Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hollywood Round Part 3

After last night's crazy and emotional roller coaster that was Group Performances, tonight we get a much more regular episode. The contestants are back to singing on their own. This will be the last shot they get before the next last shot and then the really last shot. Actually the contestants will be drastically reduced from 100 to a mere 50. Hopefully tonight will finally weed out those pretenders from those(say it with me now) contenders. So let's get to it:

After a quick explanation that the contestants are able to use some instruments, have backup singers, or sing acapella the contestants finally start to begin. As always with this round we learn of who made it and who will not. At the end of the blog we will try to name the contestants who made it. Until then we will run through how the contestants do, and if the judges say anything along the way.

How Did The Contestants Do?

1. First up was Haley Reinhart. Never heard her nor heard of her but she is leading off tonight. We learn that in previous rounds Hailey has had her ups and downs. She has a really gritty, bluesy voice, and a unique tone to her voice. The judges seem impressed.

2. Ashton Jones is next. We know her because she was in that group with Ashley Sullivan(the girl who almost quit yesterday). On her own she has a beautiful style and an equally controlled beautiful voice.

3. Young Thia Megia is up next. I'll admit it that I like her probably most because her name kind of rhymes but also because her voice is really good. We saw her in those early audition rounds and not much since. Her voice really proved that she deserved to be here. I'm glad she wasn't cut because I think she has something there, we will see if the judges think so later.

4. Adrian Michael proves that he has some trouble as does Caleb Johnson. They both blame the band, but I'm thinking it might be them. Also in trouble is Frances Cootz.

5. Clint Jun Gamboa is next up. He is the one that kicked out Jacee Badaeux yesterday. He also is wearing some Elton John glasses from 1974. But despite all that you can't deny his voice. It's very powerful and he does a lot with the song, very impressive. I doubt Jacee would say so, but we'll see what the judges think.

6. Both Kendra Chantelle and Sophia Shorai have the judges smiling, and then grimacing interchangeably. Very odd. They both have very pretty voices but we'll see if the judges agree. It is weird we haven't seen either of these girls before. They both have nice voices.

7. L.A auditioner Carson Higgins was only one of a few L.A auditioners that are still left. He's a crazy character. He sings "My Perogative" which Chris Medina also sings. They were in the same group yesterday so it's interesting that they are both singing the same song. Carson's voice is much more lively and plays with the band, Chris does an acoustic version of the same song. We'll see which if any or both of those versions worked.

8. First using her instrument the piano was Julie Zorrilla, we only for a few seconds but. Then with his guitar was Caleb Hawley. With another piano was Colton Dixon with some funky hair. Brett Lowenstern plays guitar with a little musical accompaniment. Robbie Rosen also plays the piano very sweetly. It looked like J-Lo was welling up. With a big stand-up bass Casey Abrams comes lugging in. No one has ever used a bass before. He sounds pretty awesome with that bass. It definitely enhanced his performance. Not saying his voice wasn't really good, but the bass really made it sound even better.

9. We learn that Jacqueline Dunford is extremely sick and actually needs medical treatment and has bow out of the contest. Her roommate Chelsee Oaks needs to perform without her ex boyfriend Rob that left last night and new best friend Jacqueline. Her voice is adequate. Nothing spectacular, definitely Top 100 worthy, don't really think it's Top 40 worthy.

10. Judge and producer favorite Lauren Alaina is up next. She sings "Don't Want to Miss A Thing". She half sang it in her initial audition. I think this time her voice is more controlled this time. The band definitely enhanced her voice, which was pretty good on its own. The judges wanted her to be good and she was.

11. We first learned of Jacob Lusk last night. He has a very interesting voice. It has some scat to it, some gospel and some blues. He is someone who we don't often see on this show. I hope he makes it because he is different and this show needs to change it up a little. He gets a standing ovation from the judges so I think he is pretty safe. I'd want to be sitting in the room with him when the results come down. He is an emotional wreck after the performance, he uses every bit of himself.

12. "Cowboy" John Wayne Schultz is up next. While singing J.Lo quietly but kind of cutely sings along with John. That's got to be a good sign.

13. Nearly quitter Ashley Sullivan is next. You never ever say that you haven't messed up in front of the judges because more than likely you will. And predictably she messes up the words instantaneously. She begins to freak out, and it doesn't help that she doesn't have any band accompaniment. She can't continue on and really bombs out. We'll see if her past performances will over take this one but it's going to be tough.

14. In the next group of males it's Stefano Langone , Jovany Barreto and Jacee Badeaux.I don't see a lot of star quality in Stefano. Jovany decides to sing a Marc Anthony song(nice touch) which sounds half way decent. Jacee Badeaux is the last to go and unfortunetly I don't think his voice is ready. It's cute, he is cute, but I don't think that he is quite ready for this competition moving on.

15. The last two contestants are Scotty McCreery and Tatynisa Wilson. Scotty has repeatedly sang the same song in almost every part of the audition process, but the song he always sings is not on the predetermined list. Scotty proves that learning more than one song is kind of difficult. He makes up some random words. Tatynisa also has difficulty with the song. They get a pretty long list of songs, no one forced them to choose it. Not knowing the words can prove to be very damaging.

Judges Decision(Who's Moving On):

The 100 contestants are split up into 4 different rooms.

Room 1: Ashley Sullivan, Brett Lowenstern, Jacee Badaeux, Haley Reinhart, Caleb Hawley, Clint Jun Gamboa, Lauren Alaina, Robbie Rosen, Casey Abrams, James Durbin and Chris Medina. This entire room goes on through. Not surprising. This room had all the all stars.

Room 2: Brielle Von Hugel, Corey LeVoy and a lot of other people we don't know do not make it. Since I barely knew who Brielle or Corey were it's really not a surprise.

Room 3: Mark Guiterrez, Chelsee Oaks and a lot of other people we don't know don't make it. No big shocker there.

Room 4: Carson Higgins, Julie Zorrilla, Jovany Borretta, Scotty McCreery as well as a couple more notable faces all make it as well.

Surprises?: Scotty McCreery, Jacee Badaeux, James Durbin and Jovany Borretta. We'll see how it shakes out, they have one more performance to really showcase themsleves.

The remaining contestants take on The Beatles next week. I hope they aren't like David Archuletta a few years ago that didn't even know who the Beatles were. The first rule if you are going to be a singer is not to tell anyone that you don't know who the Beatles are. Even if you don't know who they are you don't tell people that you don't know. That's just silly.

So come on back next week when the remaining contestants will finally consist of the Top 20. We are getting close to those live performances. We'll see you next Wednesday here on I'dol Be The Judge.

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