they don't

And The Rest(Also Going To Hollywood): 41 Others that didn't get a little snippet of their audition shown to the audience.

Bye Bye Bye(Going Home):

*Oliver McCrary(27): We only saw a snippet of this guy and that was more than enough. 

*Mark Ingram(28): This was a mixed bag. I thought for a second he had a good voice, then realized he didn't. Then when he kept going and going I realized that he really really didn't. At least his his fellow hotel employees were allowed into the audition round with him.

Um, Really?(If We Could Take One Ticket Away): 

*Reis Kloeckener. Although I agree he has a voice, I wasn't blown away by it. I don't know how he'll do in Hollywood, but his audition round was middle of the road for me.

Best Of The Night: 

Lauren Gray. Simply, she had a perfect audition. Love her voice, I think she is incredibly impressive and it seems the judges and producers like her as well, not so subtly comparing her to Carrie Underwood. Hopefully she keeps picking good songs, and does well and we can keep seeing her for the foreseeable future.

Final Thoughts:

*Not gonna lie when they showed us that Madonna video for her new single "Give Me All Your Luvin" I thought it was a Walmart or Target commercial. I didn't know what was happening, it seemed kinda cheesy, despite MIA and Nicki Minaj being in the video.I doubt my disapproval will harm Madonna's career, but that's just my take nonetheless.

*After a few weeks of auditions we are moving onto Hollywood. There's definitely some talent, and I can't wait to hear it again. There were many male and female standouts so we'll see how they shake out when it comes to group rounds and acapaella rounds during the next few weeks.

Please come on back here next Wednesday when American Idol is in Hollywood. Also please check out our podcast at or come on back here and click on the link which is on the right side of your screen. There's tons more to discuss about Idol and so much more. Until then have a great week. 

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  1. Great post and site. Enjoyed reading your comments and your format during these "not so exciting" audition rounds. I'm anxious to see things step up to the next "better" level in Hollywood. Keep the updates coming.