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Top 51 Showcase & Top 24 Revealed

Welcome back. Tonight we will see the live showcase that was taped awhile back of the remaining Top 51. This will help the judges determine the Top 24 that will be performing Live for the home audience starting next week. So it's a very important night, we will try to get through all the performances and results that are shown in as efficient way possible. So let's get right to it:

Final Judgement
For this episode we will (most times) see snippets of the performance that the contestants did, and then we will get the judges results, aka The Green Mile, where they walk up that long pathway to where the judges are sitting to get their results. 

Stephany Negrete-We see she performed Girl on Fire for the "live" audience. She can sing, but I didn't love it. She seemed comfortable on stage, but I feel she has sounded better. Jennifer tells her she was amazing, calls her one of her favorite performances.
Results=Top 24

Shelbie Z- We have seen a good amount of Shelbie in the past few weeks. Keith tells her that she has a real strong stage presence. Shelbie sang "Barracuda" at the performance. It was pretty awesome. She's a good live performer.
Results=Top 24

Michelle Marie-She hasn't really stood out for me, other than her very feisty personality. Just haven't been too excited about her voice. She is very young, and though she really does have attitude on stage, it doesn't seem Top 24 or really Top 12 female ready.
Results=Going Home

Collette Lush-We really didn't see anything from her since her outstanding audition. We see her sing "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" and she sounds nice. I guess her Hollywood performances weren't so good, and this one was just alright, so that's not a great combination.
Results=Going Home

Going Home Montage-Jessica Cabral. This is shocking. We didn't even get to see her sing her live performance to know how she did. I thought Jessica had one of the best voices in the competition. Pretty shocking. How do they not show us how she did? I don't get it.  Jessica Clark, Ameet Kanon and Terrian also were eliminated.

Mackenzie Bourg-He is very Ed Sheeran like. He sings a super acoustic version of "Can't Help Falling In Love (With You)". He has a really sweet voice and connects to the female audience, which is a big perk for him.
Results=Top 24

Trent Harmon-He was the guy that had mono and sang solo for group rounds, pretty memorable. I like his perseverance, I like his voice. He makes some strange facial expressions when he sings, but that hopefully can be fixed. I think he deserves a spot.
Results=Top 24

Moving On to Top 24=Jenna Renae, James VIII, Kory Wheeler, Adam Lasher

Jeneve Mitchell-We have seen a lot from Jeneve. She sang "Ring of Fire" in her very country way. Some of her theatrics on stage were unnecessary. I really could have done without it. It was good, but I might just not get her, I don't get the big appeal, but Keith really enjoys her.
Results=Top 24

CJ Johnson-I have liked CJ's intensity on stage over the past number of weeks. I think he would be a nice addition to the Top 24. He has to be one of the best guys left. He is always full throttle, so if he moves on it would be nice to see a different dynamic, but so far so good.
Results=Top 24

Amelia Eisenhauer-She is also one that had a pretty memorable audition but kind of disappeared in Hollywood Week. She sang "New York State of Mind" and did a nice job with it. She played her violin with it, it is a nice trick to be able to sing well and play that instrument, makes her stand out.
Results=Top 24

Lee Jean-He is a really nice guy, with a nice voice, nice personality and cute. He has been good every time we have seen him. Two times during his performance he told the audience to quiet down so he could sing a certain part of the song. Jennifer calls him out that his lack of maturity showed, and that if people wanna clap, let them clap. Good point by her.
Results=Top 24

Avalon Young-She has had an up and down journey thus far. Good at times, but kind of foforgettable at others. She is a self-declared tom boy. Her statement "[I] don't wanna be the next anything, wants to be the first me".That's a great statement. She just does what makes her feel comfortable and wears what makes her feel comfortable, that's a nice, fresh of breath air to hear from a young girl on TV. She has a real cool groove and vibe.
Results=Top 24

Going Home Montage=Chynna Sherrod, Mary Williams, Zach Person

Dalton Rapattoni-He did a stripped down version of N'Sync's "It's Gonna Be Me". I give him credit for being super creative, and flipping a song on its head, but he had a little too much theatrics at times. I wanted him to just sing, and sometimes it was a little too much. Harry calls him inconsistent, but likes not knowing what's gonna come next.  
Results= Top 24

Manny Torres-He has been up and down over the past number of weeks, sometimes he sounds amazing, sometimes it sounds like he is missing something. Not sure what to make of him.
Results=Top 24

Going Home Montage= Laurel Wright, Anatalia Villaranda, Isaac Cole, John Claussen, Cassie Levels, Andrew Nezerbekian

