Monday, January 23, 2012

Auditions Part 3: San Diego

Here we are night 3 of Auditions coming from the USS Midway in San Diego. Don’t understand why they are on the Midway but it is kinda cool. Not gonna lie I am completely exhausted as I just finished watching my New York Giants win to make it in to the Super Bowl. Although I didn’t catch a single pass or tackle a single player I believe my superstition of wearing my NY Giant jersey and sitting in my specific spot led to the Giants eventual win. But let’s get away from me and get right to Part 3 of Auditions. We have had a few potential standouts and hopefully tonight in San Diego there will be a few more. So as we always do, Let’s Get Started:

I've Got A Golden Ticket(Going to Hollywood):

*Ashley Robles(26). With her adorable 5 year daughter waiting for her, Ashley definetly has a voice. Really strong vocal which leads her to go and sing "I  Will Always Love You", which is ballsy. Good for her. She has a lot of control and could be someone to remember for sure.

*Jayrah Gibson(26). Tons of energy, has songs already written for J.Lo, but the voice isn’t that great. A little gimmicky. Randy likes that he is an R&B star ready to go. I don’t know what people will think of him, but if you can win on enthusiasm and joy then this guy is in good shape.

*Aubree Dieckmeyer(20). Couldn't quite remember that the show is called American Idol and not America's Next Top Model but it's still all good because she's really good. She has a sweet voice and can do a little something with it. Maybe she can be America's Next Top Model and the American Idol, who knows? There's more that she can learn but for now she's at least going to Hollywood.

*Ali Shields(19). White, female, rapper, dressed in pink. Yes I wrote that because it's true. Actually it was just a gimmick. Honestly I don't really get her whole deal. She can kinda, sorta, somewhat sing, but some words come out strange. She says the word "Oil" as "Aisle" and a few other odd things. But despite that the judges feel that she has just enough. I see her as a Hollywood and done kinda contestant but good for her for getting to wherever she goes.

*Kyle Crews(19). There are some people that really really loves college and this guy for sure does. He is a frat guy that you can tell loves beer, loves the ladies and now I guess loves American Idol. Surprisingly the dude can sing. I didn’t expect that voice coming out of him. Steven calls him the “best male voice we heard yet”. I don’t really disagree. All 3 judges send him on his way to Hollywood. 

*Jane Carrey(24). One of the more interesting stories to come out of the night because she is the daughter of actor Jim Carrey. I don't really remember many A List actor's children being on this show before. So that's kinda cool that she didn't just rely on her father's name to try to make it in the 'buisness'. I mean she probably got in to see the judges because of that, but her talent allowed her into Hollywood. Her voice isn't the strongest, but there's some talent in there so we'll see what happens.

*Jason 'Wolf' Hamilin (24). On his first go round his voice made Steven want to hear it again, and although I don't like that they allowed him to break the rules of being able to play his guitar he did sound different with that in his hand.He seems like a good guy. I know for a fact there are a few rounds where they are not allowed to use an instrument so we'll see what happens to him then.

And The Rest(Also Going to Hollywood): Joanne Childers(26) and 45 others.

Bye Bye Bye(Going Home):

*Jennifer Diley(19). In a bikini top and a pair of tiny tiny short shorts, her voice didn’t match the ‘fire’, as Steven said.She got on TV which I'm sure was mainly what she cared about anyways.

Best of The Night:

Kyle Crews and Ashley Robles. Each has very strong vocals, they are good looking and have a fun personality. I think if they choose the right songs they might be people we see for a long time.

Um Really?(If We Could Take One Golden Ticket Away):
Jason 'Wolf' Hamilin. Just didn't think he had enough to make it, but he did anyways. We'll see what happens.

Final Thoughts:

*Boats, and planes and lots of background noise probably should have been thought about when being on the U.S.S Midway.But the scenery is really cool and it's something different for Season 11.

*Gotta admit Steven Tyler is one endearing fella. As we all know from last season, during the live rounds he struggles, but during these audition rounds he is funny, playful and comes up with some gems. I really hope he can take even a fraction of his persona in these rounds into the live rounds.

That's 3 Auditions down and who knows how many more to go. We are back on Wednesday night right after the episode in Aspen, Colorado. Please check us out, tell a friend, tell your cousins, tell anyone you want, just tell 'em. We'll see you Wednesday!

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