Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome To Hollywood (Part 1)

After 7 cities, countless number of bad performances, a sprinkle of decent contestants, and a whole mess of sob stories, we are finally in Hollywood. This process will eventually narrow it down to the Top 40, and then eventually the Top 20. The judges will have over 300 people to scope out in Hollywood week. Which contestants will make it? Which will get cut right away? All these questions will be answered and more. This is where the competition really start. So let's get to it:

Sudden Death Round is Broken Down Like This: They will come out in Rows of 10, sing acapella, and receive no feedback from the judges. They will be told they are through to the next round or it's the end of the line.

Day 1:

Group 1: Brett Lowenstern is the first up. He was from the New Orleans audition, he had a great voice, some funky hair, and a cool redemption story of overcoming bullying. He sings "Let it Be" and sounds great. The rest of the line is people we have never met. A girl named Symphony and Brett are the only ones to make it from the first group.

Group 2: New York waitress Rachel Zevita sounds just as good as she did in her audition. Thia Megia is an impressive 15 year old. She acts and sounds a lot older. Casey Abrams also is very impressive in this round. I still think he sounds a little like Taylor Hicks, which isn't the biggest compliment. Despite that, all 3 of these contestants are onto the next round.

Group 3: Part of this group is Victoria Huggins. She is probably one of the more cutesy contestants that we've seen thus far. You could say she is annoying, but I won't...well...she is kind of annoying. During this round her voice is a little screechy, and Victoria does not make it through to the next round. She has a smile on her face despite being cut, so good for her I guess.

Group 4: We are reminded of James Durbin and Paris Tassin stories. They are both struggling parents, just trying to get through. Paris sings first, a Celine Dion song no less. Her voice has great tone to it, very controlled, I like it a lot. James sings next and he does what he did in the audition round., he hits those very high highs. Also in this group is former Miss Teen America Stormy Henley still has a very small voice, like Jennifer Lopez said. Laren Alaina who has been talked about by the producers since auditions started is next up in Group 4. She sings next and is fine, can't really get a good sense of it, but it doesn't matter because she, James and Paris all receive a "Yes" to the next round. Stormy at least got to go to Hollywood.

Group 5: Chris Medina the man with one of the most heartbreaking stories I've ever seen on American Idol is next up. His fiancee was in that terrible accident, but Chris tells us she is getting better everyday. I hope so. During the round Chris does an adequate enough job to get through to the next round. He actually was the only one in the group of ten to get through.

Group 6: Hollie Cavanagh who broke down several times during her audition,
"pinch his cheeks cute" 15-year old Jacee Badeaux, and Robbie Rosen who had a sickly childhood and overcome those obstacles are the next ones up. Jacee has a nice performance, as does Robbie. Robbie is only a year older than Jacee but he seems like he is a decade older. Hollie still has some pitchy parts to her voice but is much better than what she showed at her audition. All 3 make it through to the next round.

Group 7: "Big" Steve Beghun has a voice that is opposite his size that's for sure. Steve does not make it, and we don't actually know who did out of this group. I'm sure they were great, we'll never know.

Quick Goodbyes: Sarah Sellers, Jacqueline Depree, Heidi Kazam are all told they did not make it. We don't see their performances but I guess they couldn't live up to their auditions.

Day 2:

Group 8: Former boyfriend and girlfriend Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks are next up. We see that Rob still pines for Chelsee but to no avail. They even have adjoining rooms which doesn't help. Rob is first up, he sings a depressing song, but he has some grit in his voice, I didn't really get it. Chelsee has a pretty voice like during the audition. Despite Rob's more quiet performance both he and Chelsee make it.

Group 9: Current boyfriend and girlfriend Nick Fink and Jacqueline Dunford are next up. We'll see how current they are after their performances. Nick sings some weird song about shoes and doesn't sound so great, but Jacqueline definitely has more soul to her voice than Nick and sounds pretty decent. The judges deliberate and Nick does not make it, but Jacqueline does. Can you say AWKWARD!!! I'm sure their relationship can sustain this. (That was sarcasm by the way) Nick can't take no as an answer and pleads and begs and sings again and gets shut down by the judges again. He doesn't get it. Ouch!

Group 10: Country soul singer with the deep voice Scotty McCreery sings the same song as he did in his audition. He sung it well then and he sung it well again in Hollywood. He plays it safe but sometimes part of the job of being an AI contestant is just to get by. Jackie Wilson, and Jerome Bell also go this route and sing the same song. Jerome shouted a bit too much in his audition but sounds more controlled here. Scotty, Jerome and Jackie all make it through.

Group 11: Tiffany Rios is the girl who opened her shirt up and showed us her stars during her audition. Her performance this time is strange and her personality is kind of mean spirited and cocky. Travis Orlando also is in this group. He had the story of living in a shelter with his family. His voice doesn't sound as great as his first audition. The judges tell us that Tiffany makes it and Travis doesn't. I don't see America liking Tiffany that much.

Other Notable "Yes's": Clint Gamboa, Julie Zarrilo, Naima Adedapo, the Guiterrez brothers, White House intern Molly DeWolf, Emily Ann Reed and Stefano Langone also make it.

That wraps the first round of Hollywood week. 168 contestants move on to the next round. Overall it's pretty predictable. The majority of the people that we saw in the audition rounds that had a lot of screen time made it, and people that we never knew existed got cut. Hopefully the show will give us a couple of contestants that we don't know much about to give us a little surprise.

So come on back to I'dol Be The Judge next Wednesday for Part 2 of Hollywood Week.

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  1. I can't believe they put Tiffany thru. She has to be the most annoying person ever!!