Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Auditions Part 3: Kansas City

Welcome back to Week 2, Night 3 of American Idol auditions. Last week saw over 25 contestants going to Hollywood. Will this week be as prosperous? Last week's episode ended in Kansas City, so we pick up from there. So as we always do, let's get started:

Kansas City Auditions

Ron Wilson (24)Whenever someone starts singing as soon as they enter the room you know the audition is gonna be weird and when they start singing "Jenny From The Block" and you are neither a girl nor from the block it's gonna be weird. His nickname is "Big Ron" and asks Jennifer to call him "Big Sexy". Yep, this guy is something, though he admits to coming off a little strong. Keith and Harry don't listen to "Big Ron" at all and left the room, and just Jennifer is left there. They pretend they went out for a hamburger. This audition was crazy and silly. "Big Ron" actually wasn't so bad, but I wasn't blown away. Shouldn't Go To Hollywood.
Notable Comments: Harry- A lot of showmanship but needs to balance out his vocals. Jennifer-Loved it.
Going To Hollywood: Yep All 3 Judges Send Him

Ian Subsara (28) Singing a Bee Gees song is tough because it is all falsetto. He admits that his high note is so high that only dogs can hear it. Should Not Go To Hollywood
Notable Comments: Harry-Not right for the show.
Goes To Hollywood: Nope

Going To Hollywood Montage: Ashley Lusk (15), Josh Sanders (26), Casey Thrasher (23)

Joey Cook (23) She thinks accordions should be brought back to the mainstream and not just for polka music. So she plays with the "squeeze box" and it's a little distracting from her voice. I actually dig her sultry, old school voice but the instrument does nothing to help her out. It's an interesting performance. When she just plays the accordion without the voice I dig that a lot. I like each one independently. She says "It's a cool thing her voice box is not attached to her squeeze box", which is the funniest thing I have heard on the show in years, the judge's start laughing almost uncontrollably. She's adorable, and her voice is really cool. She should lose the accordion but Should Go To Hollywood. 
Notable Comments: Harry-Favorite voice of the whole day. Jennifer-So unique and looks like a little doll. Harry-Absolutely terrific. Take a step back to look at how close to the edge of novelty she is.
Goes To Hollywood: Yep. All 3 Judges Send Her.

Alexis Gomez (22) She is a self-proclaimed "Hippy, Mexican hill-billy". It's a different mix, kinda cool. She has a pleasant voice. Not outstanding. Should Not Go To Hollywood. Needs a little more work, but has the makings of a good singer.
Notable Comments: Harry-Not fully realized voice. Jennifer-Comfortable, voice is good. Harry-Smart and beautiful, good but not spectacular.
Goes To Hollywood:  Yep. Jennifer and Harry Send Her.

Anton Bushner (19) I was drawn in right away to Anton's voice. It's so sweet and nice. He is a big country guy, and is a huge Keith Urban fan. He puts a lot of emotion into this performance and you can tell he really means every word he sings. Should Go To Hollywood.
Notable Comments: Harry-Absoutley love you. Everything. The Way he stands, the way he shows respect to Keith. Jennifer-Real sweet voice. Really authentic.
Goes To Hollywood: Yep. All 3 Judges Send Him.

Stephanie Gummelt (18)Singing an original song is tricky sometimes. She has a high pitched talking voice but her singing voice is a little deeper and really pleasant to the ear. I don't know if I am the biggest fan of the song but she sings it really well. She has a real thing for Steve Perry, but is upset that he is 64 and she is 18. It's a little creepy, but she is sweet so it's kinda funny. Should Go To Hollwyood.
Notable Comments: Jennnifer-A natural singer. Very pleasant sounding. Harry-Wants her to put more breath behind it, meaning breath of experience as well.
Goes to Hollywood: Yep. Jennifer and Keith Send Him.

Ashley Stehle (15) She brings both of her parents and family into the audition. Both of her parents are deaf, and her Dad got a new transmitter that he can hear voice for the first time at this audition. Man, that's pretty amazing.I think her voice is just really young. I know she is 15, but there are 15 year olds that have more mature voices.  It was a little pitchy in spots and flat at points. Should Not Go To Hollywood.
Notable Comments: Jennifer-Has trouble singing acapella. Sings flat. Changes keys. So off. Harry-Clearly her mom and Dad love her so much but she is not ready for this competition. Keith-Heartbreaking because she is beautiful and has a beautful voice.
Goes To Hollywood: Nope.

Ellen Petersen (22) She brings in a banjo and really plays it well.  There is a point in the song when she yodels and she does that well too. Harry and Keith request and the proceed to sing the Beverly Hillbillies theme song while Ellen plays her banjo. Jennifer never heard of the theme song or show. No clue. Ellen Should Go To Hollywood.
Notable Comments: Harry-Really really good. Beautiful. Played banjo really subtly. Harry-A pro. So much more in there.
Goes To Hollywood: Yep. All 3 Judges Send Her.

Kohlton Pascal (21) He is a hitchiker and moves around the country that way. He sleeps wherever and sings everywhere he can. It's an interesting story. He sings an original and it comes off a little too strong for my taste. I don't really know what he was singing about. He has a decent enough voice but it's a little too dramatic for me. Should Probably Go To Hollywood.
Notable Comments: Harry-Terrific. But concerned that he won't do what he needs to do to win this competition. Jennifer-Very interesting. Wonders if we are gonna feel his heart and soul and not just the dark and depressing vibe. Keith-Conundrum, likes his talent and sound of his voice but visually not so much. Not sure how far he will go in this competition.
Goes To Hollywood: Yep. All 3 Judges Send Him.

Best of The Night-Anton Brushner. His voice just drew me in right from the start. I really enjoyed how easy it was for him and that he didn't do too much.

Final Thoughts
*I am thoroughly enjoying these one-hour episodes. The time really flies by and you get a lot less filler and time wasted.

*Multiple contestants really did well tonight, Anton Bushner, Joey Cook and Ellen Peterson were really good, but then there were a lot of not great contestants that made it through as well.  I didn't agree with the judges on "Big Ron" Wilson, Alexis Gomez or Kohlton Pascal. I thought Kohlton was a bit too dramatic for me. Sure he has a voice, but I agree with the judge's first instinct that it was a little too dark. I wasn't entertained by him, even though he is interesting and different.

That's It. Come on back here tomorrow after the next episode of Auditions from New York. We'll see you then. Until next time, see ya!

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