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Top 24 Revealed Continued...

Welcome back to Day 2 of the revelation of the Top 24. The biggest shocker last night was probably Chris Medina not moving onto the Top 24. His voice was definitely not Top 24 worthy and I believe the judges made the correct decision, but with the incredibly sad and moving story about his fiance you thought he might squeak in. The lucky few that did make it last night were Naima Adedapo, Clint Jun Gamboa, Haley Reinhart, Paul McDonald, and Ashthon Jones. But that was yesterday, today we will learn who compose the rest of the Top 24. So let's get to it:

Top 24 Revealed Continued...

After a few minutes of the judges composing themselves after Chris Medina's dismissal the revelation continues.

*Karen Rodriguez the MySpace contestant is the first up, she smartly chose a "Selena" song as her final performance. As we all know, one of the first movies Jennifer Lopez ever was in was "Selena", so smart move by Karen. The judges feel that she was lost in the shuffle during the competition but she still did enough good to make it. Karen is in the Top 24.

*17 year old Robbie Rosen has overcome a lot in his life, he overcame a childhood illness and being in a group with outspoken contestant Jordan Dorsey. He has been very consistent throughout all the rounds, the judges have a lot of good performances to look at. Steven Tyler explains that Robbie has been good right out the gate and is sure Robbie is ready to move on. Robbie is in the Top 24.

*We haven't seen much of Tatynisa Wilson throughout the competition. She forgot her words one time, she got sub par reviews during another performance and that's about it. Despite that Tatynisa makes it. Tatynisa is in the Top 24.

***Not making it in the Top 24 are Brittney Mazur and Jimmy Allen

*We learned about Tim Halperin during his audition round but then he disappeared for awhile, he made a big impact with his group mate Julie Zorrilla during The Beatles round, they were a standout performance. Tim admits that his audition round wasn't his strongest and has grown as an artist throughout the rounds. The judges agree. Tim is in the Top 24.

*Tim's group mate Julie Zorrilla is next up, she hopes her fate is the same as Tim's. Julie was a Jennifer Lopez favorite from the very first audition. Julie easily makes it. She is so excited that in after she leaves the judge's room she picks Ryan Seacrest up and then pretty much drops him. That was awesome. Either way Julie is in the Top 24.

*Cowboys Scotty McCreery and John Wayne Schulz are up next. Scotty has had a tough journey. He sang the same song several times, he helped kick out Jacee Badeaux from his group, and also forget his words, but his voice is real deep and different. John Wayne Schultz had a semi-memorable audition round but then disappeared the last couple of weeks. Scotty enters the judges room first and is told that he is a genuine, authentic person and is in. Scotty continues to apologize for not sticking up for Jacee before. Scotty is in the Top 24. Scotty even gets a hug from Jacee outside. John isn't so lucky. John Wayne Schulz is not in the Top 24.

*Jovany Barreto is a fun guy, he was the one that showed off his abs to try to impress J.Lo, but then Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson joined in on the ab showing so that ended up scarring some people. Either way the judges are impressed enough and let Jovany in. Jovany is in the Top 24.

*Hard-working housekeeper Lauren Turner housekeeper hasn't stood out too much during the competition. We have seen her in bits and pieces. The judges felt that her journey has been pretty up and down but she did enough. Lauren is in the Top 24.

***Not making it in the Top 24 are Erin Kelly and Taiwan Strong

*Rachel Zevita was eliminated from Season 6 Hollywood round. She didn't make it then but she hopes it changes now. She got a lot further then she did the first time so that's an accomplishment right there. They show a clip of her final performance and the judges seemed to be impressed. Jennifer Lopez said that she has been a fan from many years ago, I still question that a bit, but in any regard she feels she has something there. The judges make it a bit confusing but allow her into the next round. Rachel is in the Top 24.

