Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 6 Results

Welcome back to Idol Be The Judge. Tonight we will learn the fate of one of these remaining 6. Our prediction was Jacob, Haley and Casey Bottom 3, with Jacob going home. I think Haley had a strong night last night, but since she has been in Bottom 3 before when she has had good weeks it's possible she will be there again. I think Scotty's fan base is immense, and James had a great night, the only person that could slide into the Bottom 3 is possibly Lauren, but I don't think she is in danger of going home. But I've been wrong before, and crazier things have happened this season *cough* Pia leaving too early *cough*.

Crystal Bowersox performs tonight. I was a Bowersox fan last year and much preferred her over Lee DeWyze. Neither of them has had tremendous success after the run of the show, but I still am a fan.
All of that, and I am sure a whole lot more will happen, so let's get to it:

Ryan's Announcement:

He warns the American Idol audience that a lot of fans will be disappointed with tonight's results. Hmm.

Brit Week:

The Idol contestants go to the British Consulate to celebrate Kate and Prince William's wedding. Wait they are getting married? I hadn't heard. Pretty much the contestants are like fish out of water. I don't really understand what they are doing there, they don't perform, it's not like they performed British music, so that's a little odd.

Top 6 Group Performance:

All the contestants perform a medley of Carole King songs together. They definitely sang it live, and some of them sounded pretty good and some did not. Nothing outstanding, I actually like the little mini group performances they have been doing the past couple of weeks, but since they did Duets last night it's not a surprise that they changed it up.

Performance # 1:

Crystal Bowersox performs her new song "Ridin With The Radio". Her style is definitely more country rock, kinda of bluesy with  a lot of soul. She does a really nice job, I still think she should have won, but she didn't, and it's almost a year later so I'm pretty much over it. Pretty much.

Question and Answers With The Contestants:

Casey-If you could perform with an artist living or dead who it be and what would you sing? He says Oscar Peterson who is a very well known jazz artist.

Jacob-When and how did you discover the range in your voice? He says he was 6 or 7 at choir practice and sang the alto and soprano part with no problems.

Lauren-What's the hardest thing about being and Idol finalist? She says missing her family and friends, especially when tornadoes are going through this country near her house and being worried for them. (Our condolences also go out to anyone affected by the deadly tornadoes).

Scotty-Did you ever have a pre-Idol job? He says he worked at a grocery store and helped his mom at her tanning salon.

James-Did you play with a band before Idol? He says he has been with a number of bands and always is doing lots of different projects.

Haley-Who is your all time favorite past Idol contestant? She said she liked Adam Lambert and Siobhan Magnus, Kelly Clarkson, Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox. (Ryan throws a jab in there about her not mentioning Taylor Hicks).

Results # 1:

Haley comes to center stage. (Not only do we get the results, but we get to see a recap of last night's performance with the judges comments and new comments from Jimmy Iovine).

Jimmy Iovine's Comments: Says that she does have one of the best voices in the competition but still doesn't know herself yet and if she goes home it will be because of that.

(Haley doesn't like Jimmy's comments at all and even curses in response to him. Ryan tells her to watch her mouth. I think I like her even more now!)

Haley is SAFE

Scotty comes to center stage.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments: Thinks he is a phenom, and feels he has a subtly that is magnificent but worries that subtlety's sometimes get lost in this competition and could prove to be a little troubling for him.

Ryan Does Not Tell Scotty His Results Yet

Lauren comes to center stage.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments: Wants her to hear the positives instead of the negatives. She has a poise when she is confident that challenges anyone and feels she is here for the long run.

Ryan Does Not Tell Lauren Her Results Yet

Casey comes to center stage.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments:  Thinks he is a great musician but was disappointed that he growled because the family dog doesn't vote. Predicts that Casey is Safe.

Ryan Does Not Tell Casey His Results Yet

James comes to center stage.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments: Feels he is more believable singing a melody with a rock feel rather than metal. Thinks if James picks the right songs there is no doubt that he can win this thing.

James is SAFE

Jacob comes to center stage.

Jimmy Iovine's Comments: Thinks he went into the wrong dressing room and accidently slipped into the Dancing With The Stars wardrobe. Doesn't think he brought the whole package. Thinks Jacob could possibly go home and is on banana peel status.

Lauren, Scotty, Casey join Jacob back at center stage.

Lauren is SAFE

Performance # 2:

Bruno Mars performs "The Lazy Song". It was obviously taped, but it's still a cool song and is pretty relatable. I enjoy Bruno Mars, he has a really nice voice and most of his songs are pretty catchy, especially this one.

Not Necessarily Bottom 3/Who's Going Home



Going HOME=Casey. Can't be saved this time.

Final Thoughts:

*I think people just got tired of Casey's shtick along with the other contestants just doing a really nice job. The growling, the walking around angry, kissing J.Lo, getting saved by the judges. Casey's journey on American Idol was definitely a crazy and eventful one. He had a very specific nitcshe and it's tough to broaden your fan base when you have a very specific persona. He was able to go from the 11th position to the 6th. That's not a bad run. Not saying the Save shouldn't have been saved instead of on him and utilized on Pia, but it's not like he went home the week after he was initially voted off. He was able to reprieve himself for over a month and ya gotta give him credit for that.

*When you only have 6 contestants left and an hour results show it leads to them dragging the results out forever. Having the contestants stand up and sit down and then stand up and hopefully sit back down is a pain. I'm sure it's a pain to the contestants and it's a pain to watch.

*I liked hearing Jimmy's comments, I thought it brought a different dynamic to the long winded results show. Sometimes we only get a little snippet of Jimmy's thoughts right before we see the contestants join him for their mentor session. I think he was pretty much on the ball, except with Haley, who I do think is growing each week even if he doesn't see that.

*Jacob is still around, we don't know who the Bottom 2 or 3 was but I'm going out on a limb that he may have been pretty low on the totem pole. He better start being the Jacob that we saw in Holllywood or he'll be in trouble next week. With only 5 people left you could say almost anyone is at risk, but Jacob and Haley to a lesser extent have to continue to step up their game.

Please come back next week to I'dol Be The Judge. In years past at this point with only 5 people left they have had the contestants perform 2 songs. Come back here to see if that's the case. See you then.

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