Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kara Goes Bye-Bye

In an announcement shocking no one, Kara Dioguardi is leaving American Idol. To save face, Kara is stating that she feels that it is the right time for her to leave. But in reality, we all know that American Idol was probably going to get rid of her anyway to bring on Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. It's the same thing as when Ellen left. They both said that she had "other things" to focus on, but we all know that she couldn't handle the show and American Idol wanted to get rid of her.

Honestly, the first season I didn't like Kara at all, but this past season I really feel she was pretty on the money with her critiques and criticism. I feel she gave good advice and was much more succinct in her points. With the combination of Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson, next season can be crazy and it would have been nice to have a constant like Kara.

We should be getting an official announcement about the permanent judges any day now, as auditions are about to begin all over the country. Keep checking back here at I'dol Be The Judge for all the breaking news.

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