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Welcome Back-Best Runners-Up Edition

Welcome back. Well we are less than a week away from Season 13 of American Idol. With new judge Harry Connick Jr, returning judge Jennifer Lopez and the lone remain of last season Keith Urban we are in for a very different Idol season. I am cautiously optimistic. Before we knock the mess of last season with the judges and the lack of a decent male contestant the winner Candice Glover was a very good one. In fact, the runner up Kree Harrison is one of the best runner-ups Idol has ever produced.

Which leads us to this little warm up to the new Idol season. This is all about the runner ups. We are gonna rank the Top 12 runner ups. It's a little different than what other blogs, or websites do, and we hope you like it. So here we go:

The Criteria Based On:
1.How well they did week to week,
2. Their popularity,
3.If they shoulda/coulda win,
4.Would they have been a better winner than the winner we got?

Top 12 Runners- Up

12th Best Runner-Up
Blake Lewis(Season 6)
As much as he might have deserved to be in the Top 3, given that the season lacked some dynamic contestants, the next best singer Melinda Doolittle was out a week early at number 3. Plus the right winner won. So he did a great job getting there with his beat boxing and all that, but the title belonged to Jordin Sparks.
Best Song:You Give Love A Bad Name

                                                                                                          11th Best Runner-Up
Diana DeGarmo(Season 3)
She was by far the best choice to be number 2 after potential winner Latoya London and future Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson were eliminated, but Fantasia killed it those final few weeks. Diana did a really nice job along the way but came up just a bit short.
Best Song: Don't Cry(Out Loud)

10th Best Runner-Up
Lauren Alaina(Season 10)
In the battle of the country stars, eventual winner Scotty McCreery dominated, but in a season with a mixed group of rock(James Durbin), soul (Hailey Reinhart) and shockers(Pia Toscano), Lauren Alaina did a great job getting to stand by McCreery as he rightfully won the crown.
Best Song: I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing(Her Audition)

                                                                                                       9th Best Runner-Up
Bo Bice(Season 4)
When the winner of Season 4 is easily one, of if not the most successful Idol winner, it's tough to say that he deserved to win. Thus Bo Bice's low ranking on this list. Not saying Bice didn't deserve to be Number 2, because he does, but Carrie Underwood deserved and has proven why she won her season.
Best Song: Vehicle

                                                                                                          8th Best Runner-Up
Justin Guarini(Season 1)
The same reason for Guarini's low ranking as Bo Bice's, the eventual winner is one of the most successful winners of the show. Guarini gave eventual winner Kelly Clarkson a run for her money. Plus when other stand out Tamyra Gray was eliminated it proved anything could happen, but the right winner won, despite Guarini's popularity and solid performances week to week.
Best Song: Get Here

                                                                                                        7th Best Runner-Up
Katherine McPhee(Season 5)
After Chris Daughtry was shockingly eliminated Katherine McPhee was a very popular contestant. She delievered really beautiful and heartfelt performances, especially the last number of weeks in the competition. I thought she was able to take the crown, but eventual winner Taylor Hicks had his "soul patrol" group of fans. Given his popularity then it's odd that he hasn't done too much since then, but McPhee gave him a good run for his money and would have been a deserving winner.
Best Song: Over The Rainbow

                                                                                                            6th Best Runner-Up
David Archuleta(Season 7)
Although David Cook earned the win, there is no denying how popular David Archuleta was during Season 7. I was always more a fan of Cook, but The 'Battle of the Davids', was really quite a showdown. They both were very popular and very successful week to week. I think David Cook had a great finale night, while Archuleta's was just pretty good. By only that much did Archuleta lose the crown, it was that close.
Best Song: Imagine

                                                                                                             5th Best Runner-Up
Kree Harrison(Season 12)
I actually went into the finale last season thinking that whoever won was gonna be a great winner and Candice Glover winning was really outstanding, but Kree Harrison would have been equally as deserving. Glover and Harrison each delivered week to week, but Glover had a few more stand out performances that are Top 10 American Idol history worthy. But Harrison was a great runner up that if Glover didn't win, then it should have been her.
Best Song: Up To The Mountain

                                                                                                           4th Best Runner-Up
Crystal Bowersox(Season 9)
This is an easy one. Bowersox was the clear favorite going into the Top 10, but peaked a little early, while DeWyze peaked right at the final few weeks. Bowersox had more stand out performances, took more chances, and was more enjoyable to listen to, but yet faltered just a bit at the wrong moment. She actually won the finale, in my opinion, but couldn't recover from DeWyze's great last few weeks and performances. But she still could have and should have taken the crown.
Best Song: Me and Bobby McGee

                                                                                                              3rd Best Runner-Up
Jessica Sanchez(Season 11)
This wasn't an easy choice, because I think Phillip Phillips was a very deserving winner, but I also think that Jessica Sanchez could have been one too. Not only did she have the redemption story, of getting eliminated early and then saved by the judges, but she had many many stand out performances. Phillips was popular from the start, and that helped his fan base grow and grow, but Sanchez was easily the most consistent and entertaining performer of the two.
Best Song: I Will Always Love You

                                                                                                              2nd Best Runner-Up
Clay Aiken(Season 2)
I have nothing against Ruben Studdard. I think he did a really solid job in his season, but Clay Aiken was an amazing contestant. He made 40 or 50 year old songs current, he delivered every single week, and was very popular. Ruben was very solid and popular, thus his win, but he didn't change things up or make things incredibly entertaining. He was a likeable guy, with a great voice. The battle between Aiken and Studdard is still one of the highest recorded finales in Idol history with viewers and votes. Aiken should have won his season.
Best Song: Bridge Over Troubled Water

                                                                                            The Best American Idol Runner-Up
Adam Lambert(Season 8)
This was not a hard decision. I am not taking away anything from Kris Allen and his run on the show, but in the many many weeks of the Idol season Kris Allen was the standout maybe twice. He was always a middle of the road kind of performer until a couple weeks before the finale. Adam Lambert was Season 8. He changed every single song on its head. He made old songs new again, he made new songs even more current and different. I think that Lambert didn't appeal to some of the viewers for reasons other than his voice and that's the only reason I think that good looking, married to a pretty girl, Kris Allen stole some viewers. Lambert has done very well post-Idol despite not winning the season, but he still should have won.
Best Song: Mad World

Well there ya have it. The Top 12 Runners-Up. I hope you enjoyed revisiting some of the past contestants and I hope you come back here 1 week from tonight, January 15th, for the first recap of American Idol Season 13 right here on IdolBeTheJudge. We look forward to another fun season of recapping. If you ever have any comments or questions please leave them below and we will get back to you. Thanks so much and I hope you all come back next Wednesday, until then...see ya!


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