Thursday, April 18, 2013

Top 5 Results

Welcome back. Tonight will be interesting because one of two things will occur. 1. A female contestant will finally leave the competition after receiving the least amount of votes or 2. The producers of American Idol will somehow put the Judge's Save back in play despite the rules of it having to be used by Top 5 week. The reason this might occur is due to the finale of American Idol being on May 16. So by that logic if: Tonight(4/18) becomes a Top 4, 4/25 becomes a Top 3, 5/2 becomes a Top 2 then the finale would be May 9th. We all know this won't happen, so something has gotta give.

Tonight we have some performances, some long drawn out results show and the answers to our questions. So let's get started:

Top 5 Perform
The Top 5 are performing a medley of Donna Summer Hits.  Boy oh boy do I wish they would have done some Spice Girls or something. That would have been fantastic and so appropriate given that there are 5 women left. But they decided to do this instead, it's fine. Each girl has 1 or 2 background boy singers/dancers. Not sure why it couldn't just be the ladies out there but it's fine, whatever works.  They sound great together, and no one forgets the lyrics or outshines anyone else. Sure Candice had a few great moments but overall they all just sounded really nice.

Ford Promo/Scavenger Hunt
Their mission was to find a celebrity guest. So they go all around L.A to find clues to find this "celebrity". It's basically them just utilizing all the features of the car to move around the city. Once they finally get to the end they get to Glee's Matthew Morrison. Glee just happens to be on right after this episode of American Idol. What are the odds?

Jimmy Iovine's Take #1

Angie Miller
Jimmy Iovine's Take=Angie is a great technician and on the piano she is completely believable. When she went to her second song away from the piano she was less believable. It might effect her score tonight.

Candice Glover
Jimmy Iovine's Take=Last week's performance was so good that it made her first song too narrow. But the last performance just blows his mind. She is really smart at picking songs and smart in general. As a surprise Paula comes out from behind the screen to congratulate Candice. Randy gets up from the judge's table and they ask Paula to take a seat. Pretty cool.

Musical Performance #1
In the realm of bringing back former Idol contestants Clay Aiken, runner up in Season 2, has returned to the Idol stage. He speaks of his work with children with disabilities and being an ambassador for Unicef. He's done a ton of really great work since his work on Idol ten years ago. He sings one of his most famous songs on the show "Bridge on Troubled Water". He sang this song when he was in the finale with Ruben Studdard. He sounds just as great as he did 10 years ago, pretty amazing.

Jimmy Iovine's Take #2

Janelle Arthur
Jimmy Iovine's Take=Liked her arrangement on her second song, she chose the right Diva in Dolly Parton but just the wrong song.

Amber Holcomb
Jimmy Iovine's Take=Sings brilliantly and lands in Bottom 2 or 3 every week. This week she had to do something big and she did with singing Mariah Carey and Barbra Streisand. She sang both of them magnificently.

Kree Harrison
Jimmy Iovine's Take=The song choice was wrong and it could hurt her in the competition.

Idol Update
We get an update from Season 3's Latoya London. She was part of the previously historic Top 4 all ladies with Fantasia, Diana DeGarmo and Jasmie Trias. Latoya tells us that she was actually in the Color Purple on Broadway with Fantasia, she has put out some records, she has a band, she's going on tour and back in the studio to record a new album.

Musical Performance #2
Back tonight is American Idol Season 3 winner Fantasia. I still think Fantasia has one of the strongest Idol voices. She has had a lot going on her life, a lot of good, some bad, but her voice is still as great as always.

(In No Particular Order)
Candice Glover 

Angie Miller

Amber Holcomb

Bottom 2
Kree Harrison
Janelle Arthur

So I guess Idol has lied for years because the Save will be in play tonight. The person with the least number of voices will get a chance to stay another week.  I love how they aren't even acknowledging this. The save has been around since Season 8 and Ryan has always said the Save must be used by Top 5. But since this kind of elimination of the first 5 people has never happened before they never had to actually own up to it, but here we have it.

Kree Harrison

Least Amount of Votes?
Janelle Arthur

Did The Judge's Save Her?
No. Janelle is going home.  Shockingly they did not use the save. They have removed the rule of the save only being used by Top 5, so the judges probably thought that if they can use it at any point before the finale then they should save it for someone like Kree, Candice, Angie or Amber. I completely agree with this thinking. Obviously if they could only use it this week then they would have, but if they can use it to save the other girls than that makes the most sense.

Final Thoughts
*Color me shocked. I thought that the Save would be used tonight. But I guess they have changed the rules from stopping at Top 5 to being able to be used at any point. Janelle had a great run. She deserved to outlast the guys, but this probably was as far as she could go once the men were eliminated. So I guess the Save is in play next week as well?Would it be fair to the public to allow their vote be vetoed this close to the end?

*Kree being Bottom 2 was pretty shocking. I know that she wasn't as dynamic as Angie or chose a great song like Candice but she still was fantastic last night. She was also Top 2 last week, so the drop from Top 2 to Bottom 2 in one week is very disconcerting. Only a couple of American Idols have ever been Bottom 2 or 3 and went on to win the show, one of those people sang on the show tonight, Fantasia. So it doesn't mean everything, but it's not great.

*I hate when Ryan says it's time for results, yet we don't actually get results, we get either Jimmy Iovine's take or we get a cool little surprise, like Paula Abdul this week, or the mayor of Kree's hometown, or a note from Dolly Parton. It's fine and all, it's just not results. A bit annoying.

Well that's it. The first female is eliminated from the show and the Judge's Save is still in play. So it should be an exciting Top 4 next week. Come on back here then, and until that time, see ya!

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