Thursday, April 25, 2013

Top 4 Results

Welcome back. Tonight one of two things will happen. Either another female contestant will be eliminated, or most likely no one will be eliminated and there will be a Top 4 again next with all the votes accumulated this week combining with next week's. So we'll see what happens. We predicted Kree and Amber in the Bottom 2, with Amber going home. But it's doubtful that will come to fruition. So let's get it going:

Top 4 Perform
The 4 take on Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire". Given that the theme week was One-Hit Wonder I would have loved a mash-up or something of some famous one hit wonders. Maybe a little "Rico Suave" or Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" or "Mambo Number 5" or something like that. But it doesn't come to be. The hashtag of this performance was #idolgirlpower. Yup. I don't think this is one of Alicia Keys' best songs but it's the most current I guess. They all sounded great. Can't say too much bad about them. The fact that any one of them can win this show proves that they are all fantastic.

Ford Promo/Mission of The Day
So the mission of the day in their Ford Fiesta was to find Ryan Seacrest. What we have learned is that these girls aren't actresses. I guess the point of the video was to prove that Ryan Seacrest does a lot of jobs. It falls flat. Bits are not Idol's forte'.

5 Things in 20 Seconds
In another video bit, they are told they have to tell us 5 things about themselves in 20 seconds. Angie hates Pink, she lives in heels, likes to eat olives. Candice likes Spongebob, can't sleep without socks, loves Drake, and Purple. Kree was bitten by a snake, loves Rap. Amber likes showers not baths, likes 90 degree weather, was on a drill team, was in a play and loves neon green and has her septum pierced. That's a ton of non-essential stuff right there.

Jimmy Iovine's Take #1

Amber=Did a great job on her first song, Power of Love. Her second song choice, MacArthur's Park was bad. Amber didn't even know what the song was about. Can't interpret lyrics when you don't know the meaning of the song . If America agrees with him she's in trouble. 

Kree=Didn't redeem herself after her first bad song . Her vulnerability didn't come through with her second song choice. She needs to choose a song that shows everything from her. There is a reason that this song was a one-hit wonder.

Musical Performance #1
Season 10's Stefano Lagone is back. People might remember him because Jennifer Lopez really liked this guy. She stood up for him at several instances during the competition. He has done pretty well since being eliminated a couple years ago.  He signed with Hollywood Records and is trying to make his way onto the music scene. He is singing his song "Yes To Love". He is an R&B-Pop kinda guy. Decent song, his voice is just as good as it was a couple years ago.

Jimmy Iovine's Take #2

Candice=Has a big voice that makes it difficult to maintain. She needs to protect her voice. Her song choices were a little safe.
*As a surprise Candice's favorite artist, and the person she sang last night Drake came out to surprise Candice. Candice lost it. Paula Abdul came out last week to surprise Candice but this week was a little different.

Musical Performance #2
American Idol Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze has returned. He tells of his tough time touring and creating a record. He met his wife on the set of his music video. He returns with his new song "Silver Lining". I was more of a Crystal Bowersox fan at the time, but I always thought that Lee did a good job. That season was kind of a mess with the whole Ellen Degeneres not doing well, and Simon leaving. I like this song though. It is very mellow and then goes into a real fast tempo bluegrass kind of thing.

Jimmy Iovine's Take # 3
Angie=Won the night hands down. She had 2 great songs and performances. Prefer her at the piano rather than when she stands up, she gets too in her head. She is most natural at the piano.

Ryan puts the girls into pairs, saying that one side is Top 2, the other is Bottom 2.
-Amber goes to far side of the stage.
-Angie goes to near side of the stage.
-Kree goes to near side of the stage.
-Candice goes to far side of the stage.

Top 2/SAFE


Bottom 2 

Person Leaving?
NO ONE. Amber and Candice are SAFE.

Next Week's Scenario
So as discussed yeesterday and the biggest non-secret to ever be revealed, this week's votes will be combined with next week's vote and the lowest recieved contestant will go home. This is due to the fact that the Judge's Save has not been utilized. This was the most obvious and fair way to go. 

Final Thoughts

*This was one of the most "Duh" moments a Results show has ever had and that's saying a lot. Of course no one was leaving. I kinda wanted to know which of the Bottom 2 was really the one possibly to leave, but I am at least glad they told us the Bottom 2. Which by the way, how is Candice in that group? Did Kree just take all of Janelle's voters? I thought Amber would be at risk because she wasn't as great as the judges wanted us to believe but Candice? Wow.

*I am happy that no one went home. I loved hearing them perform last night, so another week of this Top 4 is great. No complaints really. I guess it's To Be Continued...

So that's it. No one left, no one went home, and we'll just repeat this all next week. So enjoy your week and come on back here after the next new episode of American Idol. As always we have put our favorite performance of the night at the bottom of the recap. So until next time, see ya!

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