Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top 4 Results

Welcome back. Last night provided a lot of great moments for most of the contestants. I'd say everyone had at least one amazing performance, but overall Caleb and Jena had the more consistent night, so we chose Jessica and Alex as our Bottom 2, with Jessica being the one going home. She did provide one great performance in "You and  I" but her other two weren't that unbelievable and she had been in the Bottom 2 very recently and consistently.

According to an interview Jessica did after the performances, every contestant had to find a new song only a day before the live shows. Supposedly they were going to do original songs but the producers couldn't get things cleared, so everyone had to find something new. Jessica stated that "So What?" was the song she had to learn in a day, and that was one of the two songs that the judges weren't very happy with, so that could be a big deal.

The 3 contestants that are not eliminated tonight will get their hometown visits, which usually includes a parade, a key to the city and free doughnuts for a year. I'm not actually sure about that last one but ya never know and I'm sure it'd be much appreciated. So let's get to the show and see who lands in the Top 3 and who comes up a bit short:

Ford Commercial
The contestants were playing guitars with each other, they went to a record song and got around by driving around in a...FORD car. Surprising.  Meh...

Randy Jackson's Take
Jena=Was on fire, one of greatest performances in Idol history. He think
Caleb=The judges loved it, he loved it. Came into his own, grown immensely.
Jessica=Mixed results. Very end nailed something great for her, and great song for her.
Alex=Good night last night, in the end it was the money, if he stays the end song was what did it for him.

Results #1
1st Safe=Jena

Day Off Video Package
The Final Four got to enjoy the day in the park with some pizza, but with the cameras rolling and some "unscripted" conversation. I'm sure there were no prompts by the producers. They just ended up talking about the Top 3 going home and enjoying their time there. Very natural.

P.S, in case you missed it, most of those last few sentences were covered in sarcasm.

Results #2
2nd Safe=Caleb

Bottom 2
2. Jessica

Results #3
3rd Safe=Alex

Going Home: Jessica. She had a very strong run on the show and I am so happy her final song on the show was her original "Blue Eyed Lie", she killed it despite crying and being incredibly emotional. Her voice is one of the more distinctive sounds of the season. I am happy she got this far. I think that Alex's run was just a little more consistent and he had more of the judge's support. Jessica got really far despite a lot of the harsher criticism coming from the judges. I am so glad we got to hear so many great songs from her.

Our Season Predictions
Bottom 3/2=2of 2 Tonight. 19 of 26 This Season.
Going Home=1 of 1 Tonight. 5 of 11 This Season.

Final Thoughts

*With Jessica's elimination it's now guaranteed that at least one of Caleb or Jena is going to make the Finale. I think if it's not both of them there then the other one will win it. They have been riding high for week after week. It's gonna be tougher for Alex, but if he really delivers next week it might propel him at least to the finale. Right now I'd say Jena is in the front runner spot, followed closely by Caleb and then a good gap and then Alex.

*Next week the Top 3 will have zero say in their song choices. The first choice belongs to one of the judges. The second choice comes from "mentor" Randy Jackson (yikes!). The third choice is a reprise of a song they have already sung selected by their hometown. So if Caleb didn't like not having a chance to choose 1 song when the home audience chose songs from him last week then I'm sure he won't like all 3 choices not belonging to him.

 *American Idol has been renewed for Season 14 and according to multiple reports all 3 judges will return. I really don't mind this panel. Jennifer Lopez is a lot more tolerable with Harry and Keith than she ever was with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.  The producers just need to stop focusing on her dancing and focus on the performers singing. The only personnel change that I need to see happen is Randy Jackson removed from "mentor". I have seen and read countless exit interviews from eliminated contestants and not one of them mentions Randy influencing or guiding them in any way, the fact that we barely see him in any video packages proves that he really isn't doing too much. I would love a real mentor to help these contestants, maybe a rotation of Idol alums like David Cook, or Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Melinda Doolittle. People still involved in the Idol world from time to time and know what they are talking about. I think the new contestants would gain a lot from them.

*Our favorite performance of last night, and maybe the season was Jena's version of "Can't Help Falling In Love". It was pretty incredible. Even Jennifer Lopez couldn't help falling in love with Jena. Eh. That was lame, but the performance was far from it. Check it out if you haven't thus far:

That's it. Come on back here next week for the theme of "Everybody Picks Songs for the Contestants But The Contestants" or something more snippy. We are getting real close to the finale. It's crazy. So until next time, see ya!

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