Thursday, February 21, 2013

Las Vegas Part 2: 10 of 20 Men Perform

Welcome back. Tonight 10 of the remaining 20 men will perform. Last night was pretty successful with 5 ladies moving on to the Top 20, and 5 other ladies eliminated. The format will remain the same for the men tonight, as well as next week. So without further ado, let's get started:

Sudden Death Performances

1. Paul Jolley-We saw Paul for a brief bit in Hollywood and Nicki yelled at him for not being confident on stage. This time we see Paul singing Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry". That's a big chance singing one of the judges' songs. Paul has a very pleasant voice, he gets a little lost during the higher notes, but it's a solid performance. I don't know if he did enough to win over the audience.
Keith=Really appreciates him for signing one of his songs. Has a great voice, but wants him to underestimate the power in his voice, and shouldn't try to overcompansate with some of the bigger notes.
Nicki=Other performances "Wowed" her a lot more. Went into his head too much and didn't feel the raw emotion. Over-performed too much.
Randy=Has potential to have a big power voice in country music. Thinks he has great potential.
Mariah=Thought he was refreshing and loved the flexibility of his voice in this genre.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Half. Nicki and Keith both weren't impressed but all the judges and I agree that he does have a very pleasant voice.

2. Johnny Keyser-We saw a bit more of Johnny last year, and have seen Johnny not do so great this year, yet here he is. Tonight Johnny is singing Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up". The first part of the song puts me to sleep, very boring. Once he hits the middle you could hear that he does a very nice voice. This performance didn't really exicte me at all. He is a good looking guy, with a good voice but it doesn't equal winner let alone Top 20 to me.
Keith=It was good. Best he sung. There was an effortless way he sang despite some nervousness.
Nicki=Didn't see any nervousness. Thought he was very relaxed. The vocal isn't the best in the world. Thinks something very sexy about him.
Randy=Doesn't have the greatest voice in this competition. Just thought it was an okay performance. Wasn't enough spots in there that gave him his moment. Thought he played it too safe.
Mariah=Can sense that he wants to be a performer, and loves that he is very sexy and into his masculinity.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Sorta. They liked him little more than I did, but everyone agrees that he won't ever be the best voice in this competition, but he is appealing. 

3. JDA-We only saw a few minutes of JDA in Hollywood, and I love that he calls himself "Fantabulous". He sings Adele's "Rumour Has It". He is going for it while wearing some heels, and some ladies pants but his voice is quite different and enjoyable. He is incredibly theatrical, as he throws himself on the floor and rolls around a little. This dude on this show is just fanatstic, I don't care how far he goes on this show, he is entertaining.
Keith=Thought he was right at home on stage. Loved that he put on a show. Didn't like that he was so choreographed.
Nicki="Work it Girl, Work It". Is a superstar performer. Gave a show tonight. Didn't like his vocal, thought it was a little whiny.
Randy=Thought he was too focused on performance that it lessened his vocal. Didn't feel no originality in his moves.
Mariah=Thought he was so confident. The heels and the whole thing was just fantastic.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Yep. He is super theatrical, and entertaining, but his voice wasn't so great.

4. Kevin Harris-We have not seen Kevin before. He is singing Bryan Adams' "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You". I am very underwhelmed. Me no likey. It didn't do anything, it didn't go anywhere. Given that we have never seen this guy before I wish he did another song and had another performance.
Keith=Thought it was a good song choice. Thinks his range is crazy. Mixed feelings about how he went high at the end of the song. Not sure if worked but gets why he did it.
Nicki=Thinks every choice he made tonight was perfection. Thinks he is relaxed and loved the control. First boy of the evening whose voice was really on point.
Randy=Bored, thought it was karaoke. Thinks he put in the high note at the end for show, but didn't think it worked. Didn't love it.
Mariah=Loved the song, but wish he could have done more with another song choice. Very mixed.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Yep, except Nicki. She heard something way better than the rest of us did.

5. Chris Watson- We have seen Chris, but haven't heard him. He sings Otis Reddings' "Sitting On The Dock of The Bay". He changes the tempo to make it a bit more current. He is confident for sure on stage. He has a lot of charisma as well, but his voice is lacking. Again, I am a bit underwhelmed.
Keith=Thinks his voice wasn't the best, and didn't like the song choice, but loves his confidence.
Nicki=The prettiest man, ever. Wants to marry his vibrato. Didn't like the song choice. Is obsessed with him.
Randy=Love the person and look, but his voice is lacking, he doesn't take the song anywhere. Didn't really show himself, was very bored.
Mariah=Was suprised at the song choice. Loves him as a person, and his charisma, but not best vocal performance.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Yep. His voice is not so great, but his confidence is very good and he has nice charisma.

6. Devin Velez-From the little we have seen of Devin I have enjoyed him. He is singing Beyonce's "Listen". He starts off very shaky, you can tell his nerves. Once he gets to the middle of the song you could hear the talent in his voice. He then sings part of the chorus in Spanish, and I enjoyed that. It wasn't the best I have ever heard him, but given what came before him, he is at the top of the night.
Keith=Walked out and just sang, didn't do anything more than just sing the song, and be in the song.
Nicki=Tonight he did an amazing job at singing the song, and loved that he sang in Spanish. Thought it was a smart choice to do something like that. Has a warmth about him.
Randy=Thought it was amazing. Took his time with it. Loved the arrangement and loved the incorporation of Spanish.
Mariah=Thinks he got into his head at the end and he shouldn't.  Loved that he blended R&B and Spanish together beautifully.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? They do. He was the best of the night thus far. He just came out and sang, and didn't try to be more than he was. 

