Sunday, September 16, 2012

Judges Confirmed For Season 12

American Idol Season 12's Four Judges Finally Confirmed image
Well it's finally confirmed, the judges for the 12th season of American Idol have been announced. Let's run through them and then we'll see if we think it's gonna work out.

Mariah Carey

I think that she has a wealth of experience, and if Jennifer Lopez can judge then so can Mariah Carey. She has been around the music business for a long time and I think she probably has a lot to bring. I don't know how her personality will translate onto the show. Will she be more like the flimsy/tepid Steven Jackson, somewhere in the middle like Kara Dioguardi, or honest and real like Simon Cowell? I hope for the latter than the former. 

Randy Jackson

His experience on the show is really the only draw for me for him(a nod to a Randy Jackson line). I don't really care for some of his comments, or lack of comments.  I am only glad he is around because I think an entire new panel for an older show is a bad idea. This is now the 5th reincarnation of the judges panel, he has to step it up and be the head judge like he should have been the past couple of years without Simon.

Nicki Minaj
This is a very interesting choice. We have heard that Mariah Carey isn't exactly pleased that this younger and currently more popular female singer is joining the panel, but Mariah signed her contract before this deal was made, and I'm sure the millions of dollars that she is getting will help her deal with the situation. Minaj is very current and popular. She's on the level of Demi Lovato from X Factor, in that she hasn't been around a long time. It'll be interesting to see if that will hurt her at all. I've seen Minaj on several talk shows and she seems to be pretty entertaining, we'll see if that carries over onto this show.

Keith Urban
Well he is probably one of, if not the biggest name in country music. He brings a lot of legitimacy and experience. He was a mentor/judge on Australia's The Voice, so he should know his way around a reality show. I hope that his tastes aren't just on country stars, but he opens his mind to a lot of different sounds and voices.

Our Take: 

-Well we are back to the 4 judges format which I hate. I know that The Voice and X Factor and several other shows do this format, and that's exactly why I hate that American Idol has decided to as well. When Kara Dioguardi joined Randy, Paula and Simon everything always seemed so rushed and scattered, and it only got worse when Paula left and Ellen Degeneres was brought in. I would have preffered a 3 person format.

-The group is definitely eclectic. It's a mix of country, R&B, Pop and Rap, and whatever non-sense that Randy brings. I'm interested in if they will gear their likes and dislikes based on the genre of music or if they are open to anything.

Advice For The Judges

STANDING OVATIONS Enough with the standing ovations. Only get up if it really moves you. Last year they got up so much that they forgot how to sit down.

CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM  Can only help. These are young adults, they don't know everything, help them, don't just tell them they are great or perfect. You don't have to be nasty, but be honest.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don't go on and on. Keep your remarks simple, to the point and the audience will respect you more for it. The audience can tell when you are playing a role or trying to get a laugh or a have a moment.

Well Good Luck to Mariah, Randy, Nicki and Keith. Keep checking back here for more breaking news and developing stories until we come back for a brand new season in January. See you soon. 

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