Friday, July 13, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Leaves Idol! Replacement Thoughts and Ideas???

In a move that shocks no one and has been speculated and rumored since Phillip Phillips' winning confetti was flying, Jennifer Lopez has decided to leave American Idol after 2 seasons. She follows in the footsteps of Steven Tyler, who just yesterday decided to also leave the show. Lopez despite being a bit non-judgemental at times did improve year to year. Last year, at a point, I really got fed up with their back and forthness and constant standing ovations and non-judging, but compared to the year before they did do a better job with some critiques and input. I really won't miss them terribly, just curious what the next incarnation of this show will be.

In essence American Idol is back to square one. They have Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest. I know they haven't announced Jackson's return but I can't see them losing their only judging staple at this point. As much as I hate some of his shtick and non-sense he has been there for 11 years. His eccentricities and lameness wouldn't be as apparent if the other 2 judges helped him with the critiques and guidance that the Idol contestants needs. We didn't really notice how bad Jackson was until Cowell and Abdul were gone, then it became even more glaring than it was.

My top 2 choices to replace Lopez and Tyler are former Idols Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert. Clarkson has shown she can be a very critical and on the mark kind of judge on the terrible reality show Duets. She honestly is the only reason I watch. I think Lambert would be an interesting judge. He has in depth knowledge of the show and is very outspoken. I think he would fit nicely into Steven Tyler's seat. If we go with an unprecedented choice to have 2 ladies alongside Randy Jackson than I would say someone like Katy Perry or Shania Twain would do a great job. Both have guest judged and Twain has also mentored. I think Twain would fit nicely and she might have some more flexibility than the uber-popular Katy Perry.

So stick with I'dol Be The Judge throughout the Summer and Fall for more late breaking news and information. Once we find out who the 2 replacements will be we will post it here. So stay tuned. 

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