Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top 7 Results

Welcome back. Last night's theme was "competitor's picks", but it really should have been called "same old same old", because some of the performances were very safe and predictable and have been seen week after week. We chose CJ and Jessica as our Bottom 2 and CJ being the one sent home. Jessica got some tough feedback from the judges, and only based on that do we pick her for the Bottom, based on last night and overall performances Dexter would be our choice, if there was a Bottom 3, which they don't do anymore. For CJ, he just hasn't progressed over the past number of weeks, he isn't terrrible he just has yet to connect and have consistent great performances while many others have. Anyways, let's get to it:

Ford Mustang Commercial
All the contestants want a Ford Mustang.  That's about it for that time-waster...I mean super fun commercial.

Results #1
Randy Jackson's Take=Dexter had a good performance and has a rangy voice and should take some chances and put a spin on songs.  Alex knows when to take simple things and make them bigger, he is developing into a great artist. Jena is the one to beat right now, everyone else needs to step up to the plate.



Bottom 2=DEXTER

Result #2
Randy Jackson's Take=CJ did a good job, wanted him to take more vocal liberties, wanted him to nail more energy at the end. Jessica took on a tough artist(Miranda Lambert), it should be interesting to see where she lands with the votes. Sam's performance was good, but he has to do more winning performances if he sticks around. Caleb started last night on a high, he has been consistent every week and is graded an "A".




Bottom 2=JESSICA

Bottom 2
1. Dexter
2. Jessica


Going Home=Dexter. I give Dexter credit he had a few solid performances in the past number of weeks. He started off really rough, then found a bit of a groove, but last night was not that good at all. I still think CJ should have went home before Dexter, but I am happy that Jessica did not before Dexter. So good run by Dexter a solid 7th place is nothing to be mad about.

Our Season Prediction Totals
Bottom 3/2= 1 of 2 Tonight. 14 of 22 in Total.

Going Home= 0 of 1 Tonight. 2 of 7 in Total.

Final Thoughts

*Who is voting for CJ? The dude does the same shtick week after week. He isn't any worse than he usually is, but he doesn't get any better, he doesn't push himself. Dexter had at least a couple better performances than CJ. I am not mad at Dexter going home, and am happy that Jessica stuck around, but CJ needs to step it up next week if he wants to have a rightful place in the Top 5.

*Only 2 of the remaining 6 have yet to enter the Bottom 3 or Bottom 2, Caleb and Alex. Every other person has been there at least once. Jena was there at Top 12, Jessica was there once tonight, and CJ and Sam have been there a couple of times. There have been winners that have entered Bottom 3 or 2, but not many, we'll see where history lands for this season.

*By a long shot Jena was out favorite last night. She is our pick for best of the night and is our choice of video of the week. If you didn't get to see Jena's performance of "Creep" please do so now:

That's it. Dexter is eliminated and we are down to our Top 6. Next week the contestant's sing 2 solo performances with the theme "A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll". Could be interesting to see how they handle singing 2 songs that are being judged equally, not like the silly duets. So until next week, see ya!

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