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Top 5 Revealed & Perform: America's Choice

Welcome back.  Last week we saw the elimination of both Avalon Young and Lee Jean, thus we are left with 6 contestants. Last week we predicted that Tristan McIntosh will be going home tonight with Sonika Vaid joining her in the Bottom 2 (deserved or not). We did acknowledge that the country singer vote is alive and well, and without Emily Brooke or any other country singer out there, Tristan is getting all of those votes. So it will be interesting if Tristan survives another week or someone else goes home.  The judges will get there final save, so they will choose, again, which contestant should go home. Tonight the theme is "America's Choice" so America supposedly helped picked the songs that the contestants will sing tonight.  So without further ado, let's get started:

Weekly Rankings
Each week before the contestants perform we will post our rankings of the contestants. The criteria is based on 1. their success on the show, 2. personality, 3. judges & audience response and 4. belief that they could win. Each week we will do a new weekly ranking and let you know if they have risen, fallen or stayed flat in the rankings. 

1. LaPorsha Renae (Same As Last Week)
2. Trent Harmon (Up 1 From Last Week)
3. Mackenzie Bourg (Up 2 Spots From Last Week)  
4. Dalton Rappatoni (Down 2 Spots From Last Week) 
5. Sonika Vaid  (Down 1 Sport From Last Week)
6. Tristan McIntosh(We Predict Will Be Eliminated)

Idol Alumni Performance
The start pf the show was pretty awesome. They showed a clip of Adam Lambert singing "Mad World" on April 7, 2009, and then they bring us to present day and Adam Lambert is on the American Idol stage once again singing us that song. "Mad World" was one of the most memorable performances in Idol history, so it's awesome seeing Adam again, let alone hearing him sing one of his most famous songs that he performed. He sounded just as good, would've loved to hear more.  But either way this was so cool.

Round 1

Top 4 Revealed

Trent Harmon 
(Counting Stars-OneRepublic)
The beginning of this song was rough, it was too low for such a high singer like Trent. He started to find a groove when the chorus hit, and the higher notes were more apparent. It was a pretty uneven song, but it's a tough, fast, song. He took a lot of liberties with the melody at times, and I am not sure it really worked this time.
Judge's Comments=Keith-Watching but not pulled in. Wasn't quite sure what was going on. That song didn't come together for him. Jennifer-America chose this song, and he tried to bring the audience in, but it wasn't a Trent song. Harry-When he clapped it was like a hoe-down. Tough song for him. Give him a pass on that.

Dalton Rapattoni
(Numb-Linkin Park)
Dalton decided to sing at a microphone playing his guitar, instead of running around the stage. He switched up the song pretty substantially.  I think I liked it. I am not sure. It was different, but it might have been different just to be different, not because it added something. It was alright. I am not jumping up and down for it.
Judge's Comments=Jennifer-A crowd favorite, takes the song to make it his own. Took the oomph out out of the song. Capable of taking us there, but it felt like he was skating through the song. The arrangement lacked the excitement. Harry-Thought he poured his guts into those lyrics, thinking about those words. Make sure he stays in the pocket with the guitar playing. Keith-It wasn't fully covered or his own, but would have done even more stripped.

La'Porsha Renae
(Ready for Love-India.Arie)
This was a much more vocal performance than last week when she was moving and grooving. She sat at a stool and sat there and just sang. It was pure great vocals. She really just sang a really great song and put her own soul out there and it was really captivating. She is putting some distance betweeen her and the rest of the competition. She really is.
Judge's Comments=Harry-That was everything those lyrics called for. Sways her strengths to whatever needs to happen. Phenomenal. Harry-Wasn't judging, just someone captivated and enjoyed it like a human being. Beautiful. Jennifer-Favorite song of India. Arie. Giving big Earth Mother vibes. A complete performance in every way.

Guest Performance
Empire stars Jussie Smollett and Yaz performed a new song that will appear on the show. On the show they are two brothers that perform on TV shows and award shows and want to make it in the music industry, so in real life the only difference is they aren't related.

 Mackenzie Bourg 
(Wild World-Cat Stevens)
I really love this song choice by America. He took a 30+ year old song and made it current, but still kept the vibe of the original. I liked what he did to it, it was sweet and fun. It isn't the most memorable performance ever, but it was still quite good, and he sang it well.
Judge's Comments=Keith-Cake batter, even when cooked really good. Jennifer-Has so much likability, thoroughly enjoyed every second of that. Always feels like he is singing to her. Harry-Really good song and tempo. Doesn't need to change the melody too much. Liked it.

Bottom 2 Revealed

Tristan McIntosh
(Independence Day-Martina McBride)
She landed in the Bottom 2/3 for the first time and she had a lot of confidence when singing this song. She switched it up, and slowed it down, added her playing the piano, but still kept the integrity of the song. I actually didn't mind it. It was fine. Nothing too special, she isn't winning the show or anything with that song, but depending on how Sonika does she could stave off elimination at least another week.
Judge's Comments=Jennifer-Needs to try different things and flatline, and doing the same thing over and over. Harry-Good at sing of songs that have pain. Can see her doing that. She needs to grow older and get experience. It was okay. Keith-Has a god given gift. The next level is to take a song like that and strip it down and intimate or full on with the band, this was right in the middle.