7. Elijah Liu- Tonight Elijah is singing Bruno Mars' "Talking To The Moon". This was a good song choice, he is singing a very current song, from a very current artist, so he doesn't have to do much to change it up to make it fresh. He reminds me of David Archuletta, but not as good a voice. Just a kid that all the girls like, that is very pleasant and is a nice guy. His voice has to deliver a few more standout moments, but otherwise it  was pretty enjoyable.
Keith=Thought it was a perfect song choice. Thought it was a shaky performance vocally. Likes that he looks like a Pop Star. Loves that he is relevant and now.
Nicki=Thinks he is a super-duper star. Wants to have his babies. Wants to sign him today. Has the most marketable face and voice of all the guys.
Randy=Loves him, but didn't think he had any moments vocally. Wasn't great, but liked him.
Mariah=Liked the control, and his higher voice. Extremely marketable, and loves that he is Mexican and Chinese, loves the combination.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Pretty much. Nicki was waaaaaay more into him than I was or the other judges, but he was still very good.

8. Charlie Askew-I was never incredibly impressed with Charlie, but I always thought he was very quirky. Tonight he is singing Elton John's "Rocket Man". His nerves were showing off from the first moment with his hands and voice shaking, but once he hit the chorus he gained some confidence. At one point he went so high in his register that I couldn't even understand him. Nicki gives him a standing ovation. This kid is adorable. Is he a singer? I'm not so sure.
Keith=It was like if Freddy Mercury had a love child out of Woodstock. Loves his unpredictability, didn't understand the song choice, but it somehow worked.
Nicki=Made the most interesting song choice of the night. His weirdness, and awkwardness excites her. Thought he was fresh, and crazy, and different. Loves him so much.
Randy=Doesn't know what is going on. Loves Charlie and his originality, but thinks it was a bit staged school. Vocal just wasn't there.
Mariah=Lives for the song choice. Thought he brought himself, but loved him before a bit more.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Kinda. They think he is an original, his voice is lacking, but that isn't everything.

9. Jimmy Smith-I guess tonight is pay Keith Urban tribute day with Jimmy choosing his song "Raining on Sunday". I am not entirely familiar with this song, but Jimmy does a nice job with it. His voice was really nice, and it was definitely in tune and had a nice tone to it but I haven't been "Wowed' by Jimmy thus far in this competition, and tonight was the same.
Keith=It's hard to critique someone that just sang your song. Thought he did a really nice job.
Nicki=Thought it was a good vocal, but was a bit bored. Was thinking about others rather than him.
Randy=Thought it was a bit boring, thought it was good but not great.
Mariah=Thought there was a nice quality about him that is great. Thinks there is something that America should be able to see.
Do The Judges Agree With Me? Yep. Jimmy has a nice voice, but was boring. 

10. Curtis Finch Jr-This guy is a tricky one. He has a great voice, but he is very theatrical, and he had a few very diva-ish moments in Hollywood, where his personality was very lacking and petty. Tonight he decides to sing Luther Vandross' "Superstar". He again is incredibly theatrical in his movements, but his voice is still high quality. He goes from a deep rich voice to a high falsetto in one breath, so that's impressive.
Keith=Thought it was really beautiful. Thought there were parts that were over-performed.
Nicki=Thinks he takes the competition to another level. Well on his way, it's his time.
Randy=One of the best singers in this competition. Wants to make sure it stays current.
Mariah=Can't begin to critique him. Moved to tears. Wants him to loosen up and just let it go and less perform 
Do The Judges Agree With Me? They do. His voice is great, but he has to perform a little less. Just let it go.

Eliminated=JDA, Kevin Harris, Chris Watson, Jimmy Smith, Paul Jolley

Top 20= Johnny Keyser, Devin Velez, Elijah Liu, Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch Jr.

Judges Decide: Who Stays?/ Who Goes?
Curtis Finch Jr=Top 20 
Jimmy Smith=Eliminated
Kevin Harris= Eliminated
Elijah Liu=Top 20
JDA= Eliminated
Paul Jolley=(Jimmy Iovine helps break the tie-breaker between the judges)-Top 20
Chris Watson=Eliminated
Charlie Askew=Top 20
Johnny Keyser=Eliminated
Devin Velez =Top 20

Final Thoughts

*Tonight was a tough one, especially after a really solid night like last night. There were a few nice moments, but overall the vocal talent was seriously lacking. I kept trying to predict who was gonna move on and who was gonna get eliminated but I could barely do it. It was a boring night as a whole.

*My guess is that if Jimmy Iovine didn't choose Paul Jolley to go further than Johnny Keyser would have went on. I think it was one or the other. They both did about the same, middle of the line kind of job.

*It felt like almost every guy up there was told that there vocals were off, but they were a nice guy and very personable or entertaining. I hate agreeing with Randy, but this show, opposed to X Factor, is about the vocal, and only Devin and Curtis brought that tonight. It was a struggle to pull out 5 great guys tonight. Paul, Charlie and Elijah are good, but should they be one of the remaining Top 10 guys? Don't think so.

*Mariah shouldn't tell Curtis that she can't critique him. This is the time to critique and help him. If he was a seasoned performer with a record contract that doesn't need critiquing then he wouldn't be on this show. Telling Curtis he is un-judgeable at this point is setting Curtis up to get a bigger ego than he already has. Just sayin'. 

Well that's it. Were you as underwhelmed as me? I hope next week picks it up a bit. We will be back next Wednesday to find out the final 5 men getting to the Top 10. So until then, see ya!


  1. "Do the judges agree with me?" -- arrogant way to present your opinion.

    1. I'm playing with how to present that particular info, so it is likely to change next week, but thanks for the "feedback".