Thursday, May 1, 2014

Top 5 Results

Welcome back. Tonight the Top 4 will be formed by the elimination of another contestant. It was a pretty solid night of performances last night, but we think that Sam and Jessica will be in the Bottom 2, with Sam being the one eliminated. He just didn't sing that well and lacked connection and emotion. If he does not leave the competition and someone else does it will be based on fan base and not performance. For the most part this entire season the right person has gone home week after week, hopefully it will be the case tonight as well because Jessica, Caleb, Jena and Alex each had at least one performance that was pretty incredible. So let's get to it:

Game Changer Announcement
Ryan tells us that  there is going to be a game changer on the show. One where each contestant will have to make a very difficult decision.  I don't like this kind of announcement. If it somehow saves Sam or someone that should be going home then I am not gonna like this at all. I like that we are getting close to the end, I don't want it to veer off in some weird way.

Keith Urban Performs
He is performing his song "Good Thing". I like that they have him perform it's cool. He is a really good performer and the song was very cool.

Randy Jackson's Reactions
Everyone is trying to win this. He thinks Jena had an amazing night. He is proud of Alex and his performance of "Say Something". He thinks Jessica has an amazing strong voice but didn't have the best of night's performance wise. He thinks Sam had an interesting night of being shaky but got it going by the middle-end. He thinks Caleb really turned the place upside down. The competition is really on fire.

Game Changer Explained
2 options To The Contestants: 1. As always the lowest number of votes contestant goes home. 2. No one goes home tonight keeping everyone together but next week 2 contestants will be eliminated. The vote has to be unanimous or else it goes back to the original Idol procedure.
My Vote: One person needs to go home tonight. It's not fair that 1 person who had a rough night last night gets to stay over someone else that may go home next week that shouldn't.
My Opinion: American Idol is scared of the results. They don't like the way it turned out and are trying to shake things up.

Game Changer Results
Keep Group Together Votes=Yes, Yes, Yes
Lowest Vote Goes Home Vote=-No, No
Results=Not unanimous. Therefore, someone is Going Home Tonight

Going Home Results
Sam Is Eliminated. It was his time to go. I am glad his stay wasn't extended another week. The other 4 deserve to still be here. They each have had great moments, including last night. Sam seems like a nice guy but he needs to work on a few things before he becomes as confident and seasoned as the remaining 4 in the competition.

Our Predictions
Bottom 3/2=We Only Know 1 of the Bottom Tonight. 17 of 24 This Season.
Going Home= 1 for 1 Tonight. 4 of 10 This Season.

Final Thoughts
*American Idol is crazy. I don't care what anyone says, American Idol saw that Sam was the one being eliminated and they tried to save him to get to next week. They must have honestly thought that all of the contestants would have voted to keep the group together. I am proud of the 2 contestants that wanted one person to go home tonight. This show is not about a group, it's not about friends. It's about eliminating one person every week until we get to 1 American Idol. That's it.

*I wonder who the 2 contestants were that decided to keep the format as is because I want to give them a hug. It would make the most sense if it was the 2 people that thought that they were the most safe, Jena and Caleb. They have been at the top for a long time, so they would be my guess. Maybe Alex was the vote and not Jena, because Alex had a nice night. I think anyone that thought they were in trouble voted to wait until next week to be eliminated. That would make sense on both sides of the vote. 

*Having 2 people go home next week instead of 1 tonight would have been a shame. I know that it would have been more dramatic and probably would have brought in a few more viewers but this is the right thing to do.

*Sam got to stick around through 3 more eliminations before finally being the lowest vote getter. That's not a bad run. He got to 5th place which is about the average for the "Judge's Save" recipient. Season 8's Matt Giraud got 1 extra week and placed 5th . Season 9's Michael Lynche got 4 more weeks and placed 4th. Season 10's Casey Abrams got 4 more weeks before being eliminated at 6th place. Season 11's Jessica Sanchez got to be runner-up in her season. There was no save in Season 12. Landing at 5th place is not too bad for Sam.

*Our favorite performance last night was Alex's "Say Something". So check it out if you haven't done so already.

That was kind of a crazy night. We are down to our Top 4. The theme next week will be Love: Make-Ups and Break-Ups. So pretty much any love song. Check it and us out next week, and until then see ya!


  1. How odd it would have been if Sam was saved twice (although we wouldn't have known about tonight's save if they voted to wait until next week). Personally, I think this twist was just another idea they decided long ago to introduce for the Top 5. I feel that those safe (probably Jena and Caleb) voted not to wait until next week. Anyhow, I think Jessica will be leaving next week unless she has a stellar moment unlike anything before or if someone else blatantly messes up. I prefer the top 3 to be Caleb, Jena, and Jessica (because I just don't like Alex's style) but I think it's going to be Caleb, Jena, and Alex (because Jessica has recently been in the bottom 2 twice). It's a shame they don't let the mentor be the one who gives the results night critiques instead of Randy (when there is a mentor that week). Next week ought to be a really good show because the final 3 get their home town reunions.

  2. I think this is a very solid Top 4. At one point in the competition I thought any of them could win the show. I still think that Jena, Caleb and Alex can win. I don't know about Jessica. She could slide into the Top 3 position if she does have an outstanding week and one of the other 3 falters. But those 3 have been amazing pretty much the whole season. Jena was in the Bottom 3 only once and that was Top 11 week. Alex and Caleb have never been Bottom 3 or 2. So it should be interesting to see who lands in the Bottom next week.