Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hollywood Round: Part 3

Welcome back. Tonight is the third night of Hollywood Week. Last week we got to see some of the judge's favorites sing, we got to see a few lesser known singers really shine, and we began the often dreaded Group Rounds. Tonight we will see the continuation of Group rounds. So as we always do, let's get started:

Group Rounds Continued
At the end of last week's episode Alexis Granville had a major panic attack and had to be rushed off the stage. She was part of the following group.

Group 1=Sal Valentinetti, Alexis Granville and Jax. Plus Kelly Kime(but we don't hear her sing).
Our Take=Sal was OK. Alexis was not good at all, did way too much. Jax is in this group and she sounds amazing, really haunting and powerful.
Results=Alexis and Jaq Move On. Kelly and Sal Go Home

Group 2= Riley Bria, Keri Lynn Roche, Emily Brooke and a beat boxer dude
Our Take=This was a bad mix. I thought it was way off tune and didn't sound well blended. I guess Riley was decent, but couldn't get a good enough take because the other voices overpowered his and they weren't good
Results=All 4 Move On. 

Group 3= Rayvon Owen, Cody Fry, Piper Jones and an unidentified girl that didn't sing.
Our Take=Cody and Rayvon's voice on this song were like butter. Piper might have pushed it a little too much. 
Results=All 4 Move On. (I still don't know who that random girl is)

Group 4=Tiffany Stringer and 3 dudes.
Our Take=Only heard about 3 seconds and it wasn't good.
Results=None Move On.

Group 5=Adanna Duru, Cindy Maslov. Denise Natoli and Camille Peruto
Our Take=Adanna started off too strong. Cindy, Denise and Camille got lost in the song. They went off the melody a ton. No one should move off.
Results=Adanna and Cindy Move On. Denise and Camille Go Home.

Group 6=Trevor Douglas,Qaasim Middleton, Daniel Seavey, and Savion Wright
Our Take= Trevor did way too much, if he kept it simpler I would have enjoyed it more.  Savion is the savior of the group. He just goes all out but doesn't push it too far. Qassim doesn't really sing that well this time. Daniel is still going through puberty and hits some bum notes.
Results=All 4 Move On

Moving On Montage= Alexis Gomez, Loren Lott, Quetin Alexander

Group 7=Hollywood Anderson, Laurel Taylor Taunton, Amber Kelechi and 2 other girls that we don't knw the name of.
Our Take=Hollywood was better than the last round. Laurel had some rough moments. Amber was off.
Results=Hollywood and Monica Move On. Amber and some other girl do not.

Group 8=Jess Lamb, Lovey James, Kory Wheeler and Carla (that we don't hear sing)
Our Take=They start off with great harmonies. Lovey sounds better here than in her audition. Kory's falsetto was off.
Results=Jess and Lovey Move On. Kory and Carla Go Home.

Group 9= Tanya Mackenna, Rocky Peter and 2 dudes they don't name.
Our Take= Tanya sounded really good. Rocky sang maybe one line and then repeated it over.
Results=Tanya Moves On. Rocky and 2 other guys don't make it.

Group 10= Heatherle Spires, Sarina Joi-Crowe, Erika David, Adrianna Simon
Our Take=Erika was a little weaker than I have seen her before. Sarina was strong and right on the money. Adrianna tried to push her voice and it cracked and sounded like it dropped at the wrong time.
Results=Sarina Joi, Adrianna, Erika Move On. Heatherle Goes Home.

Group 11=Mark Andrew, Vanessa Andrea, Katherine Winston and Alex Shier
Our Take= Mark, Vanessa and Katherine hit their notes and are ready to move on. Alex missed the key completly.
Results= Mark, Katherine and Alex Move On. Vanessa Goes Home

Group 12=Jackie Nese, Maddie Walker and 2 other people.
Our Take= Maddie sounds amazing. She does a lot of maneuving with her voice in a short amount of time.
Results= Maddie and 2 other people move. Jackie Goes Home. 

Group 13= Garrett Miles and 3 other girls.
Our Take= Garrett has such a sweet voice but he has sounded better. We don't hear any of the 3 girls.
Results= All 4 Go Home

Group 14=Joey Cook, Shannon Berthiaume, Naomi Tatsuoka and some other girl.
Our Take= Joey messed up the lyrics but she sounded so pretty, Shannon had a nice restrained power. Naomi was alright. Nothing amazing.
Results= All 4 Move On

Final Thoughts
*I know it's Season 14, and I shouldn't get upset at production because I know that they disappoint all the time in their own little ways, but it's just not right that they don't show us the names of all the members of a group. I completely understand not wanting to let us hear every single person sing, that would be way too much and unnecessary, especially since those people are getting eliminated. But it would take less than a half a second to throw everyone in the group's name up on the screen. This should especially be done for the contestants that actually move on. There were at least 4 or 5 contestants that we actually saw moving onto the next round that we not only didn't hear but weren't identified on screen. That's just not right. If those people got through at this point 3 rounds (audition, solo and group) the least the production can do is throw their name up on screen, even if they are eliminated next round. Ok...rant over.

*There were a couple nice performances tonight. I thought Savion Wright, Jax, Rayvon Owen, Tanya Mackenna, Mark Andrew and even Joey Cook were good, even though she messed up the lyrics. There were a few contestants that should not have moved on such as Hollywood Anderson(who has disappointed twice in a row now), Alex Shier, Qassim Middleton, Cindy Maslov and Riley Bria's entire group along with a few others.I am so glad group rounds are over. I get the importance of Group round and the drama that ensues, but this is an individual competition.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed our recap. Tomorrow night's solo performances concludes Hollywood Week. Should be a little less hectic. Until tomorrow, see ya!

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