Thursday, May 9, 2013

Top 3 Results

Welcome back! Tonight is the night, well next week will really be the night, but it's almost the night, tonight we will learn which 2 ladies will make the Finale next week. Before we begin it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the fact that 12-year/original judge Randy Jackson has decided to "quit" American Idol. There has been speculation for a couple days that Idol planned on wiping out all 4 judges and starting over, so this at least ends the speculation on one end. We will keep you posted on any other judge's news and rumors. That's something we will definitely keep track of on this blog even after the season is over so keep posted. We'll post our thoughts about Randy in the Final Thoughts section of the blog below.

But, we are still in for some interesting news tonight. Last night we predicted Kree and Angie as Bottom 2 with Kree going home. Although we believe Kree overall has done a better job on the show, Angie has come on strong the past few weeks. So we will see what happens. So enjoy, and let's get started:

Top 3 Perform
Kree, Angie and Candice perform Selena Gomez's "Who Says". The audio is completely off for a good part of the song. It corrects itself after a bit and the ladies sound fine. I don't know if this was a great song for the 3 of them. Out of all the songs in the world, they chose this one? The combination of the bad audio and song choice is just completely, eh, to me.

Ford Fiesta Promo/Mission
Their mission is going to visit a group of high school singers/Glee club. The ladies sing with the Glee club a bit. Of course this ties in with the Ford Fiesta just as much a foot fits into a purse. Just perfect. Completely makes sense. Again, meh to me.

Jimmy Iovine's Take # 1
Round 1=Likes that they didn't choose their own songs because they won't in real life at first. All 3 of them seemed nervous in the beginning. Angie gets first round but she was set up perfectly for it. She chose not to play piano and that was a big mistake. It could have given her a moment. Gets a 9 out of 10.

Musical Performance # 1
Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina is back on the Idol stage. She was 15 at the time of her first audition, she is now 18, so that's crazy how time flies. She kinda looks like DJ Tanner from Full House. Crazy. She is singing her song "Barefoot and Buckwild". It's a fun country song.

Jimmy Iovine's Take #2
Round 2= The judges loved their choices. Kree had the perfect combination of home story and song, it was so emotional and she deserved that round.

Mariah & The Girls/Mariah's Music Video
Mariah shows the girls how to take control of music videos and how to just feel her record. Then we get to see Mariah Carey's new music video with Miguel called "Beautiful". It's been crazy that we've gone this far into the competition before hearing Mariah Carey sing. She said she didn't want to perform on the show, so I guess this was her comprise. The song is a lot of Miguel and a decent amount of Mariah Carey, rather than the other way. It's visually a nice looking video, but I actually would have liked more Mariah vocals.

Idol Alumni Catch Up
This week's check in is with Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert. He says he learned a lot about his style and how he developed his musical persona . His new album is called "Trespassing". He is on his world tour, and he is currently in Singapore. He's definitely one of the more successful Idol alums.

Musical Performance #2
Alicia Keys performs her new single "Tears Always Win".  I enjoyed this song a lot more than her last song "Girl on Fire" even though that became a big hit. This one was just cool, and perfectly in Alicia Keys' wheelhouse.

Jimmy Iovine's Take #3
Round 3= Angie had a good song choice. Angie did well but not extraordinary, a good competent job. The judges hated the producer's song choice for Kree. The audience wanted attitude and it gave her that. Candice did a job that every Idol ever wanted to do. She had a moment that Mariah, Whitney and Mary J. Blige wish to have/had. If she goes home then Jimmy Iovine goes too.

(In no particular order)





Final Thoughts
*The fact that Candice is in the finale is great. The fact that Kree Harrison has also made it is just unbelievable. I picked a Candice/Kree finale about 8 or 9 weeks ago, but have doubted it happening so many times. Kree's emotional punch during last night was just enough, and Angie's last song didn't measure up. Angie was a fierce competitor, one of the best 3rd place finishers in Idol history.

*Randy Jackson. He is the last remaining original judge. I always considered him to be my least favorite judge from the original panel, but since Simon was gone he got a little better in critiques. Unfortunately, he has many, many moments that he doesn't make sense. I'm still a little sad to see him go. It probably is a good idea that he leave though, enough is enough. It looks better that he quits, rather than gets fired. Now Ryan Seacrest will be the only thing from the original incarnation of American Idol 12 years ago. No one can say he didn't put his stamp on catchphrases like "Dawg", "For Me For You", and "In It To Win It". So goodbye Randy, I think we will kinda, sorta, partially miss you.

*So it's Kree versus Candice in the finale. For the first time in a long time I honestly don't care who wins. I have picked both Kree and Candice as the front runner on and off the entire season. There hasn't been a week that it wasn't Kree or Candice for me in front on the Weekly Rankings. It's crazy to think. I think both of them could easily win, as they both could have tough moments. So it's just fantastic that they are both at the finale, and that they have come this far.

*For as much bad is said of the judges, they picked an unbelievable group of girls. The Top 5 especially was just amazing, and this finale between Kree and Candice just puts a fantastic bow on a pretty great season. I am very excited for next week.

That's it. It's Kree or Candice as American Idol Season 12 winner. Come back next week for all the finale news and recap and any other judge's news. Below is our favorite performance from Top 3 Week. It's gonna be a fun finale, so until next time, see ya!

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