Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hollywood Rounds: Part 4

Welcome back. Tonight is the last night of Hollywood Week. We saw the last of group rounds last night and tonight will be the final solo round of the Hollywood rounds. We saw a ton of contestants last night but it was almost tough to tell which contestants are really going to go far based on short group performance clips.  There are 80 contestants left and only 40 will make it out tonight. Tonight will give us a better idea of some of the talent on the show this season. So as we always do, let's get started:

Hollywood Week #4: Solo Rounds

Loren Lott=She sings "Skyfall" because she said it makes her cry...OK. She carries the tune but it's not incredibly dynamic through the middle section but when she goes for the big note it carries some weight. Really amazing actually. Best we have heard from her this season so far. Jennifer Lopez gives her a standing ovation
Notable Comments=Jennifer-Superstar performance, can see the end of the road for her.

Daniel Seavey=He sings "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran. His voice is sweet but it's not ready for this competition, yet. Next season? Sure. This just isn't his voice yet, kid is still going through puberty. It's alright for what it is but it's not great compared to the rest of the talent this season.
Notable Comments= Keith-Has such a joy about him.

"Big" Ron Wilson=Has major issues with Band Leader Ricky Minor, he doesn't want Ron to over-sing and just be humble. He sings his audition round song "Let's Get It On". His dancing to the song is just not pleasant to watch. He has a very hearty voice but there were some flaws. Plus he calls out Ricky after his song is over. The judges tell Ron that he gets to lead the band when he is up there. This guy is
Notable Comments=They didn't say anything about his performance, just that he should lead the band.

Shi Scott=She comes out all out of breath, seems a little put on like she is looking for sympathy or something. She sings "All I Can Do Is Cry" by Etta James. I think this was a better performance for her, in that it didn't sound like original but it also exposed the flaws in her voice.
Notable Comments=Harry-Evident that she was out of breath, took it out of her in the performance.

Adam Lasher= He sings "Free Falling" by Tom Petty. He has such a pure voice that keeps it simple and dynamic at the same time. I don't like some of the facial expressions he had. Wasn't my favorite performance of his, but still quite solid.
Notable Comments= Keith=Had nowhere to go because the most of the song sounded the same.

First Round of Cuts=Daniel Seavey, Shi Scott and Loren Lott Move On. Adam Lasher and Big Ron Wilson Go Home.

Quentin Alexander=He sings "Rip Tide" by Vance Joy. I don't know the song but he sings it so nicely.Moves On
Notable Comments= Keith=Really good take of the song, really felt the story.

Moving On Montage= Maddie Walker, Trevor Douglas

Alexis Granville=Her voice is so flat and then it's so shaky. Harry stops Alexis in the middle because she starts in the wrong key, he doesn't like that she didn't stop the band. She still goes off key even after the restart and Harry stops her again and that's all she wrote.
Notable Comments=One time is excusable, the second time is not. Alexis is Sent home.

Jax=She sings "Let It Be" and sounds amazing as she sings to her parents sitting in the front row. Keith tells her she is through to the Next Round. 

Michael Simeon=He sings "Try" by Colbie Calliat. I like when guys put their own spin on a girl song.
Notable Comments=It's his heart, not just his voice, shows that he really cares. Superstar time. 

Nick Fradiani= He sings David Gray's "Babylon" and sounds amazing on it. I love his voice. It's sort of like Rob Thomas in a way. Just cool and confident.
Notable Comments= Keith=Takes the phrasing and pulls him in. Telling a story not just a cover. Harry=Top of the age spectrum which one might think is a disadvantage but he just has a ton of experience.

Katherine Skinner= She goes with Heart's "Alone" and sounds atrocious. She doesn't hit one note. It's just pitchy all over the place and then even the slower points are so off key.
Notable Comments= She has extraordinary vocal ability but it's just too much pedal to the medal all the time.

Second Round of Cuts=Michael Simeon, Emily, Nick Fradiani Move On. Katherine Goes Home.

Notable Contestants Going Home=Jess Lamb, Alex Shier, Piper Jones

Clark Beckham-He sings "Try A Little Tenderness" and he sounds amazing. He is at the keyboard but reaslly rocks out. He brings out a lot of energy. And sounds as good as one can hope.

Mark Andrew=Sans his guitar Mark sings "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver which is a perfect song choice for Mark's particular vocal abilities. He messes up a little but his voice is still so cool and distinct.  He tells the judges he hasn't slept much and that's why he forgot the lyrics.
Notable Comments=Harry=A lot wrong with forgetting lyrics, wouldn't do that too many more times, do what you can to remember the words.

Third Round of Cuts= Clark Beckham, Alexis Gomez and Mark Andrew, Shannon Bethiaume and Katherine Winston Move On. 

Joey Cook=She sings "Across The Universe".  Her voice is so distinct, there is no one in the competition that really sounds like her. She didn't really sing a lot of words, kinda went for the easy part of the song, but given she forget her lyrics last round she didn't want to do that again. Good strategy but doesn't really show off the vocal ability too much.

Quick Montage=Lovey James, Tyanna Jones, Rayvon Owen, Riley Bria are shown in short segments. They all sounded pretty nice actually. Lovey was probably the weakest of this particular montage of people but she still wasn't that bad.

Fourth Round of Cuts= Rayvon, Tyanna and Riley Move On. Lovey James Goes Home. 

Final Thoughts

*Tonight's show came fast and furious. There were so many performances. I think Clark Beckham, Nick Fradiani, Jax and Loren Lott sounded really good. I am so shocked that Jess Lamb and Adam Lasher were eliminated. I didn't think tonight's performance by Adam was that amazing but it was still quite good. Don't get how Daniel Seavey and Shi Scott are still in but Adam and Jess aren't.

*Speakin of Jess Lamb....Jess Lamb?!#!@!  How is she eliminated? I have never seen her perform badly. I don't get it. She wasn't even just eliminated, she was eliminated in a montage, so we didn't even hear her sing. That's crazy. I really don't understand this one at all. She must have really blown it. 

*Next week the contestants will perform at the House of Blues. This will not be a live performance, as it took place a couple months ago, but it still should be a nice added feature. The judges wanted to see the contestants sing at a smaller venue before they get to the bigger stages and all the people. This will be an interesting way to see which contestants can make it as a performer and which contestants just have a nice voice that shouldn't be performed in front of large groups of people. I miss the earlier seasons of American Idol when the contestants performed at smaller stages. Everything has been so big recently on this show, so it's nice that they are scaling back a little.

That's it. Come on back next week when the contestants perform at the House of Blues. Should be a cool new round to check out. So until next time, see ya!

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