Sonika Vaid
(Let It Go-Frozen/Demi Lovato)
This is the Demi Lovato version of the song, not the Idina Menzel version, and that makes a difference, less Disney, more rock. Her voice is quite nice, but she didn't go for some of the bigger notes like I had hoped/anticipated at times. When she did go for the big notes she was good and proved why she deserves to stay.
Judges' Comments=Harry-Smart song choice. Very strong, needs to work on more powerful underscoring. Didn't get completely lost this time. Keith-Great song. Her performance is starting to come alive. Jennifer-Shy, but fierce and is a fighter. Reminded everyone that she isn't ready to go home.

Sonika Vaid

Going Home 
Tristan McIntosh.
  It was her time to go. The last song she sang was very similar to everything she has done in the past, and everything we'd probably see. This was the right decision by the judges.

Round 2

(Newly Formed)Top 5 Continue To Perform...

(The Sound of Silence-Simon & Garfunkel)
We learn in the video package prior to his performance that Dalton is bi-polar, and that music helped everything fall into place and feel better. This was a cool song choice. It was rock, but subdued all at the same time. It was intimate but not too much. It was a nice performance, I enjoyed this one more than his first one tonight. It was intense, but in a good way. A little over dramatic, but it kinda worked.  
Judges' Comments=Keith-An amazing song. Liked how he put so much emphasis on the lyrics. Jennifer-Seemed very powerful, like a part of his soul. Harry-Is a graffiti artist, makes every blank wall/song into something of his own.  Needs to keep finding songs that helps him get deeper and deeper.

(Billie Jean-Michael Jackson)
We learn in the video package that he contracted a virus that led to him having congestive heart failure. His heart did recover and was able to heal and move onward. He completely stripped this song into a full vocal, full acoustic performance, no band accompaniment, just him playing the guitar. This guy is smart and talented. This was a great performance, the last one was good too, but this was even better.
Judge's Comments=Jennifer-Showed everyone why he is still here. That was the most special version of a Michael Jackson, was so confident, and felt so amazing to watch. Riveting. Amazing. Harry-Really great. Really strong. That was his wheelhouse, can just stand there and sing. Keith-Is a big fan of his.
(Simple Man-Lynard Skynard) 
I love what Trent did with this song, it was, sorry for the pun, but simple. It was just pure good stuff. He didn't overdo it, he just sang the song really well. This performance was much more in Trent'swheelhouse.This was  so perfect in so many ways.
Judge's Comments=Harry-There is an essence of him that is very southern. Very appealing. Enjoyed it very much. Keith-So lyrically perfect for him. Jennifer-Loves Idol, and will miss it so much, having a front seat to see a perfect song and singer sing it at that time. Sang that song so beautifully as she started to choke up.
From her video package her struggle is her confidence and shyness, she has to fight that. This song wasn't so great for Sonika. It just didn't do anything for her other than allow her have a bit more confidence on stage, but her vocals lacked a little, which doesn't happen usually with Sonika. It was good, not that good.
Judge's Comments=Keith-Needs to keep letting go, and stop being so controlled. Jennifer-Didn't love this song for, out of what she would normally do. Applaud her for doing what she could, but needs to find a balance of being balanced in song and still being able to perform for the audience and make it exciting. Harry-Seems like a nice, wonderful person, and her talking to Ryan was better than the song itself.

La'Porsha Renae
(No More Drama-Mary J. Blige)
We learn from her video package that she was abused in one of her past relationships. It really scarred her, he took away everything that made her who she is. It took until her daughter was born to realize what she is worth and get away from him and prove how great of a person she is. This song has lyrics in that really hit to what we learn and know about La'Porsha. She was able to groove and just put out some nice vocals out there. Man, she just went for it, some of those emotions were so powerful and she got through it and killed it. She just did. Jennifer and Keith give her a standing ovation, as La'Porsha breaks down on stage and Jennifer breaks down at the judge's table. Lots going on. Truly amazing.
Judge's Comments= Jennifer-Takes a lot to overcome, and strength, and she is an inspiration. She never overdoes it, it's just powerful. Thank you. Ryan(instead of Harry)-Incredible courage. Keith-Inspiring. 

Best of Night
La'Porsha. I swear before La'Porsha started her last song I was giving it to Mackenzie because his two songs together were great, both were solid and impressive. But that last performance by La'Porsha was mind-blowing. I encourage anyone that only reads the blogs and never watches the show to find this performance and the video package that aired right before she sang because the two of those things together was epic. 

Bottom 2/Going Home Predictions
1. Dalton 
2. Sonika (Going Home) 

Final Thoughts
I think Round 1 was rough. I think Trent, Dalton and obviously Tristan had rough starts, Tristan was eliminated after it. But Round 2 was great. Each person rebounded(aside from Sonika who stepped it up in her elimination song). La'Porsha delivered her first time but just was unbelievable in her last performance. It was a real interesting Top 5 week.

*It's insane that there is only a few weeks left of the show. I know I say it almost every week but after 15 years it's gonna be weird come next January that I won't have Idol to watch, or blogs to write. Gonna be really odd.

That's it. Come on back here next Thursday wehn the Top 4 will be revealed. Stick with us a few more weeks, we got you covered. So until then, see ya!

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