Thursday, May 2, 2013

Top 4 Results Again

Welcome back. Tonight one of these fantastic ladies will leave the competition. Given that I think anyone of these ladies have had moments that have proven that they could win this competition it's really a crazy situation. All but Angie has been Bottom 2 and all of these ladies have been Top 2 at least once but many more times as well, so it's gonna be a big loss no matter what, but that's the competition, someone's gotta go. We predicted Amber and Kree as Bottom 2 with Amber going home tonight. It's unfortunate but one of these ladies will fall one week short of getting to do their hometown visits. So without further ado, let's get to it:

Top 4 Perform
They are singing a more standard/old-school version of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" because this song is from the upcoming movie Great Gatsby. It's super fast, it's like a 1920s version of this song, it kind of sounds like they were on helium at times when they sung altogether. There were about 12 backup dancers along with the 4 girls so there was a lot going on. Definitely not one of my favorite group performances of the season by them.

Ford Promo/Mission
Their "mission" of the week is that they got to design their own Ford Fiesta design on the car. It's kinda cool, albeit pretty boring.

Jimmy Iovine's Take
Angie= Had the opportunity to shut the competition down, but it didn't happen. The first song didn't go where she wanted it to, her second song was not great. Not special enough, but not bad enough to send her home.
Amber=Sounded karaoke on the first song, she's a great singer, wrong song. The second song got her to dug deep and she sounded magnificently. She was Bottom 2 last week, but doesn't know if the last song did enough to save her. Hopes so though.
Candice=Bruno Mars should write a song for Candice right now. She was head and shoulders better than the rest.
Kree= Hasn't lived up to her full potential the last few weeks. She did fine the two performances but not overly good on any of them.

Musical Performance #1
Easily one of the best seasons of American Idol was Season 7. There was so much talent and eventual winner David Cook won. He is back tonight singing his new singing "Laying Me Low". For me David Cook is my 3rd favorite Idol winner behind Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. I love how every song he sings sounds just like him, like he doesn't try to be something he isn't.

Musical Performance #2
Will.I.Am is singing his new song "Bang Bang". This song is also from the movie Great Gatsby, so it' also has a big band, 1920s sound, along with rap. It's a sound you don't hear every day. I wonder if Great Gatsby is associated with FOX, given that 2 songs come from the soundtrack? Hmm.... This song was obviously pre-taped given that the judges are not at their seats. It's kinda cute that they put 4 ladies on the side of the stage, as if it were really happening live. Then in such a coincidence The Great Gatsby commercial follows the performance. How is that possible? Such a crazy twist.

Idol Catch-Up
This week's Idol Catch-Up is with Season 4's Constantine Maroulis. He originated the lead role in Rock of Ages and is also in Broadway's Jekyll and Hyde. He's had a really great career after Idol.

Musical Performance #3
We get a performance from this week's mentor Harry Connick Jr. I know he does albums and likes to tour and do movies from time to time but I think he would do a really great job as a judge on this show.



Bottom 2



Going Home 
It's sad to see Amber leave. She is a fierce, fantastic, beautiful contestant. She was in Bottom 3 or 2 a number of times. She had a rough first performance last night, but her second one was quite beautiful. It's sad to see her go, but the 3 remaining contestants each have a really solid chance of winning the competition, each one of them deserved a spot at the Final 3.

Final Thoughts

*As a fan of Kree, Candice and Angie I am so excited about these final 3 girls. Amber was a fantastic competitor. She sometimes was over-hyped, had rough moments when she wasn't called out, but she still delivered a great deal. One of the best eliminated at 4 contestant, along with Chris Daughtry(Season 5). Also notable eliminated at 4th contestants are Alison Iraheta(Season 8),  and Jason Castro(Season 7). She joins some good company.

*The results show is always inflated but when there are so few contestants, and there is no save me song, no Judge's decision about the save, the results show should be reduced to 30 minutes. It's understandable when there is 9 or 10 or even 7 or 8, but there are just 4 people left now, it's just so much more glaring at this point.

*I loved Amber's swan song. She fittingly sang Whitney Houston's "I Believe In You And Me". She really started to break down, and her father came out on stage to comfort her. Really a beautiful moment. 

That's it, one of the Final 4 is gone and we are left with a great Top 3. Next week is Hometown visits week. Each contestant will sing 3 songs, so should be a lot going on. So until next time, enjoy our favorite performance below, and see ya!

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  1. Kree and Amber were not the bottom two! Ryan didn't say that! It's hard to put the contestants in no particular order when there are four.