Thomas Stringfellow-I have been up and down with Thomas. At times I think he has sounded cool, but at other times he annoys me with the little things he does at the end of notes, like little hiccups somehow, but musically. Tough to describe. But it's not the best sounding thing.
Results=Top 24

Sonika Vaid- I have liked Sonika throughout the entire competition, thus far. She has a nice tender side to her voice, but also a lot of power at times as well, and always in control. Jennifer wants Sonika to come alive more on stage, feels something is missing right now.  
Results=Top 24

Malie Delgado-Lost her voice at times during Hollywood Week. But during the live performance it came back and she has a great personality. Not entirely sure of her voice and tone at times, but it was a strong performance nonetheless.
Results= Going Home

Olivia Rox-We saw Olivia here and there during Hollywood. Sometimes we just heard a small snippet or just saw her face, but haven't heard a ton from her. Olivia is only 16, but she has a mature voice, and has artistry, so that's a big positive.
Results=Top 24

Emily Brooke-She got cut at this point last season, and the judges did tell her to come back this season, and she has shown she has grown in one season. It would be tough if the judges cut her at this exact point again.
Results=Top 24

Going Home Montage=Sara Sturm, Jordyn Simone, Tiffany Lemae, Kayla Michelson, Mionne Destiny

Gianna Isabella-As we recall every-time we see Gianna, her Mom is Brenda Starr. We see during rehearsals that Gianna is speaking to her after her performance.Ricky Minor, the musical director get upset and speaks to Brenda Starr and tells her to let him help her daughter. He tells Gianna he's got this.Gianna sang (obviously) her Mom's song "I Still Believe". I didn't really enjoy what we heard of it. There were a couple nice notes, but overall it was lacking. Keith loved it.  
Results=Top 24

Jenn Blosil-If Sia had a sister it would be Jenn, because her voice is really close to Sia's, like I hear her so much. It's not that she is copying Sia, it's just the same tone, and qualities that she possesses. Jenn is her own person, and she has done well in this competition, despite being a super quirky person in real life.
Results=Top 24 

Going Home Montage=Christian Eason, Ariel Sprague, Kelsie Watts, Shevonne Philidor

Tristan McIntosh-It has been such a crazy roller coaster ride with Tristan. She has been good, she has been bad, she has been dramatic. She's just too much for me. I don't know, she has the checklist of things that are probably Idol contestant worthy, but I haven't really enjoyed some of it.
Results=Top 24

Kayce Hanes and Jordan Strasser- They go in together as they are the last men left. Pretty different from one another. We haven't seen a ton of Kayce since his audition, but have seen a good amount of Jordan. We'll see how that goes.
Results=Jordan in Top 24. Kayce Going Home

LaPorsha Renae and Lindita- They both have been featured over the past number of weeks, and although Lindita has a strong voice and power, LaPorsha is (now with Jessica Cabral gone) the strongest girl voice in the competition. I wish we could see both girls in the Top 24. I can see Lindita overdoing it sometimes and LaPorsha just has a lot more control. If both of the women made it, I would take out a couple girls that did make it out, but unfortunately we can't do that.
Results=LaPorsha in Top 24. Lindita Going Home

Final Thoughts

*If it wasn't apparent that Idol producers want a girl to win the show it was tonight, because out of the 12 men that made it through we saw 3 of them montaged, and didn't see their performance or really their Final Judgement, and in the last maybe hour of the show we didn't see any guys in the Final Judgement, they were done early in the episode until the Final 2 guys at the end. The women were much more featured than the girls. Even several girls that didn't make it to Top 24 had more screentime than guys that ended up going through.

*The Top 24 is finalized and live rounds will begin next week. I think despite the horrible mistake of not putting through Jessica Cabral into the Top 24, there is some talented people out there. I can see at least 5 or 6 of them with the potential to be outstanding, and a couple more than might be able to step it up. We'll have to see.

*In the more exciting news of the night we learn that starting next week the Top 24 will feature 12 perform solos by the guys and girls, but also feature duets. The contestants will sing duets with former American Idol winners and contestants. The ones that flashed on the screen were, Jordin Sparks, Constatine Maroulis, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Hailey Reinhardt, David Cook, Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Caleb Johnson and last year's winner Nick Fradiani. Should be amazing. So glad past notable Idol contestants and winners will be featured like this.

* Next week 5 contestants out of the Top 24 will go home, and this will continue until we have our Top 10.

That's it. It was a long night, but we hope you enjoyed learning about the Top 24. Can't wait to see how this all shakes out and to see some past Idol contestants. So come back next week for more Idol coverage. Until then, see ya!

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