Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top 13 Results

Welcome back. Last night was a mixed bag. There were some pretty good performances, there were some not-so-bad performances, and then there were some pretty mediocre performances. We predicted that the Bottom 3 is Malaya, Jena and Kristen with Kristen being the first eliminated. There were more than 3 people that could be Bottom 3, but those are the ones we chose. Also, the judge's save is back, so the judge's can save the person that has the least amount of votes. With that variable, and the 30 different ways to vote, it'll be interesting to hear and see what happens.

Back in October 2013 we were told that the American Idol results shows would be 30 minutes long. I was a big fan of this, given that it takes about a minute to deliver all the news that Ryan Seacrest stretches into an hour. Well, we are at the first results show and it's a one-hour episode. It seems that until the new FOX show "Surviving Jack" a 30-minute comedy premieres we will get these longer results show. Tentatively, "Surving Jack" will begin on March 27th, so that means we will most likely get these one hour shows until then.

So lots of filler to get to tonight, we'll try to streamline it as best we can. So let's get to it:

Top 13 Perform
We see the Top 13 perform "Counting Stars" by One Republic and "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. They are kinda walking around backstage and eventually make their way to the stage. I can't tell if it's lip synched, or some are and some aren't. They have those inner ear monitors in so you would think they ar really singing, but it's a little polished in some points, and messy at others. Kinda lame.

Results Part 1
Malaya, Jena, Ben and Alex come to the stage.  We hear from Randy Jackson about each. Randy thinks that Malaya didn't calm down enough and the song got the best of her. He says of Jena that she did a nice job with the message she was trying to get across. Of Ben he thought it was way too fast in rehearsal, and still was a little too fast. He thinks Alex did a great job with how subtle he was and working with the band.


Safe =JENA

Bottom 3=MALAYA

Performance #1
Tonight brings us our current American Idol winner Candice Glover. She sings 2 new songs "Cried" and "Same Kind of Man" from her new album. Her voice is just ridiculous. I always thought she deserved the crown last year, but her voice is up there in the Top 5 American Idol winners, pure voice. It just does things you don't think it could, and then does it better than imagined. "Cried" is such a powerhouse, beautiful voice. "Same Kind of Man" is a little more uptempo, but still mellow and powerful, just a soulful, cool song. As much as I am glad that she is doing well, I miss hearing her voice and watching her perform every week on the show. She always put it all out there, and so far, this season, a lot of these contestants just aren't doing that.

Results Part 2
MK, Sam, Majesty and Dexter joining Ryan on stage. Randy thinks that MK needs to move around on stage, she is starting to blossom but still can do more. He loves Sam, even though he is shy. He is so good and talented but needs his performance to match his vocal power. Loves Majesty but wants her to really enunciate her words, on the night she was fantastic. Randy wanted Dexter to hold the note at the end, but during the performance he didn't take all the advice, wasn't his best performance but should be enough to let him stick around.




Bottom 3=MK

Performance #2
Country singer Jake Bugg sings his song "Me and You".  His voice is like a country Bob Dylan, if that makes sense. I like how different his voice is. It's pretty cool. He is originally from England, so that might contribute to him not being the standard country singer. Pretty cool.

Results Part 3
CJ, Kristen, Caleb, Jessica and Emily are next. Randy tells CJ that he needs to be consistent so he is great every week. He thinks that Kristen needs to get the emotion across. He thinks she did a pretty good job but not sure if she got all of her message across. Randy thinks that Caleb continues to show who he is, the in house rocker, he is electric. He thinks that Jessica commanded everyone's attention, she was so effortless. He thinks that Emily did a beautiful job, but it still lacked the edge.





Bottom 3=KRISTEN

Bottom 3
1. Malaya
2. MK
3. Kristen

1st To SAFETY?
Safe= MK

2nd To SAFETY?

Contestant In Jeopardy? Kristen

Do The Judges Use Their Save? No. Kristen goes home.  We picked her to go home, she easily had the worst, or close to the worst performance of the evening, plus she was a wildcard pick, so the fans already weren't 100% on board. Not a big thing that she went home.

Our Predictions
Bottom 3 Predictions=2 out of 3
Going Home Prediction=1 out of 1

Final Thoughts

*I am glad the Judge's Save is back. Harry explained that the decision must be unanimous, so that will hopefully help certain mistakes from happening. Hopefully.

*I'm pretty surprised at MK being in the Bottom 3. I didn't think she was that bad last night, but who knows what influences people into voting, or not voting. I agree that Kristen and Malaya were the Bottom 2, and I definitely think it was Kristen's time to go. She just didn't bring it, and she needed to after being the last pick for this Top 13.

*I can't wait for the 30 minute shows. Although I am glad we saw Candice Glover, it's still way too long of a show for a 1 minute announcement.

*Was this the first time that the previous American Idol winner's song wasn't the "Goodbye Song" for the eliminated contestants? They played Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" during Kristen's montage. It's Kristen singing it, but still. Given that Candice was actually there tonight, I think a song like "Cried" would have been a solid choice.

*Every week after the results recap we post our favorite performance from the night before. Last night our favorite performance was Jessica Meuse singing "The Crow & The Butterfly".

That's it. Please come back here next Wednesday for Top 12 week. We are on our way. The right person went home this week, so not a bad start. Thanks for reading our blog, and keep coming back. Until next time, see ya.

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