Thursday, January 23, 2014

Auditions Part 4: Atlanta

Welcome back. It is Night 4 of Auditions. Tonight is also the first 1 hour show of the season, so the pace of the episode will pick up a little bit. So let's jump right into it:


Majesty Rose(21) Not her real name, but a solid made up name for sure. She has one of the sweetest voices I have heard in awhile. She sings Coldplay's "Violet Hill". Her voice is very delicate and just pure and clear. She gets to those high and more dynamic notes, but it's in those quiet and soothing notes that makes her sound incredibly. The judges agree that she sings soft and elegantly. They each agree to send her to Hollywood. 

Notable Comment: JENNIFER-"Really beautiful. Really effortless".

Jesse Cline(19) His energy is kind of chill and low. They show clips of him being very sleepy due to his job being at night.  He sings a song I have never heard of, but he doesn't sound half bad. It's nothing outstanding, but it's solid enough, at least to get to Hollywood. They call him a born, natural singer.

Notable Comment: HARRY-"You can lay out every category...and there is believability and you are a believable singer". 

Chris Medina(23) Along with his pet dog he sings "Chasing Pavements" by Adele. Harry decides to grab his dog and sit him on his lap while Chris sings. He sounds nice. Nice isn't outstanding, it's not great, but it's not bad. I'm not sure if I'll remember his voice, I might remember that he brought in his dog. The judges really believe him when he sings. Chris is on his way to Hollywood.

Notable Comment: HARRY- [In reference to the dog sitting on his lap] "Do you know that song 'I have a small plastic bag and a towelette'..I believe I have a small wet spot on my pants, but not from the dog, it's a personal matter."

Ben Briley (24)  He decides to sing Amos Lee's "Arms of a Woman". He is a pure country singer. He probably can improve some, but it's a solid start. The judges dug him. Harry thinks of Ben as "Gumbo". I don't really get it, but it works for Harry. It works for Ben too cause he is going to Hollywood.

Notable Comment: KEITH-"If you sang acapella on the radio right now, I might crash my car, I just love the sound of your voice". 

Nica Nashae(24) What a voice? And I mean that in the good sense.Really good, one to look for later. She sings "Natural Woman". She was only in there for about 20 seconds and that's really all it took to determine how good she really is. I think she can really be a powerhouse of a singer.

Notable Comment: HARRY-"People Gonna be Having Nightmares About Nica".

Jordan Brisbane(15) He is a cute little guy, that doesn't even wanna say the word "Whiskey" on TV because he is underage. Cute. He has a nice voice that is more mature than him. The judges think he is good, but still not all the way there. They think he is adorable and has some raw talent. The judges feel like he is good enough to get to Hollywood.

Notable Comment: HARRY-"Be careful when you sing runs because there are people that do it better than you do...even if you suck, which you don't people would stand up and cheer because of how sweet you are". 

Jessica Meuse (22) She is from Slapout, Alabama.  Great town name. Harry says she has the sound of Stevie Nicks and I totally agree. A very cool, hip version of Stevie Nicks. She has super confidence and knows what she is doing. She sings an original song and plays the guitar as well. You can see this is something she wants to do with her life and not just a whim. The song itself is really good. It's called "Blue Eyed Liar". I like it so much. The judges like her as well, and she goes to Hollywood.

KEITH- "Great example of the sum is greater than the parts. It's everything, the song, the way she sings, the way she plays, everything"

Hollywood or Home Contestant

We see a dude sing, and not sing that well. My opinion is that he is going home. Only 47% of Twitter people thought he was going home. The judges do in fact send him home. So again I am right, Twitter is wrong, and again, there is no point in this game. But we still play.

Lauren Ogburn (19) Her voice is very young. She sings a Reba McEntire song called "Fancy". It's not a bad voice, but very young, and not that experienced. There is some potential in it. Keith thinks her voice is authentic. 

Notable Comment: HARRY- "I think you can over-accessorize to the point of ridicule. We get you're a Southern girl...But you have so much Americana that you are trying a little too hard in that department". 

Neco Starr(22) and Caleb Johnson (22) I remember them from a couple seasons ago.  They both got cut in the later stages of Hollywood/Las Vegas rounds.I liked Caleb way more than Neco this time around. Neco just didn't really connect to the song or the harmony like he should have. Caleb has a very 'David Cook' type of vibe and sound to him. Made it much more appealing. They both get through, Neco just barely, and Caleb with all judges sending him to Hollywood.

Notable Comment: JENNIFER[In regards to Neco] You have a nice voice, look great, but if you want to go far in the competion those two have to connect.

Bria Anai(15) She sings "One and Only" by Adele. It's a bold song choice, because it has a ton of runs and high notes, but Bria pretty much hits all of them, which is very impressive. Of all of the young talent out there, especially tonight, she has a much more seasoned voice and a distinctive sound to her.

Notable Comment: HARRY-"15 years old is impossible".

Also Going To Hollywood
Kristen O'Connor (24) She is a nurse, with a really nice voice. She's pretty and has a dynamic voice.
Emily Priz (17) A long time Idol viewer with a pleasant voice.
Sam Burchfield(21) A huge Phillip Phillips fan and he sounds, kinda looks, and seems like him. Harry doesn't think he'll last. We'll see.

Going Home
Alyson Ragona (19)-In her pink hair and cat t-shirt, she just doesn't quite have it.
Travis Hunter-Brown(26)- Not good, not good at all. 


Jessica Meuse. She seems really cool, has a great confidence, and I loved her original song. I think she can really take control of her sound. It's really nice to see someone that knows what they are doing, and knows that they know that they are good. It makes things very easy that way.


44 from Atalanta + 119 from the other nights=163 Altogether.

Final Thoughts

*We saw a ton of talent in Atlanta. I loved Jessica Meuse, I really enjoyed Majesty Rose and even Sam Burchfield.  Usually in one hour shows we see maybe 4 or 5 great singers, tonight we saw about 10 or 12. I like how much good talent we are seeing. Sometimes we don't see certain contstants until later rounds and then we wonder 'where did they came from', but this time we are seeing a ton of talent. I think that will benefit the show later, becasue the audience can start rooting for these contestants early on.

*Gotta say the bit with Ryan Seacrest and his mom was very funny. I like when we see someone so in control and knowing what is going on, to let his mom kinda disrupt that a bit. It was probably a little set-up, but it seemed natural, and I liked it.

That's it. Week 2 of American Idol is done. We hope you have enjoyed the show and our recaps and we hope you come back next week for more. So have a great week, and until next time, see ya!

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