Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 8 Results

Welcome back. The always dramatic, always shocking, and (so far) always male dominated results show is back. There have been 5 eliminations thus far, all have been ladies, we will see tonight if that streak continues or is finally broken. After a pretty even night last night, almost anyone is at risk.

Our predictions for Bottom 3 is Haley, Stefano and Casey with Haley going home. I hope that my prediction is wrong and another girl is not sent home, but I really have no confidence in a woman not leaving. There were over 53 million votes cast last night, which is a reason why the producers will never limit the number of votes per person, they love hearing that so many people voted for them. We will know pretty shortly what those 53 million votes have decided, so let's get to it:

Lauren and Scotty Perform:

They have decided to forgo the group performance again and do these smaller contestant performances. They sing "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum. I'm not the biggest country fan in the world, but I appreciate the style and they sounded really nice. Plus Lauren gets bonus points for wearing the largest earrings ever.

Ford Music Video:

We don't just get to see the video this week, but we get to see the behind the scenes of the video. So we get double the waste of time. Sweet!

Haley and Casey Perform:

The two of them have a very bluesy and jazzy feel to their voices, so combining their voices to sing "Moanin" by Sarah Vaughan was a great idea.  Never heard the song before or the artist, but they sang the song really well and I appreciate the two of them together. It was a really cool performance and they both sang well together.

Results #1:

Casey, Haley, Lauren and Scotty come to center stage.

Scotty is SAFE

Lauren is SAFE

Casey is SAFE

Haley is BOTTOM 3. (Here we go again)

Rob Reiner Visits:

He talks about acting, and we see the contestants try and pretend that they can act. They should probably stick to singing.

Performance # 1:

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean sing "Don't You Wanna Stay". I always love seeing Kelly on this show. It kind of shows you how this show used to be so important and what it did for her life. The show did mean something and was important in pop culture. I know they want that again, and Kelly Clarkson proves that something great can happen from this show. It just has been awhile. Either way she and Jason Aldean sounded great together.

Stefano, Paul, Jacob and James Perform:

The four guys perform a medley of Simon & Garfunkel songs. I don't like the mesh of their voices together, but it makes sense that they put the four guys together. Definitely not as great as the Casey & Haley performance.

Results # 2:

Jacob, James, Stefano and Paul stay at center stage.

James is SAFE

Stefano is BOTTOM 3

Jacob is SAFE

Paul is BOTTOM 3

Performance # 2:

The next performance is by Rihanna. She is always a great performer, and sounds great. I guess her new single "S&M" was a little too risque for American Idol so she sang "California King Bed". But she looked kind of cool, she had a lot of hair going on, and her voice was great.

Bottom 3/ Who's Going Home

First SAFE=HALEY!!!! Finally a woman does not leave the show. Wow. The streak ends at a record 5 women in a row going home. She has a lot of work to do to stick around, but this is a great start.

Second SAFE=Stefano. For the second week in a row Stefano escapes elimination by this much.

Going HOME=Paul

Final Thoughts:

*Obviously having a guy go home is the best news coming for the show tonight. Paul was a quirky guy, he went first last night, and wore a crazy outfit. He leaves with a smile and sings Maggie May on the way out. I think Paul is a really cool guy, but with his kind of voice it would be tough to compete with the really powerful voices left in this competition.

*Stefano, Haley, Casey and Jacob have to keep stepping it up. They are clearly the weakest 4 left in the competition. Scotty, James and Lauren have yet to be in the Bottom 3. So if they don't want to be sent home then they have to make smart choices, say the right things(I'm talking about you Jacob), and really be unbelieveable. We shall see what happens.

Come on back here next week for the Top 7. We now have 5 guys and 2 girls, so we will see if the girls can evade elimination again. See you then.


  1. Should have Stefano, but glad it was Paul. Hopefully Stefano is next. He is the weakest link.

  2. The author needs to let go of Jacob's comment last week. If you understood the meaning and intent, you wouldn't be so critical. I applaud him for saying something that isn't said enough. Now, on to another topic, I was really enjoying Jennifer and Steven during the audition rounds but am very disappointed in all 3 judges during the weekly performances. They tell everyone they are stars and offer no critical feedback as in seasons past. Thank goodness they inserted the mentors to do this dirty work for them or else it would be all dew drops and lollipops.