Thursday, January 19, 2012

Audition Rounds Part 2: Pittsburgh

Welcome back to Part 2 of Auditions. The American Idol gang is in Pittsburgh the land of Steel and Ketchup and some more stuff that I'll google later. There were a few standouts last night in Savannah, hopefully the trend continues. Tonight's episode is only an hour so the time should fly by, I say should very quietly as to not jinx it. So without further delay, let's get to it:

I've Got a Golden Ticket(Going to Hollywood):

* Heejun Han(22). He sang "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" by Michael Bolton, I literally have not heard this song since Zach and Kelly's prom on Saved By the Bell. If you know that reference then you're awesome. But I completely put this guy into the 'no way' pile and he actually was really good. Very surprising, and I love when this show surprises me. 

*Reed Grimm(26). Finally, someone sang a TV theme song as his audition song, and it was one of my favorite old school themes, Family Matters, yes the one with Urkel. Reed sounded great, seems super likeable and I can't wait to see him again. Hopefully he'll bring out some other theme songs, maybe some Full House or even a little Growing Pains.

 *Samantha Novacek(19). Gotta admit her sister, Patricia Bell(23), planking at her feet would seem lame on paper, but it was actually a fun, different way to get noticed. Samantha has a nice voice, not sure if it's American Idol winner potential, but a nice voice nonetheless. The sister also got a golden ticket, which I don't get, but I guess if you plank in Pittsburgh you get to plank in Hollywood.

*Creighton Fraker(28). J.Lo said Creighton is as if "Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake had a baby". I'd say that's pretty accurate. He was on a bus 9 hours from New York to Pittsburgh and couldn't figure out what to sing so he came up with his own stuff and it was actually good. Then when Steven asked him to sing a little more of something non-Creighton created he sounded even better. He's different, has a cool, quirky flair and is a kinda memorable.No more bus rides for him, he's on his was to Hollywood. 

*Eben Frankowitz(15). Very sweet looking, very sweet sounding. Not sure if he is going all the way, but he's got something there. There's definitely some natural talent there. If  he makes it far I do fear that the teen girls will go crazy for this kid because he's a generic "cute boy",  hopefully his talent and not his appearance will lead to his success.

*Travis Orlando(17). J.Lo says she remembers Travis, I don't recall him too well, but J.Lo actually tends to remember random people that have been on the show before. Travis supposedly has gotten stronger according to J.Lo, but he still isn't quite all the way there yet. We learn that since last year Travis has  dropped out of high school after his mother left the family and is living in a shelter with his sick father and twin brother. It's a tough story, it really is. All 3 judges feel that Travis has a ways to go but they think there is enough there to allow him back to Hollywood.

*Erika Van Pelt (25). Mobile DJ/Wedding Singer Erika sounds really good and the judges are mighty impressed and so am I. One of the stronger female voices I've seen in the past two days. I think her experience as a singer has helped her vocal ability for sure. Can't wait til we see her again.

*Hallie Day(24). Not gonna lie the first note was a bad one, it was a little shrieky, but there's a voice there. She can do a lot with what she has vocally and has a load of potential.

"...And The Rest"(Also Going to Hollywood): Aaron Marcellus, Chase Likens and 28 others.

'Bye Bye Bye'(Going Home):

*Shane Bruce (19). Coal miner and unfortunately culprit of singing a played out, over sung song on all reality shows,  "Hallelujah". He didn't quite hit the right notes, and even he knows it. Maybe he'll come back another time. There's a little voice there, maybe some vocal training and he'll have something.

*The show produced several montages of people not getting in, but we didn't get to see their names.

Best of The Night

Erika Van Pelt and Creighton Fraker. Strong singers, their age and experience definitely has enhanced their vocal ability. Can't wait to see what else they got. 

Um, Really?(If We Could Take Away One Golden Ticket):
Travis Orlando. I think his story again helped him. Although I feel for him, and understand his plight, I don't think his vocals were that outstanding to warrant a second trip to Hollywood. 
Final Thoughts:

*I liked that they showed us Shane's clip package of his life as a miner, but then he didn't go to Hollywood. As I said yesterday, I hate when they she the clip package and then the person goes through, there's no drama there. This was little switch and I'm glad they did it. Maybe the show is sorta kinda listening to its fans.

*Steven had this little audio contraption which was fun, Randy called Baltimore "B-More", which pissed me off, and J.Lo wore a skirt and shirt and I thought she was wearing a belt, and then I realized those were her abs. WOW. 

*I guess when the show is only an hour they don't want to waste their time on people who don't get in, but 1 audition of someone not making it versus 8 auditions of those who did isn't the best ratio. I would have liked to see a few more that were similar to Shane, those that were close but not quite there. I know not every city has the terribly bad and ridiculous funny, delusional auditions, but seeing the ones that actually have something but the judges feel they aren't quite there yet, would be nice to see and would help us understand exactly what the judges are looking for.

Well there ya have it. I hope you enjoyed the recap. Right after the Giants/49ers game on Sunday is a brand new episode of American Idol. I mean when you think of the best way to come down off a rough and tough, high powered football game, you think of American Idol. Either way we will be back after that show on Sunday. Please check out our podcast, tell your friends, leave a comment, and most of all see you soon.

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