Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hollywood Week: Part 4

Welcome back. Tonight we will learn the fates of the remaining female contestants and also learn which 20 males from the remaining 28 men left in the competition will move on. Last night showcased a number of great voices and performances, hopefully we will get even more notable and memorable performances tonight as well. So let's get to it:

Solo Performances
We learn that the ladies can either choose a song from the list of pre-chosen songs, or they can sing their own original. 

Group 1  
Angela Miller-Goes with her own original. It's a big risk, but it pays off, her song kicks some major a$$. Her voice is pretty fantastic as well. I'd love to find something wrong, but there's nothing I can really knock. The judges give her a standing ovation.

Candice Glover-She sings "Girl on Fire", and although I pretty much hate Alicia Keys' version, I kinda liked Candice's. I've seen her sing better, but not by much.

Janelle Arthur-This is Janelle's 3rd time on American Idol and her experience for sure helps her out. These first 3 girls are just killing it. This could be the Final 3 in this entire competition and as of this second I really wouldn't mind. Nicki calls Janelle a country superstar.

Zoanette Johnson -I am just completely shocked here, without actually knowing how to play Drums nor knowing what she was doing before her final rehearsal Zoanette basically wings her performance, calls it an "original", and that it was. It's ballsy, it's weird, but given that Nicki Minaj is a judge and some of these other judges are just going with it, this was a performance like no other. It's super crazy. She just screams, and loses her mind. I sorta enjoyed it in a sick sadistic kinda way.

Group 1 Results
Who Moves On? Candice, Angela, Janelle, "Jet"(we didn't hear her) and Zoanette.
Who's Going Home? Girls we don't even see or hear.
Opinion? Any season other than this season, any judges panel other than this judging panel would have sent Zoanette home, but not these guys. I am kinda interested into how crazy she is gonna go.

Group 2
Shubha Vedula-She goes with the Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey duet, her voice fits it pretty well.

Juliana Chahayed- We only saw about 5 seconds of her but she was pretty good. I don't know.

Kez Ban-She performs an original, unfortunetly it's not quite as dynamic as her first original we heard "Azure Sky". We only get about 30 seconds of it and it's not enough to really see what she can do with it. It sounds very low and crackily. Nicki appreciates her artistry despite her off performance.

Group 2 Results
Who Moves On?  Shubha, Juliana (I think, they didn't really announce it, but they were positive about them)
Who Goes Home? Kez Ban
Opinion? It's a mixed bag with Kez Ban leaving. I enjoy her as a person and an artist, but this show isn't for her. Her voice was not as strong as I feel it was during her inital audition and she never really got back to that point. I'll miss her personality for sure, she is a character we don't really don't see. But given that Zoanette Johnson is still in this competition I am sure she will bring plenty of personality for the both of them. So good-bye Kez Ban, it was nice knowing ya.

Group 3
Ashlee Feliciano- Given that she wasn't feeling well she did pretty good, but she was still a bit off. I would love to see her when she is feeling 100%. 

Melinda Ademi-She sings a more upbeat song than several of the previous contestants. She gets the judges really moving. I love Melinda's personality and her voice is pretty solid. It sounds very smooth.

Kree Harrison-She's had a tough journey on this show thus far, very hit or miss. I personally didn't really know much about her, but her voice is high quality. Keith gets goose bumps, and thinks she is amazing.

Group 3 Results
Who Moves On? Kree, Melinda, Lauren(we didn't see or hear her)
Who Goes Home? Ashlee, Brianna Oakley, Serena Joy-Crowe
Opinion? We didn't see Brianna this round, but she was very good in previous rounds, so it's a bit suprising to hear she is going home. I am glad that we will see more of Kree and Melinda, both impressed me.

Top 24 Females to Top 20 Females
We learn that there are 24 ladies remaining but that number must be cut down to the Top 20.
Going Home:
1. Lauren Mink
2. Hollie Marie Miller
3.Arielle Sprague

Idol Sing Off  
In front of everyone they have to perform with the band to get to the next round.

Stephanie Schimel versus Rachel Hale

Going Home: 
4. Stephanie Schimel

Opinion? I think it was a wise decision. Rachel was far superior throughout the competition. 

Top 28 Males to Top 20 Males
The men must be reduced from 28 males to the remaining Top 20.  

Idol Sing Off

Adam Sanders versus Josh Holiday

Going Home:
1. Peter Garrett
2. Marvin Calderone
3. Devin Jones
4. Kenny Harrison
5. Bill White
6. Tony Foster
7. David Leathers Jr.
8. Adam Sanders

Opinion? Way too much falsetto for Adam and he went off pitch a ton, so it's not surprising he is gone. I'm upset that David Leathers is gone again. I liked that kid, and for the second year in a row he is didn't make it. Shouldn't be surprised that he is gone given the fact that we barely saw him, but still.

Final Thoughts

*I like a ton of these contestants. I don't know if it is the strongest Top 40 we have ever had, but it's incredibly strong, especially from the female side.

*My favorites of the night were Angela Miller, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Janelle Arthur and Melinda Ademi. These women are very strong. There are many other notable ladies out there that if they choose the correct songs then anything is possible.

*It wasn't until Las Vegas Week that Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips really started to stand out, so even if we don't know a contestant so far, it doesn't mean a ton in the long run. There is still plenty of time to really shine and I think some of these contestants are gonna do just that.

Hollywood Week is Over! We are one step closer to live rounds. Next week is Las Vegas Week and at that point we will learn the Top 12 Females and top 12 Males that will perform live. So next week is a pretty critical week. Only gets harder for the contestants. Come on back here after the next brand new episode. Until then have a great week, see ya!

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