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Auditions Part 3: Charlotte

Welcome back. Well we know that this is the episode when all hell broke loose on American Idol with the judges, well with Mariah and Nicki to name them. We'll recap that bit when we get to it in the show, but we know the audition rounds are lengthy so we decided to get through some of the performances a bit quicker and because we'll talk more about the contestants as they get further into the competition we will make the recap/commentary on the contestants a little shorter, and hopefully a lot easier to get through. Enjoy!

Contestants & More...

The show starts off with the drama right off the bat. But goes with the drama of it by starting with 6 hours earlier before "THE Fight" happened. So we'll start back and go forward.

*Poppin' out of her dress is Naomi Morris. She has no voice, but her "assets" will help her in life I am guessing. She tries twice but twice isn't nice, she sounds worse.
Hollywood or Not? Not

*Singing flat on the floor is Joel Nemoyer. He said that he sounds better on the floor, not sure what floor he needs to sound good but this doesn't work for him at all. Plus if he sings on the floor then for sure he'll pick up some germs and this is Flu season, ya gotta be careful!
Hollywood or Not? Not

* Brian Rittenberry is up next. His wife was diagnosed with appendix cancer and has been doing well for years. He is a mix of Joe Cocker and some other country singer that I probably should know but don't. He's 27, looks about 37, but his voice is cool.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*With golden blonde locks is Jimmy Smith. Not to be confused with actor Jimmy Smits formley of the show NYPD Blue, who is 50 something and does not have golden blonde locks. His voice has a dynamic tone and moves well. Plus what's cool is that if he doesn't get far in Hollywood he is good looking enough to join a boy band. So he's got that going for him. Either way he is set. 
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*We see in a quick montage Sarina-Joi Crow who sounds awesome. Then Haley Davis who is alright but not unbelievable. Then we got Na'Chelle Fullins-Lovell, who I had to pause the DVR to ensure I got the spelling of her name right. We only heard a really high falsetto note, so we know she can squeak, sing, I don't know.Either way all 3 of them get through.

*With huge confidence is Matthew Muse. He tries he really does. But it's a disaster. The judges play with him a little but it goes no where.
Hollywood or Not? Not

*Randy dropped by to give Isabel Gonzalez a personal invitation to go to the American Idol audition. We saw this last week and that person didn't get through, this time it works cause Isabel is good especially for her age. The judges love everything about her.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood 

*Rock band singer is Taisha Bethea. She starts off super nervous and tries Johnny Cash song and then goes Alanis Morrisette route and does better. She isn't super strong but there is something.Mariah doesn't know if she is ready nor does Randy, but Keith and Nicki think she should move on to Hollywood. Keith is the deciding vote because Charlotte is more of his genre. So lucky day for Taisha.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Then we get a montage of a ton of disagreement between the judges. Nicki does have that eye rolling thing down pat.Thus the beginning of the cracks in the ship.

It starts off innocently with Summer Cunningham who sings a nice rendition of "Lean On Me". Nicki is pleasantly surprised, Keith wants to know what kind of singer she wants to become. Randy thinks she is a country singer. Mariah wants to know if Summer loves country. Nicki meanwhile doesn't like that they are getting so far into it. Randy, Keith and Mariah agree to send her through, but then Nicki starts to get upset at Randy and Mariah for trying to push this girl into a certain genre, a certain box right away. Mariah doesn't like that Nicki calls her out. Nicki repeats her point of view. Summer ends up going to Hollywood. BUT then Nicki gets up and walks out. Um, so they cut the crap out of that fight, I saw more of the fight on TMZ 2 months ago then I did on the actual show. Ridiculous. Honestly they showed nothing. No real cursing, no big anything.

Nicki was probably right in her thoughts, that contestants shouldn't have to figure everything out Day 1, they can learn as they go, but the other judges were trying to help the girl in their own way. So I don't know. The fact that American Idol didn't show the whole thing is absurd, it almost makes the show look duplicitous and liars. We know more happened, so if they are gonna pimp this fight for weeks and weeks and do promos and commercials about it then show the whole thing, not a 30 second bit.

Let's get back to the contestants.

*Brandy Hamilton is first up on Day 2.Not so sure about her. I want to like her, but didn't like the song choice for her. It sounded a little thin. The judges think there is more to her. On the way out she tells Mariah and Nicki "Don't Fight, It Makes Me Sad", Aw!.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*The next contestant loves her some good sandwich, and who doesn't. Her name is Ashley Smith . She has personality for days. Her personality is fun and bubbly and she can sing. She can really sing and she likes sandwiches, so perfect combo.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Then we see a montage of Nicki Minaj giving random people random nicknames. It's easier calling people made up nicknames rather than remember their names.I kinda sorta am liking Nicki Minaj.

*Former theme park artist is Janelle Arthur. Country is definitely this girl's thing. No discussion needed.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

We see a montage of several "scary" performances. No good.

*Self proclaimed "Voice of Charlotte" is Rodney Barber. He is a former homeless man who now helps homeless people. So good guy and good voice.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*I am so excited to see Candice Glover. She was famously cut from the group of Jessica Sanchez and Deandre Brackensick in the Las Vegas rounds when they sang "Doesn't Really Matter Anymore". She was just as, if not better than DeAndre and was just as good as Jessica in that performance. She was cut with little explanation and it annoyed me, so I am glad she is back. Her voice kills again. It just grooves and moves how she wants it to. Beautiful audition, really well done. Standing ovation by Randy and Mariah. She shouldn't have been cut before and now she is back again and maybe this season she is gonna go far. I do hope so.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*Hailing from Clover, South Carolina is Ja'Bria Barber. She kills frogs and eats their legs in her spare time. Yep, a 3 minute discussion happened bout that. Either way Ja'Bria is good, real good.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*Next up is Brad Harris nicknamed "Bakon" not to be confused with "Bacon" which is very tasty. He unfortunately isn't as good as some bacon would taste right about now.
Hollywood or Not? Not

*With a really rough back story on her boyfriend getting into a terrible car accident, Seretha Guinn came out to 'follow her dream'. She sings a very cool remix of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Loved it. I love when people do TV Theme songs, and this girl did it in such a cool, and unique way. Then she does another song and you can hear she can really sing.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Best of The Night?
Candice Glover. No doubt about it. Best of the Night, best of the season thus far. So happy that she is back. I also liked Isabel Gonzalez and lover of a good sandwich Ashley Smith.

Final Thoughts:

*Most of my thoughts on the Fight is above in the section called "THE FIGHT". All I do hope is that they focus on the contestants and move along. Just bits and pieces of the judges is fine, but too much of them is too much. Better in small doses.

*Not sure I like the contrived manipulation of the Idol producers and FOX for really trying to mislead  the audience into watching this fight when it ended up being nothing to mention. They have to really lessen that because while they might gain a few new viewers interested in the fight they will lose loyal viewers who feel used and the new viewers are fleeting and the older/loyal viewers my flee as well.

*I liked some of the talent tonight. 37 people got through in Charlotte. A few standouts, a few decent performances and a good amount of not so great performances. A mixed bag for sure.

Well that's it. Were you as disappointed as me about the producers not really showing the full scope of the fight? Are you tired of the focus really being on the judges and not so much on the contestants? If so let us know. We will be back tomorrow after the next new episode. So until then, see ya!

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