Thursday, January 24, 2013

Auditions Part 4: Baton Rouge

Hello and Welcome back. Tonight is the first 1 hour show of the season, so it should fly by a bit quicker. Last night was "The Big Fight" between Mariah and Nicki, which ended up getting edited so bad that it looked like it was really nothing. I am completely over their bickering at this point. So it's time to focus more on the contestants. We will throw the judges in their a little but the show is best when the talent is really there, so hopefully we will find a few tonight. So let's get to it:

Contestants & More:

*Current Miss. Baton Rouge is Megan Miller. She was in an accident and sings on crutches, but it doesn't hurt her shot cause she is good. She is memorable for her appearance but her voice is really fresh sounding.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*Charlie Askew is an interesting character. He has a very innocent sounding voice, but also kinda passionate and strong at points. We will see how he is on the bigger stage, but today was good.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*Another nominated by a family member or friend is Maddie Assel . Randy again goes and offers her a chance to audition. We saw one person get through and one person didn't through this method. Her audition goes well, and she sings "Oh Darling" by The Beatles, so that's always a good way to go. Her voice works beautifully with the song. I like her a lot.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Then we get a montage of some really terrible performances. We see the looks of horror, shock and "hilarity" from the judges. Eh...

* Paul Jolley has very seasoned sounding voice. He sounds a little like Clay Aiken, doesn't look like him. But sounds kinda like him.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*Then we get super fan Chris Barthel . He has an alter ego, which Nicki names "mushroom". Fun he's got, a voice he does not. Nicki ran her fingers through his hair to give him good luck. Yep, she did that.   
Hollywood or Not? Not

*3rd year medical resident Calvin Peters works with people with disabilities. I don't remember any Doctors auditioning before, so that's memorable. He has a lot of passion behind his voice.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

We see a montage of bluesy girl Michelle Montezeri, balladeer Brianna Steer, and country-rocker Brandy Hotard. All 3 of them get through.

Then we see another montage of terrible performers. Nicki and Randy laugh and Mariah tries to keep it cool. Eh...

*Next up is firefighter Dustin Watts. He is full on country. There's nothing extremely unique or different about him, I feel like I've heard it before, but he has a nice pleasant voice. Not so memorable.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

*Survivor of Hurricane Katrina is the next contestant Burnell Jones. I didn't like the beginning of Burnell's audition but he got stronger along the way and sounded great. He gets a standing ovation from Keith, Mariah and Randy.
Hollywood or Not? Hollywood

Best of The Night?
Maddie Assel. I know the producers want us to really remember Burnell Jones and that's why they put him on last, but I really enjoyed Maddie's performance the best tonight. I feel that she had a great dynamic voice, and her bit with her family after her audition was memorable. So I think she has a lot going for her. Also good tonight was Megan Miller and Dr. Calvin Peters.

Final Thoughts
*I am so nervous about the standing ovations. Last season I hated the fact that the judges would give standing ovations like if their chair was on fire, so the fact that they have now given 2 different people standing ovations makes me feel like we will see more of the same. I feel standing ovations are best in small doses when something just unbelievable and unique comes around. They should be used in seldom, not just because. I hope I am wrong and they get more selective in their standing ovations.

*I wish we would get some more middle performances. Tonight it was either they are really good, or are really terrible. I'd like some that are good but needs improvement or just decent enough to get by. I'd like to see a few more of those. Those are the ones you can root for, people that improve over time and you can see that along the way. All we got was unanimous decisions tonight, either all "Yes" or all "No". There wasn't much disagreement tonight. I am not looking for bickering, just healthy disagreement and discussion.

So that ends Week 2 of American Idol. Let us know what you think if you so desire. Please come on back next week to Idol Be The Judge. Have a great week. Until next time, see ya!

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