*Teaming with Paul McDonald during The Beatles round was a great idea for Kendra Shontelle. Although we only saw her in a couple different quick video packages she has been pretty good. In her final performance she sang her audition round song, it's sometimes smart to sing something that has proved to work before, but sometimes not challenging yourself is a negative aspect. Steven Tyler feels that he is concerned about Kendra that she isn't the total package. But she makes it anyways. Kendra is in the Top 24.

*Jordan Dorsey has had such a weird journey. Not allowing Scotty McCreery to join his group then leaving the group anyways. He seemed to have a bit of an attitude and fell below the judges expectations in The Beatles round. Despite that Jordan ends up making it. We will see how the voting audience responds to Jordan. Either way Jordan is in the Top 24.

*Judge and producers favorite Lauren Alaina is up next. She did great in all rounds but The Beatles round. In her final performance she proved why she is one of the favorites this year. It would be the biggest shocker of the season if she didn't make it. The judges tell Lauren that they still love her and are glad that 15 year olds were allowed to enter the competition this year. Lauren sails right on through. Lauren is in the Top 24.

*In his final performance Stefano Langone sang his own song. That's very chancy. The chance paid off and Stefano makes it. Stefano is in the Top 24.

*We saw Jackie Wilson once and her voice stood out. But one time really wasn't enough and Jackie doesn't make it. Jackie is not in the Top 24.

*Big voice Jacob Lusk is up next. We didn't see much from him early on, but once Hollywood rounds hit he really stepped it up. He became a favorite for sure. Randy calls his "God Bless The Child" performance one of the best ever. I don't know about that but it was pretty powerful. On that alone he makes it. After hearing he was in his reaction was incredible. He sang, he ran, he picked up Ryan Seacrest and flung him around. Crazy. Jacob is in the Top 24.

*One of my personal favorite voices was Pia Toscano. I personally feel that she has a pure voice. The judges thankfully like Pia also. Pia is in the Top 24.

Only 1 girl spot remains.

*Huge voice James Durbin is up next. I don't really care for his voice. I understand his gimmick, I appreciate that he has dealt with a lot of illnesses and personal problems in his life, but I don't really like his voice. The judges have loved James throughout the whole competition. James is in the Top 24.

*Casey Abrams is another judge's favorite. He is a different character and I appreciate that. He plays a big bass which is one of the coolest instruments played on this show. Casey is not just a judge's favorite but one of my favorites at this point as well. Casey is in the Top 24.

Only 1 guy spot remains.

*The 2 last girls are Thia Megia and Jessica Cunningham. Since we saw a ton of Thia Megia and little of Jessica Cunningham the choice seems obvious here. It was. Jessica is not in the Top 24. But, Thia is in the Top 24.

*The last 3 guys remain with only 1 spot left. They are Brett Lowenstern, Jacee Badaeux and Colton Dixon. Each of these guys have had some significant camera time on the show. Jacee and Brett have definetly had a bit more than Colton. They each are very different from one another. The judges at different points have really enjoyed all 3 of them. The judges pick Brett. Colton and Jacee do not make the Top 24. Brett is in the Top 24.

That's it. The Top 24 are chosen.

How Were The Judges?:

Tricking the contestants to think they aren't going to make it, and then they tell them they are going to make it has been what American Idol has done since the first season. They love doing the whole switcheroo. I personally get a bit bored from it after the second person. You can pretty much tell if the person will make it if the judges joke around with the contestants. It would be wrong if they joked around and then they kicked them out anyways. When the judges get serious you could tell they are going home. All judges had a tough time trying hide the fact that they did or didn't like someone.

How Was The Show?:

The Top 24 is a mixed bag. There are some favorites out there, there are a few unlikeable characters, there are some judges favorites. It's definitely an interesting group. 2 hours seems like a bit too much time for an epsiode like this but this what American Idol does. If you watch this show then you have to deal with the excess time spent on things that can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

Join I'dol Be The Judge next week when the Top 24 will begin to perform. The guys are first. This is where the real competition begins so stay tuned here for all the reactions and recaps from the show. See you next Wednesday.

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