Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 6 Results

Welcome back. Well last night was a night of 2 extremes. On one side you had the disastrous, brutal performances from Lazaro, and him getting pretty shredded by the judges, on the far other side was Candice, who had probably the best performance of the competition from anybody, and got 2 standing ovations by the judges.

In saying that, we picked Lazaro and Janelle to be Bottom 2 with Lazaro going home. I believe that this is the last week the Save can be used, it ends once you get to Final 5. So if one of the girls has the least votes there is an almost 100% guarantee that the Save will be utilized. The only person it won't be used on would be Lazaro. It should be noted that Idol and FOX allows for an extra week in their schedule, meaning that if the save wasn't used then they'd end a week early, so we'll see if anything comes of that.

Let's get started and see what happens:

Top 6 Perform

The Top 6 perform Burt Bacaharach and Hal David songs. Instead of just one song they each come out and sing part of a song. Janelle comes out first, Angie next, then Kree, followed by Lazaro, then Amber and Candice do a little duet on "One Less Bell To Answer". They sounded incredible. Candice just follows her outstanding job from last night and brought it to this performance, and Amber did a fantastic job herself. They smartly left the end for Candice and Amber to be featured. They kicked the crap out of that song. Then the 6 get together and sing "That's What Friends Are For". Wisely Lazaro kept his microphone away from his mouth and let the ladies take care of business, and that they did.

Top 6 Ford Promo/Soccer Game
With their Ford Fiesta's the contestants play soccer with their cars. The ball is huuge and the soccer goal is as well. I don't quite get the concept of the cars playing soccer, I mean I guess if you ever are driving a Ford Fiesta and see a massive Soccer ball in the middle of the road you know that you can push it away with the car. Good information...Thanks American Idol. This wasn't a time waster at all.

Jimmy Iovine's Take on Top 6 Part 1

Kree=Gave another great vocal performance. Needs a bit more personality in those vocals to really win the competition. There's more there than what she is showing.
Angie=Angie did a competent job but didn't win the night.
Lazaro=Did incredibly well for someone not an experienced singer. It was boring, he didn't change key when the band changed keys. He didn't redeem himself with the second song . He was 10th best out of 6.

Results #1
Angie-Goes To The Far Left Side of Stage
Lazaro-Goes To Middle Of The Stage
Kree-Goes To Right Side of Stage

Musical Performance #1
Season 10 American Idol winner Scotty McCreery is back. He sings his new song "See You Tonight". He's done well with his career, he won a country award, he's gone on tour and sold millions of albums. It's only been a couple years but he's done very well with his career. I like the song, it's pretty catchy.

Jimmy Iovine's Take on Top 6 Part 2
Janelle=When she does interpretations of songs she does really well, last night she did literal interpretations and that's not gonna work. She has to make things her own and make them her style.
Candice=Leading this thing. Got a 10 out of 10 on her first song. She has more than just a great singer, she has a great way of picking songs.
Amber=She looks like the entire package. Doesn't know why America doesn't get her. She just has to keep doing what she's doing.

Results #2
Janelle-Joins Angie on Far Right Side of Stage.
Candice-Joins Kree on Left Side of Stage.
Amber-Joins Lazaro in Middle of Stage. 

Musical Performance #2
Season 1 American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson has returned. Clarkson is in glow in the dark attire. Even her make up is glow in the dark, so when she closes her eyes her eyelids glow and her nail polish. It's pretty cool. She is singing her new single "People Like Us". I like the song a lot, she does a lot of empowering kind of songs and this one falls into that category as well. At the end of the performance Ryan informs us that Kelly is a huge Mariah fan, and Mariah comes up on stage. It's kinda cute that after all that Kelly Clarkson has done and where she has been and all the awards she has received that she is still star struck. Very endearing for sure.

Results #3
Top 2/SAFE

Middle 2/SAFE

Bottom 2
1. Lazaro
2. Amber 

Commercial Break/Backstage Pass
In maybe one of the smartest advertising moves I have seen in a long time, while the commercials are going American Idol's cameras continue to roll, so we get to see some backstage stuff, what happens when the cameras are off. It's a very smart idea, because while we get to see the backstage stuff in the upper right side of the TV there is also a commercial on the other side with the audio and everything. For people that usually DVR or fast forward they would miss this. Not saying anything interesting really happened, but I think this was a very interesting idea.  We see them get their hair fixed and their makeup touched up, we see the producers talking with the contestants. We see the judges kind of mulling around. It's not a lot, but for the advertisers it probably got more people to sit and watch their commercials.



Did Judges Use Their Save?
No. Lazaro is Going Home. Didn't think the judges would save him after last night's mess. America got it right tonight, and so did the judges. Lazaro probably should have been gone weeks ago but he did a mildly good job last week, so it took until last night's embarrassing performance for America to finally get it. Thankfully it didn't last longer than this week.
Final Thoughts
*America got it right tonight. I think Janelle probably should have been Bottom 2 over Amber, but Lazaro going home was right on the money. So I guess it's pretty much clear now that a woman will finally win the American Idol crown after 6 long years. :) Now the question is, which one? Should be an exciting last month of the show.

*This is the right Top 5. It's been pretty much clear since the Top 10 was assembled. I am excited about this. This is the first time in American Idol history that the final 5 are females. One gender has never represented the entire Top 5. It came close in Season 3 when the Final 4 were all females, but never like this, and it was never so dominating than these 5 women. I am excited about the last month of this season.

That's it. Five women entered the Top 10 and 5 women remain. It's been quite a season but it's finally where it should be. Come on back here next week when these 5 ladies will perform and then finally no matter what one of these ladies will be eliminated. Until then check out our favorite performance of the night below(no surprise here) and until next time, see ya!

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