Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hollywood Rounds: Part 2

Welcome back. Last night we got to see a lot of the talented contestants that were the judge's favorites and some of ours too. We didn't see a ton of eliminations, and only got a small taste of the less notable contestants from the auditions. Tonight we should see a lot more contestants and hopefully get a sense of some of the talent that we didn't get a great chance to see that were featured earlier in this season. Only one of our top picks, Tara Honda, was eliminated thus far. We will try to keep track of how far our picks go or don't go during these rounds.

There are a lot of contestants to get through, so we will try to acknowledge any contestant that the show does, but we might not go too in depth on them.If you see a name that you don't remember then you can always check out our previous recaps of the audition rounds to see our take on them.

Tonight will also begin Day 3 of Hollywood, so that means...Group Rounds. It's the craziest part of the show because it makes an individual competition into a group competition and turns everything upside down. Some contestants will handle this with ease, others will not. We'll see how it goes this season.

Last night we left off with Gabby Zonneveld forgetting her lyrics and having a full on panic attack. The show will pick up from there and so will our recap. So let's get started.

Hollywood Day 2 Continued...
Gabby Zonnefeld-After completely forgetting where she was in the song, Harry decides to jump up from behind the judge's desk and hop on stage to take Gabby off stage and tell her to relax and take a minute. 

Lines of 10
Line 1 Notable Contestants=Kelly Kime, Katherine Winston and the return of Gabby Zonneveld
Results Moving On= Katherine, Kelly and Gabby along with 3 others that we don't hear sing

Line 2 Notable Contestants=Andrew Annello,Maddie Walker, Alexis Gomez
Results Moving On=Maddie, Alexis and several others.
Results Going Home=Andrew

Line 3 Notable Contestants=Cody Fry
Results Moving On= Cody and 3 others

Line 4 Notable Contestants=Loren Lott
Results Moving On=Loren and 4 others

Line 5 Notable Contestants= Shi Scott, Rayvon Owen
Results Moving On=Shi, Rayvon and 4 others

Line 6 Notable Contestants=Clark Beckham, Daniel Seavey
Results Moving On= Clark and Daniel

Line 7 Notable Contestants= Dakota Suarez
Results Going Home= Dakota Suarez

Line 8 Notable Contestants=Qassim Middleton
Results Moving On=Qassim and several others

Moving On Montage=Nick Fradiani, Quintin Alexander, Zack Kaltenbeck

Best of Tonight's Lines of 10= Katherine Winston, Cody Fry, Rayvon Owen, Clark Beckham

Hollywood Day 3: Group Rounds

The contestants can pick any group they want as long as it is a group of 4. They must choose a team captain, a song and figure out their choreography all in the same night. 

Group 1= David Oliver Willis, Clark Beckham, J.None and Jesse Cline
Our Take=Strong Performance from David and Clark. J.None was O.K. Jesse didn't do anything for me.
Notable Comments=Jennifer=Really strong, everyone sang well. Keith=Had moments but there was inconsistency.
Results=All 4 are through to the next round

Group 2=Ron Wilson, Shi Scott, Adam Ezegelian and Andrew Bloom
Our Take= Andrew did not sound great. Shi still has that Amy Winehouse thing going but this time she sounded herself in the same way. Adam was strong. Ron was a little off key at points.
Notable Comments=Keith=Andrew didn't sound great compared to the others. Shi sounds exceptional today. Harry=Showed weakness compared to the others.
Results= Ron, Shi and Adam Move On. Andrew is Going Home.

Group 3=Tyanna Jones, Maddy Hudson, Reno A'noa'i and Steffi Leddbetter
Our Take=Sadly two of my favorites Reno and Maddy faltered. Tyanna was good compared. Steffi was pretty brutal. Overall it was not a great group performance. They forgot lyrics or were off the tune at times.
Notable Comments=Jennifer=Shaky. Wasn't the best group performance. Harry=Don't have to outrun everyone in the group.
Results=Tyanna, Maddy and Reno Move On. Steffi is Going Home.

Group 4=Jaq Mackenzie, Nick Fradiani, Hunter Larson, Michael Simeon
Our Take= I loved this group. I thought they blended well and they each had at least one or two great moments. Jaq, Nick and Michael(the guy who slow-danced with JLo in his audition),  were really good. Hunter's voice really pierces through.
Notable Comments=Harry-Everyone should take comfort that you all are going through.
Results=All 4 are Going Through

For the 2nd straight episode the show ends with a "dramatic note" when Alexis M has a full-blown panic attack and goes dizzy on stage and must be brought off stage and attended to by medics. She was having issues earlier in the day but she tried getting up to perform, but that was a bad call. But either way, that's how the episode ends. Odd way to end the show.

Final Thoughts

*Tonight we got to hear a lot of really great talent. I thought that Cody, Rayvon, Clark, and Hunter Larsen were really great. But there were some others that had a nice night as well like Michael Simeon, Nick Fradiani, David Oliver Willis and surprisingly Shi. I think there is a ton of talent this season. Each episode features so much talent and vocal ability, that's a great sign for the rest of the year.

*As mentioned above,  it is odd that last night's episode ended with Gabby having major issues and having to be walked off stage by Harry Connick Jr and then tonight Alexis nearly needs to be carted off the stage. I thought this was a singing competition, not sure why we need these dramatics to end the episode, this isn't a soap opera. If I want to watch Days of our Lives I'll watch Days of Our Lives.I'd rather them end the episode with an amazing performance rather than seeing someone about to pass out. It's not good entertainment.

That's it. Week 1 of Hollywood Rounds are over. We saw a lot of great singing the past couple days. Should be fun to see how it all plays out. Come on back here next week after another new episode of American Idol. So until then, see ya!

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