Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 7 Results

Welcome back. Tonight another contestant is going to be leaving the show and we'll see which 6 remain. We had our first male contestant go home last week for the first time, and we will see if that streak continues of if Lauren or Haley join the other ladies who have long been gone.

Last night we picked, Jacob, Stefano, and Haley as the Bottom 3, with Jacob going home. I really don't know how the whole Casey kissing J.Lo on the cheek thing made him look. Some might have thought it was cute, others might not have liked it. Casey hasn't been in the Bottom 3 since he was almost voted off so it seems his fan base has grown since then. Scotty, Lauren and James have yet to see the Bottom 3. We'll see if any of that changes, so let's get to it:

Lauren, Haley, Stefano and Jacob Perform

I really dislike Soul Train's "Hey Soul Sister", but these 4 contestants are singing it anyways. Don't they know that I don't like the song? The way that they sang it seemed they didn't like it either. It didn't really showcase any of them very well. Very karaoke and generic.

James, Casey and Scotty Perform

These 3 are singing Coldplay's "Viva La Vida". A much better song selection, I actually wish a contestant had sung a Coldplay song last night. Again this was a rough performance and didn't do anything for any of these contestants. Plus their little choreography was silly.

Results # 1:

Casey and Jacob stand up right at the couch.

Casey is SAFE

Jacob is BOTTOM 3

Performance # 1:

David Cook is back. David Cook is probably one of my favorite American Idol winners. I might not have bought his Cd or followed up with his career a ton, but through the run of his Season he was my favorite hands down, and still is one of the most original contestants the show has ever seen, which contributes to why he is one of my favorite Idols of all time. He is singing his new song "Last Goodbye". The song was very in David's lane. He sounded really cool. It was good to see him again. As I said before, my favorite Results show performances are the ones that feature past American Idol contestants.

This Week in Being An Idol Contestant 

*The contestants got to go to a Dodger game.

*They got to go Bowling.

*The contestants get pampered. Massages, makeup and facials. It seems most of the boys enjoyed this one.

Results # 2:

Lauren, James and Stefano join Ryan center stage.

Stefano is BOTTOM 3

Lauren is SAFE

James is SAFE

Results # 3:

Scotty and Haley join Ryan center stage.

Scotty is SAFE

Haley is BOTTOM 3

Results # 4

Haley rejoins Ryan right away center stage.

Haley is SAFE

This leaves Stefano and Jacob in Bottom 2.

Performance # 2:

Katy Perry performs her new hit single "E.T". I think any singer would love the career that Katy Perry has right now. It seems that every song she puts out there becomes an instant hit and gains tons of radio air play. I always thought she was a better studio singer than live performer, but she sounded pretty decent tonight. Kanye West joining Katy for the song definitely added something to the mix.

Bottom 2/Who's Going Home:

SAFE= Jacob

Going HOME= Stefano

Final Thoughts:

*Stefano was in the Bottom 2 for several weeks in a row, he was Bottom 3 a good amount of times since Top 13 and survived all the way until now. He came a pretty far way from being the Wildcard and almost not even making it into being Top 7. He picked up a lot of fans through the weeks, but he obviously couldn't go that one more step to push past some of the bigger fanbases. He leaves with a positive attitude and I give him a lot of credit.

*Jacob is in some trouble. Unless he pulls out all of the stops next week, like Randy wants him to, he could be following in Stefano's footsteps. Haley has been in Bottom 3 more than anyone left in this competition so she is always at risk and also needs to keep putting it all out there and growing like she has the past several weeks.

*There are now 4 guys and 2 girls left in this competition. As said earlier 3 of the 6 have yet to be in Bottom 3 territory. We'll see if they can avoid that spot now that the numbers are really dwindling.

Please come on back here next week for more recaps, more commentary, and all the craziness that surrounds this show. Thanks to those that come back each and every week, we really appreciate it. See you all really soon.

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