Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hollywood Part 2: Groups Round

Welcome back. Last night's episode was one of the most action packed, hectic episodes in recent memory. Usually it would take 2 or 3 episodes to do everything that we saw in last night's one episode. Tonight is a little more straightforward because it's groups round. We saw the assembly of the groups last night as well as some of the drama and chaos that comes from that. Tonight we will actually get into the singing, with maybe a little drama mixed in.

Each contestant will go forward or not based on the judge's decision not necessarily how the group performs. So we'll break down each group and try to make sense of those who advance and those who don't.

So with that let's get to it:


Group 1
Contestants=David Oliver Willis, Tony Foster Jr, Sarina Joi Crowe
Opinion-David does a little too much with his vocal, despite sounding good at points, Tony had a tough time, Sarina was solid enough, but not really exciting. The best part was when they sang together, but American Idol is done with groups after tonight.
Who's Moving On? David and Sarina
Who's Going Home? Tony

Group 2
Contestants=Dexter Roberts, Casey Thrasher, Ben Briley
Opinion-I didn't like Casey at all, wasn't impressed that much with his vocal tonight. Dexter didn't sound as good as I've heard him before. Ben was just okay, he did a couple interesting things with his vocal. 
Who's Moving On? All of Them
Who's Going Home? None

Group 3
Contestants=Spencer Lloyd, Megan Miller, Alyssa Siebken
Opinion-Spencer was familiar with the song, Alyssa and Megan weren't and they just crumbled. The harmonies were off and it didn't sound good at all as a group. But they have in the past, luckily.
Who's Moving On? Spencer and Megan
Who's Going Home? Alyssa

Group 4
Contestants= Caleb Johnson, Tyler Ahlgren, Matthew Hamel, C.J Harris
Opinion-Caleb looks like Meatloaf meets Jim Morrison, so that's something, he doesn't have the talent like they do but he has a nice rock voice, Tyler forgot his words, C.J Harris sounds ok, but he's been better, Matthew was just alright.
Who's Moving On? Caleb and C. J
Who's Going Home? Tyler and Matthew

Group 5
Contestants= Jena Asciutto, Sikenya Thompson, Muhfarid Zaidi, Allie Odom
Opinion- Sikenya has been sick so that's held up the group, she ends up faltering during the performance, and the rest of the group tries to pick her up. The judges give Sikenya credit for trying and going on. Jena sounded great, really impressed with her. I don't think we heard Muhfarid and Allie was just okay. I think Sikenya must have done great in previous rounds cause she did not sound good tonight, I know she was sick but nothing was there.
Who's Moving On? Muhfarid, Jena and Sikenya
Who's Going Home? Allie

Group 6
Contestants= Jessica Meuse, Nica Nashae, Stephanie Harvey, Cara Watson
Opinion-Jessica got a bad edit last night due to her losing her group at the late stages. Nica sounded pretty good, Stephanie and Cara were very flat, nothing great there . They sang "Single Ladies" and you can tell it isn't Jessica's cup of tea, she's more rock, soul, but she had to get into a group. Stephanie's mom is a show business Mom, she is kinda mean to Jessica and Jessica ends up walking away. I'm not sad that she's not around anymore.
Who's Moving On? Nica, Jessica and Cara
Who's Going Home? Stephanie

Group 7
Contestants=Terrica Curry, Carmen Delgina, Emmanuel Zidor
Opinion-Terrica wasn't really on board with the whole group thing and didn't sound good, Emmanuel was again way too theatrical, Carmen was ok, nothing too exciting. Harry didn't like the song choice of "Say My Name", because it didn't showcase anyone's voice.
Who's Moving On? Emmanuel
Who's Going Home? Terrica and Carmen

Group 8
Contestants=Christina Collins, Olivia Diamond, Queen Bulls, Malaya Watson
Opinion-Olivia put it all out there, Queen didn't sound good at all, Malaya was really good. Christina was alright.  
Who's Moving On? All of Em
Who's Going Home? None

Also Moving On
-George Lovett
-Neco Starr
-Mk Nobilette
-Paula Hunt
-Andrina Brogden
-Briana Oakley
-Kenzie Hall
-Brandy Neely
-Savion Wright

Also Going Home
-Madison Walker
-Keith London
-Austin Precarrio
-Stephanie Petronelli
-Adam "Sound Healer" Roth
-Tiquila Wilson(quit)
-John Fox

 Final Thoughts

*Tonight I was really confused at times with the judges. I was really upset at losing John Fox while they kept people like Queen Bulls, Cara Watson, and Emmanuel Zidor among others. But then again I think the judges did a good job in keeping Savion Wright and Paula Hunt and Jena Asciutto as well as some other notable contestants. These group rounds are weird because even if you are great it doesn't mean you are safe, and even if you mess up the words(Megan Miller) it doesn't mean you are going home.

*I wish we saw a little more from some of the favorites/notable contesatants like Paula Hunt, Kenzie Hall, Savion Wright and Briana Oakley just to name a few. They obviously are standouts but we haven't heard a ton from them other than a few seconds here and there since their auditions. Hopefully we'll hear more next week now that the beginning number of 210 is down to about 70 or 80.

*Next week is when the judges really whittle down the contestants even more until we get to the Top 31 that will perform in the Live Rounds 2 weeks from yesterday. Next Wednesday is another solo round and next Thursday we will learn who makes it and who doesn't.

That's it. Week 4 is in the books. We are definetly getting somewhere, not sure exactly where yet, but we are getting there. Come back next Wednesday for the beginning of the end of Hollywood round. So until next time, see ya!

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