Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Back Part 2

As promised, today is Part 2 of welcoming back American Idol Season 11. It's crazy that it's been 11 seasons, makes me feel old. Today we take a look back at some of the Best and Worst Seasons of American Idol. We give our Top 3 in each category. In the comment section please leave your own choice for Best and Worst Season and/or let us know if you agree with us. Either way let's get to it:

Top 3 WORST Seasons

3. Season 5. After a fantastic previous season with winner Carrie Underwood, it was going to be a challenge to follow that up with another great season, and Season 5 didn't even come close. The season will never be forgettable, but not because of the immense talent, or perfect winner, but because it included one of/if not the biggest elimination in American Idol history. Chris Daughtry was eliminated at 4th place after being deemed one of the front runners throughout the run of the season. To make matters worse "Soul Patrol" founder Taylor Hicks, the man who looked 50, sounded 50, but was really in his late 20s eventually did win the show. 
 2. Season 9. Without even getting into the fact that Paula Abdul was gone, Ellen was disappointing and subsequently quit/was fired a few months after the finale and Simon was pretty much just running on fumes, the cast as a whole was incredibly weak. Not to mention the fact that runner up Crystal Bowersox was the front runner the entire way to only be soured upon by the judges at the end for no particular reason. The judges jumped on the Lee Dewyze train and didn’t even try to hide their love for the guy. Lee Dewyze’s post Idol career is proof that his Idol win was flawed, and the entire Season 9 was incredibly flawed.

1. Season 6. Only one word can describe this season and his name is “SANJAYA”. Dude might have singly handily lost American Idol any credibility it had established the previous 5 years when this guy won. This was the beginning of the “teen girl vote”. It’s no coincidence that since this season no woman has won the show. For all those who don’t know about the supposed “teen girl vote” it means that the teen girls that watch this show find a cute boy and despite their lack of talent and the talent of other females in the competition they will continue to vote for the boy. Other examples of the teen girl vote phenomenon are Tim Urban(Season 8), Lee DeWyze(Season 9), and Scotty McCreery(Season 10). Several subsequent seasons have had terrible contestants and less than deserving winners, but Season 6 might have been the beginning of the cracks being fully noticed. 

 Top 3 BEST Seasons

3. Season 1. Although the Top 10 wasn’t the Best Top 10 that American Idol would later have, the first season did give us eventual winner Kelly Clarkson, it brought Paula Abdul back into the limelight and showed us how crazy she really kinda is, it had Brian Dunkeleman(remember Dunkleman?), but most importantly it brought us a guy named Simon Cowell. Simon was an original. Up until Simon most reality shows were very cut and dry, Simon shook up the generic format and because of him people started to get a bit more honest and a little less ‘nice’. Season 1 changed the landscape of reality TV, good, bad or indifferent. 

2. Season 7. An incredibly talented, diverse cast, which included Jason Castro, Brooke White, and Carly Smithson, to name a few . The eventual winner David Cook was one of the most innovative and consistent performers week to week. Runner up David Archuletta was incredibly popular, resulting in the largest finale fan vote ever. This was also the last season that the original 3 judges format was utilized. After this season the producers of American Idol decided to shake things up with the addition of a fourth judge. This format remained until Simon Cowell’s exit after Season 9. This was the last true season of American Idol. 

1. Season 4. Probably the Strongest Top 3 to ever participate on the show. Runner up, Bo Bice, and 3rd place finisher, Vonzell Solomon, were both incredible singers and performers. American Idol really was in a groove, the judges and host Ryan Seacrest found a nice balance and the show took off. The eventual winner Carrie Underwood’s post-Idol success proves that the talent and greatness she exhibited on the Idol stage was no coincidence. It was top to bottom a solid season and is the best season in the past 10 years. 

Well there ya have it. Those are our picks for Top 3 Best and Worst Seasons in AI history. Let us know what you think.

 Tomorrow (January 18th) is the premiere of American Idol Season 11 check back here  after the show for our recap and our take on the brand new season. We'll see you then.

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