Thursday, January 31, 2013

Auditions Part 6: Oklahoma City

It's here, the final audition round of Season 12 before we go to Hollywood. This was a much shorter, much better audition process. The focus on the good contestants rather than the laughable ones has been pretty much maintained. It's true that the judges, mainly Nicki and Mariah, have taken a lot of focus, but there have been a good amount of talent as well. We'll see if there are a few good ones tonight. So let's get started:

Contestants & More...

First out the gate is Karl Skinner. He seems like a goofy, fun kind of guy. He is a guy who likes to move, but his voice is alright.When he has his guitar he is much more tame and you can tell his voice is a little weak with a few spots of decency. A mixed bag. Randy Jackson thinks he can do a better Ryan Seacrest and Ryan comes in. The panel likes him enough.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

We see an unnamed girl who can't sing. A guy also without a name that is terrible. Just the typical montage of bad singers. Eh...

We next see American Sign Language teacher Nate Tao. Both of his parents are deaf so it's an interesting little story. Started shaky but he definitely has a good voice. Mariah enjoyed it and so did I.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Puppeteer/ventriloquist Halie Hilburn is up next. Not sure if there is a difference between puppeteer and ventriloquist but there ya go. Halie and her puppet do a duet. Her voice is nice, but the puppet distracts me way too much. It shouldn't, but it does. Her puppet Oscar is right up Nicki's crazy alley. Halie on her own has a pretty voice. She's memorable because of the puppet so that's something I guess. The judges tell Halie to sever ties with Oscar the puppet. Smart idea. Keith thinks it'll be an awkward car ride home. I agree.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Zoanette Johnson is ready to go. Her attire is a wee bit provocative and um...well...leggy. You see lots of her legs. She sings "The National Anthem". There are some nice moments but there are some shrieker moments as well. They let her sing the whole thing, because it's tough to cut off "The National Anthem". During the final moments she goes into her own rendition and Keith literally falls off his chair. Nicki loves her. Shocker. She is very entertaining.She is crazy with a capital K. Love this girl. Not gonna lie, she is a mess...but I love it.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

We then see a montage of people pissed, people crying, and people super emotional. Eh...

Very unsteady on her high heels is Anastacia Freeman. I like her as a person, as a singer not at all. Not at all. Randy asks if someone told her to audition. She states that God told her to audition. Mariah is super confused at this. As am I. American Idol does a cheap dramatization of what occurred. Amusing in parts. 
Hollywood or Not? Not

Last up is 16-year old Kayden Stephenson. He has a pretty intense story. He has cystic fibrosis, which is a terminal illness. He wants to do everything he can while he is young. I love his character, I love his strength, but unfortunately his voice just isn't strong. He is super sweet but I don't like his voice. Nicki and Mariah are inspired by his story. The judges like him a whole lot more than me.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Before the show is over one final "contestant" comes on in. Dressed in drag is former American Idol judge Steven Tyler. He comes in with full dress, and fake boobage. I love how Nicki had no idea what was going on. Funny, odd, and a little crazy, just like Steven Tyler. 

Best of The Night?
Nate Tao. The talent was a little weak tonight, but Nate's voice was the one I really remember and enjoyed without any real hesitation.

Final Thoughts
*I thought this was a weak city. I thought they sent through a few people that shouldn't have gone through, based on story or entertainment value rather than true talent. I don't know how far the Oklahoma City contestants are gonna go. In my opinion the weakest city of the audition rounds.

*Overall I think there is some great talent from these audition rounds and it should be a fun few weeks before we get to the live rounds.

That's it. The auditions are over. Hollywood is coming up next week. So we'll see if any of the favorites remain favorites and if the ones that just got by will break through. Should be interesting. So come on back here next week for all that and more, so until then, see ya!

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