Thursday, April 10, 2014

Top 8 Redux Results

Welcome back. Last night was not the best night in the competition, it was a little draggy, no crazy, ridiculous performances. There were some solid performances, but there were a few not so great ones that weren't really focused on by the judges. The judges probably had their worst night last night. We predicted Malaya, CJ and Jessica to be Bottom 3, with CJ going home. If they decide to do a Bottom 2 then we would pick Malaya and CJ. After reading some reviews and watching the clips back a little Malaya and CJ were pretty awful and the judges really didn't knock them for it. I didn't quite get it then, and I don't quite get it now. Because of that reason the person most deserving to go home might not. Without the judge's save someone most definitely will be going home, so we will see who that is. So let's get to it:

Results #1

Randy's Take=Dexter tried to give the judges what they wanted but he still has a lot of growth to do in the competition. Loved that CJ took the song to the high octave so you can hear the cry in his voice. He thinks Jessica had the vocals but not the attitude, she did enough to keep her safe with voters. Caleb showed a completely different side of himself.




Bottom 2=CJ

Results #2
Randys Take=Sam had a moment and proved why he should be in the competition. Malaya hit some notes but not some and could be in trouble with some votes. Alex went too far from the original with his arrangement. Jena was good enough to keep her out of the bottom.




Bottom 2=Malaya

Bottom 2
1. CJ
2. Malaya


Going Home=Malaya. She had a really rough night last night, was in Bottom 3 or 2 a couple of times and couldn't really rebound. I still think that CJ should have gone over her, just like Majesty should have stayed before him as well, but this is the way it is. She had a few really nice performances but her inexperience and tough song choices didn't favor well with the listening audience.

Our Season Prediction Totals

Bottom 3/2= 2 of 2 Tonight. 13 out of 20 in Total.

Going Home= 0 of 1 Tonight. 2 of 7 in Total.

Final Thoughts

*CJ is outlasting a lot of people that probably should be around. Majesty, Sam(who would have been gone if not for the save) and Malaya have all shown to be better performers and have had better performances than he has, yet he is still around. I don't quite understand why. The judges loved him last night, but he was really awful, not saying that Malaya didn't deserve to go home, because she also had a real tough night, but CJ's resume is a lot worse.

*Last season they didn't start going to Bottom 2 results, rather than than Bottom 3 results until Top 7 week. In Season 11 they didn't do Bottom 2 results until Top 5 week. It's interesting that they started a little early to do this. Not quite sure why we can't know who is in the Bottom 3 at this point. It's good to know where people stand.I wonder if Sam was in the Bottom 3 and the producers didn't want the judges to look bad for saving a guy that just landed right back towards the bottom. That's my thought.

*The best performance of last night was a tough one. But because I have yet to pick him as the best of the week I will pick Dexter. He has had a couple decent weeks in a row so I'll let him be our choice, even if it's a little bit by default:

That's it. Malaya is gone and we are left with a very male dominated Top 7. Next week hopefully will be more consistent and bring a little more energy than this week. So until next time, see ya!

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