Thursday, February 3, 2011

Audition Round Part 6 (Los Angeles)

Hello, and Welcome Back to Audition Round Part 6 in Los Angeles. Before the actual auditions start up Ryan Seacrest informs us that this round will include a handful of online contestants that submitted an audition through MySpace. American Idol does love to pimp its advertising, doesn't it? Ford & Coca Cola come to mind, but either way we will see how the online contestants turn out. So let's get to it.

How Were The Contestants:

Victoria Garrett doesn't particularly start the show off to a good note, to say the very least. She believes she will be the winner of this show, I guess that only works if people had the mute button turned on at all times. Nails on a chalkboard puts it very very nicely.

Jennifer Lopez fan Tim Halperin has a non-descript kind of voice. There isn't too much to it. Sorry, but it's true. I don't think his audition is very impressive. Tim is ultra impressed by J.Lo but Tim doesn't really do much for me. Steven Tyler thinks he needs work but puts him in, Randy says he isn't ready, but of course Jennifer Lopez agrees to put him through. Kind of predictable. I don't see him going too far unless he can really change his voice up.

In a quick montage, Justin Carter is told that he doesn't have the &*$@& in his voice by Jennifer Lopez. Doubt she meant to say that, but funny either way.

Daniel Gomez & college dropout friend Isaac Rodriguez both want to make it,both believe that they can sing, and both are told by the judges that they will neither make it, nor should sing again.

MySpace contestant Karen Rodriguez shows why she was chosen out of 16,000 to audition in person in front of the judges. She has a pretty voice, a great confidence and has something special there. All 3 judges believe Karen has it, and she is on her way to Hollywood. She wants to be the first Latina American Idol, and if anyone could do it maybe she can.

Microphone in hand Tynisha Roches is all sorts of delusional. She tries to put on an act and it fails just miserably. The microphone she brought from home does nothing for her. Randy gets up and leaves after Tynisha continues to sing, and she tries to hunt him down. Randy tries to get the microphone out of her hand, he isn't successful. Eventually security has to come in because it becomes even more ridiculous. J.Lo and Steven will learn to leave. Every American Idol judge has left the room at one point or another, their time will come.

Steven Tyler becomes enamored with belly dancer Heidi Khzam who proves belly dancing might be more of her forte'. The boys send her through to Hollywood. J.Lo is not impressed.

Self-proclaimed "Force to be reckoned with", Matt "Big Stats" Frankel is next up. He is dressed in a suit and I guess the suit is cool, not really but I'm trying to say something nice. Everything else doesn't really work out. It is one of the weirder performances of the entire season. He honestly thinks he had a shot, but C'mon!

William Roberts, Jeannette Manning, Daniel Hall, "pants on the ground impostor" Daniel Granger and Arista Pemberton are the next ones up and they are a great example of the abysmal performances that Los Angeles is rolling out.

Brothers Marc & Aaron Gutierrez go into the audition round together. They sing pretty decently. A little too show boating and too many runs and going all over the place in their voice. I don't think they sounded as great as the judges thought they did. Steven Tyler calls their voices "god-like". I wouldn't put it that far, but given the talent that hasn't be coming from L.A I can see why the judges would try to grasp for anything at this point.

As if the show couldn't get weirder Cooper Robinson comes into the audition round. He is 59 years old and is dressed as a ship captain that wants to be like James Brown. After his audition round he has some sort of crazy outburst. He rolls on the floor, can't catch his breath, and leaves the judges completly speechless. No golden ticket for Cooper Robinson. He kind of scares J.Lo and the rest of the country as he leaves the show.

How Were The Judges?:

I am starting to see this group gel now. Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler & Randy are finally stating the truth more bluntly. They aren't being mean, or highly critical, but they are being straight about it. If we remember in the first couple episodes both Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez had difficulties saying "No". Well, at least here in Los Angeles, they definitely didn't have that problem. There was a lot of "No's" to go around.

How Was The Show?:

Los Angeles performances as a whole were atrocious. There were only a couple of semi-talented contestants. Although a good amount of people are going to Hollywood, I can only see 1 or 2 of them having a chance at making the next cut. There weren't even any big sob or emotional stories this time. That shows you that the producers don't really want to waste too much time on anyone in particular at this point.

Austin was bad yesterday, but if possible, Los Angeles talent might have been worse. It for sure wasn't the best week of Idol audtions. It definietly doesn't rival the talent that we saw last week in Milwaukee and Nashville. We will see how many L.A and Austin contestants step up there game.

I hope that you are enjoying I'dol Be The Judge. We will be back next Wednesday night when the final Audition Round, Part 7, will be underway in San Francisco. Next Thursday begins Hollywood Week. Finally!!! Have a great week everyone.

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