Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hollywood Rounds Part 1

Welcome back. Tonight along with the typical Hollywood rounds, American Idol is having a new feature called..Hollywood or Home. Now during this part the judges will listen to about 50 singers that they consider borderline, they will then narrow down this number. Not only does this episode contain this new feature but there are 2 other sections as well.

Tonight's Episode is Gonna Be Broken Up Into 3 Parts
1. Hollywood or Home Round
2. Going Home or Moving On Round-Solo
3. Group Round Formation

There is a lot to get to, a lot of singing and contestants, so let's get to it:

Notable Hollywood or Home Contestants

-Johnny Newcomb
-Connors Zwetsch
-Ali Jane Henderson
-Caitlin Johnson
-Adam Roth
-Tristan Langley
-Morgan Deplitch
-Eric Wood
-Neco Starr
-Khristian D'avis

Results: Group 1 Featuring 30 Contestants Go Home. Group 2 Featuring 20 Contestants Remains in Hollywood. 180 Contestant's Remain in The Competition. We don't get a great look at which Group the featured contestants were in. We will talk about this later in our final thoughts.

In this round all 180 contestants will sing either acapella or with an instrument.

-Majesty Rose York-She sounds great. She's so easy and simple and pure. Just has a great voice and doesn't have to do too much with it.
-John Fox-Great voice, and passion and as great as we have seen him. 
-Brandy Neelly-A really good voice, but does way too much with the falsetto.
-Spencer Lloyd-He is a good looking guy with a decent enough voice.
-Austin Wolfe-Simple, and cute, and does just enough
-CJ Harris-Does some odd facial expressions, but his voice is so good that it almost doesn't matter.
-Alex Preston-Awesome guitar player with just an okay voice. He switches things up so that's good.
-Kenzie Hall-Her voice is cute and I didn't think it would hold my attention then she decided to do a little rap
-Dexter Roberts-A really pure country voice and he makes things interesting.
-Maurice Townsend-His voice is very strong. 
-Casey Thrasher-Heartfelt voice and strong one at that.
-Munfarid Zaidi-He was the guy that Harry Connick Jr picked up during his competition and held him in his arms. This guy has a ton of personality and a great voice to boot.
-Emmanuel Zidor-Probably better on Broadway than doing this. Way theatrical but kinda fun.
-Briana Oakley-So good, she's a returnee from last season and really developed into a good contestant.
-Keith London-Singing "If I Was A Boy" when you are a boy doesn't make sense. And the judges aren't impressed by it. He sings another song and it's also a message kinda song. A little schmaltzy.
-Jena Asciutto-Has a lot of control over her voice. Liked the soft moments as well as the powerful.
-Savion Wright-He dedicates this song to his brother that passed recently. Really powerful song, and a wonderfully beautiful song.

-Bria Anai
-Jessica Meuse
-Keri Lynn Roache
-Jesse Roach
-Briston Maroney
-Ben Briley
-Rachel Rolleri
-George Lovett
-Tiquila Wilson
-Emily Priz
-Malcolm Allen
-Ethan Thompson
-Stephanie Hanvey
-Kristen O'Connor
-Austin Percario
-Caleb Johnson
-Jesse Cline
-Malaya Watson

-Samantha Calmes
-Selena Moreno
-Lauren Aubern
-Ayla Stackhouse
-Brian Watt
-Quaid Edwards

...and about 70 others.

104 Contestants Remain

Group Day Scramble
Other than last season when the contestants couldn't pick anyone they wanted this season they can pick from whomever they want. They can only be in groups of 3 or 4.

-We see the formation of several groups and then see them go see the Vocal Coaches.

-We see some groups do really well and just gel, then we see some groups getting annoyed at one another really quickly.

-We see a few groups that break up and then contestants have to find other groups, while other groups are perfectly ready.

-We see a mess of groups do a terrible job during rehearsals.

Final Thoughts

*The Hollywood or Home aspect was just a waste of time. I get that American Idol wants to make the show new and different, but I would have preferred a few more "No's" during the audition rounds and less people to have to cut. We saw a lot of notable contestants sing, but then didn't really get the result of what happened to them. We saw a bus full of people but couldn't really tell who was who. Other than to try to re-energize the show with new stuff I don't understand the point of it.

*Group Rounds started tonight and that was way too much. To add that to such a full show was crazy. I am pleased that some of these nonsense rounds are done quickly, but the fact that there was so much going on in this episode made it really hectic.

*There was a lot of singing and contestants tonight. It was tough to really get a grasp of some of the contestants. There was a ton of talent for sure and a ton of the more notable great performers in the audition rounds made it, so that was great. But, because there was a lot of contestants I couldn't really figure out my favorite or pinpoint who I think will make it further than the next person. It's definitely good that the competition is so wide open, I just hope in the next few episodes we really start to get more in depth with some of these contestants.

That's it. What a crazy episode. It was pretty much 3 episodes in 1. Hopefully this recap will help make it go a little quicker and easier to comprehend. Come back tomorrow to get a recap of how the group rounds went. So until tomorrow. See ya!

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