Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top 9 Results

Welcome back. After a pretty solid night of performances one person will be going home. I still don't agree with the judges that some of these contestants are pefect and don't really need any help. I barely remember the judges being criticial towards Jacob, Scotty or James, just to name a few. Last night we predicted the Bottom 3 as Jacob, Haley and Stefano, with Stefano going home. After Jacob's very odd statement that if he was Bottom 3 it wouldn't be because he sang bad or picked the wrong song but because America can't look at themeleves in the mirror, Jacob might actually land in the Bottom 3 and go home. It was a very strange comment. We'll see what happens. So as always, let's get to it:

Top 9 Group Performance:

After splitting the group up into duets and trios last week, the group performances are back. They sing a mix of rock songs, including "I Love Rock n Roll", "The Letter", and "Sweet Home Alabama". Because there are only 3 women left it puts a lot of focus onto them. They have to pick up some of the slack to balance it out with all those guys. Honestly those 3 girls sounded really nice together, the guys were a little pitchy and a little strange, plus can someone tell Scotty to go on Youtube to check out videos on how to hold a microphone. He holds it with both hands and grasps it in a such a weird way.

Ford Music Video:

No words are needed to describe this section.

Russell Brand Drops In:

I love Russell Brand, so I appreciate him coming by, I'd rather him than Hulk Hogan any day. He wants to help them loosen up on stage and bring more charisma. He calls Casey "a gorgeous hair ball of wonder". Russell gives advice to be limber, picture the judges naked and just be loose.

Results #1:

Casey, Stefano and Lauren come to center stage

Lauren is SAFE

Casey is SAFE

Stefano is BOTTOM 3

Performance # 1:

Constantine Maroulis is back on the Idol stage for the first time in a long time. He sings a more rock rendition of "Unchained Melody". This was a pretty cool version of the song, and I haven't hear Constantine sing a long time so it was a nice performance. I enjoy seeing past contestants come back, it's more enjoyable sometimes than random artists that have nothing to do with Idol or even the theme week.

Results #2:

Paul, Pia and Scotty come to center stage

Scotty is SAFE

Paul is SAFE

Pia is BOTTOM 3 (Very shocked)

Results #3:

James, Haley and Jacob come to center stage

James is SAFE

Haley is SAFE

Jacob is BOTTOM 3

Performance #2:

Iggy Pop is the next perfomer. Since he is an actual rock star and this is Rock n Roll week this actually makes sense. Opposed to last week when they had country band Sugarland perform during Motown Week. Very cool performance.

Bottom 3/Who's Going Home?

First Safe=Jacob(Ryan almost made him think he was going home)

Second Safe=Stefano

Going Home=Pia. WOW!!

Final Thoughts?:

*Unbelievable. Pia was in my opinion the front runner. This happened because they saved Casey two weeks ago. Pia leaving is the biggest shock in several years. This is wrong on so many levels. She was my favorite, I thought she had one of her best nights last night. This was so wrong. I can't even put into words how messed up it is that Stefano is still here, and Jacob is still here and Paul is still here and Pia is gone. Crazy, it really is. I never would have guessed she would have been in Bottom 3, let alone going home.

*The judges asked her to do something different than what she has done and do something other than ballads, and the first week she did that the audience didn't vote for her. The judges used the save on Casey with 11 people left. The judges gave little no criticism to anyone but Pia last night, when others were so much worse comparable. I blame the judges 100% for this one. Should the audience have been more passionate, sure, but when you tell everyone they are perfect, and only say something a bit negative about Pia, you aren't helping the audience at all.

*Five women have now gone home in a row, that's definetly something to think about.

*This show will feel a lot different to me now that Pia is gone. I am almost as upset as when Daughtry left several years ago. Very very shocking.

Come back here next week when really anything can happen. Every week gets more shocking and more shocking. See you soon.

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