Monday, September 10, 2012

New Judges Rumors

Well it's been crazy in the Idol world this past summer. So far the only judge confirmed is Mariah Carey. She signed for a very lucrative multi-million dollar deal pretty early on, almost as soon as the Jennifer Lopez leaving announcment came in. She is famously managed by Randy Jackson.

So it was crazy to hear that he would be leaving the Judge's Panel. With little to no confirmation it was all but confirmed that Randy would be gone and possibly Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban or Enrique Iglesias would join the panel.

Now we are hearing that Randy Jackson is coming back to the show. Listen, I am no big Randy Jackson fan, but I am a fan of stability, and for a show going into its 12th season, Ryan Seacrest can't be the only person that has been around since the beginning. Since Simon and Paula vacated their seats Randy has been the head judge. He still needs work on his critiques and his silly outdated trite comments, but with a whole new panel, including his own artist Mariah Carey, it doesn't hurt to have him around. I do hope that he takes the criticism that he has gotten and uses it to step up his game.

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  1. If Minaj becomes a judge, and it was unofficially confirmed, it will be the end for me. Can't stand her, and I'm not a fan of Mariah. I was hoping for Adam Lambert. AI is becoming more about the judges and less about the contestants.